10 Ways To Make Money As A Kid In USA

In this modern era, everyone irrespective of age is supposed to be making money. That is why we designed this article “10 ways to make money as a kid in USA”. Other areas we shall discuss are: Overview Of 10 Ways To Make Money As A Kid In USA, How To Make Money As A 10 Year-Old Online, Jobs For Kids To Make Money and Ways Teens Can Make Money During Quarantine.

Now, let’s proceed with the 10 ways to make money as a kid in USA.

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Overview Of 10 Ways To Make Money As A Kid In USA

Teaching kids how to make money it very essential. Why? It creates the hunger for financial stability and comfortable living. Also, it reduces the financial burden on the parents. If kids can start making money at an early age, it will help their parents focus on other pressing needs.

Furthermore, it creates the awareness in kids that will enable them know the value of money. When they know the value money, it will build their money habit. It will promote more saving than spending. Most parents in the U.S.A. are very keen on getting their kids to learn how to make money. Below are 10 simple steps to make money as a kid in USA:

1. Taking Care Of Household Chores

This is one of the simplest way a kid can earn money in USA. When they do house chores, they can earn some cash, that way they will be ever motivated to do that. To make this easy, you can create a list of chores that kids could do. After that, you can attach a price to them. If there is any additional chore you want to add, you can top up the charge for it.

For example, when your kids clean the garage, mow the lawn or even wash cars, you can pay them an additional $10.00. Some adults may be of the opinion that this act makes kids have lust for money. Regardless of the fact that this may have its cons, it still makes kids learn responsibility and believe that there is a reward for hard-work.

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2. Help Neighbors With Yard Work

One of the most reoccurring residential work is the Yard work. It doesn’t get affected by seasonal changes. Kids can also earn money by doing yard work. This entails pulling weeds, plant gardens, rake leaves, etc. You could also sweep the compound and discard refuse.

Doing yard work could be very stressful, that is why the pay for this work should be high. Many US citizens always find it hard to do this work, thereby by seeking for workers. It will be nice if you encourage your kids to take up such jobs are the pay is very nice.

During the Winter period, there is always a lot of snow in the compound. Raking this snow could also be stressful and tedious. Therefore, Kids can take up this job to and make cool cash. Shoveling snowy driveways and sidewalks is very much needed during the snowy season and as such is highly paid for.

3. Clean And Wash Cars

The act of washing and cleaning vehicles is another way kids can make money in US. Many people who have cars in the US always find it difficult to wash their cars. Some prefer to take it to the Car Wash Companies to get it washed. Kids can take up this opportunity and wash cars for people to get money.

However, for kids to take up this job, they have to do it at places that are not busy with vehicles. They could wash the cars at the owners compound or parking lots. All they need to do is to go out in the neighborhood and find who needs their cars to be washed. They can draw a cleaning plan and attach a price according to the vehicle they wash. Bigger cars will require bigger money.

However, bear in mind that, for you to do this job, you need to be good at washing cars. Failure to meet your customers demand or satisfaction will lead to the person not offering you the job again.


4. Babysit For Local Families.

This job is actually delicate and requires a lot of carefulness. Kids is this category refers to teenagers who can confidently take care of babies. They can make money by babysitting their neighbor’s children. All you need to do is go out and look for families that need looking for a reliable babysitters.

With the nature of jobs of some parents in USA, they really need the services of a babysitter. Some also have a large family that, they will need an extra hand to take care of the kids. Therefore, you can take up this job and babysit for families.

The challenge here is that, many families find it difficult to entrust their children into the hands of a babysitter. You must really convince them that you can do the job and that their children are safe with you before they can take you for the job. If you have a child care and safety certificate, that will go a long way for you.

According to Sittercity’s data, babysitters in the U.S. earn an average hourly rate of $18.50. However, different hour rates different from state to state.

5. Pet Sit Or Walk Dogs

Being a pet sitter or doing a dog walking job is a very lucrative job for kids. One of the qualities the kid needs to possess is the love for pets and animals. Any child that is scared of pets or animals would find it hard doing this job.

The benefits of this job is quite much. Asides from the handsome payment, you don’t really need much stress to take care of the pets or walk the dogs. At the end of the day, the pets would become your play mate and you can bond well with animals.

However, a proper supervision is required here to ensure maximum safety of the pets and the pet sitter.

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6. Taking Care Of Older People

United States of America have a high number of older people who needs assistance. Due to the tight working schedules of the younger citizens, the older citizens doesn’t get enough care and attention. This makes this job very special as the pay is very high. Many families are seeking for care givers of old people. You and go in search of these families and offer your services.

When you get this job, you will need to do small chores around the house and run errands like cleaning their room and attending to their needs. Older people will definitely appreciate this service as most times they don’t have anyone to keep them company.

Anyone who will take up this job must have a lot of good qualities like: being patient, attentive and caring. This is because, in some cases, they older people could be demanding much.

7. Begin A Lemonade Or Chocolate Business

Starting a lemonade or chocolate business is a good way for kids to earn money especially during the warmer months. If the season changes and gets cold, you can sell hot chocolate. You don’t need a lot to start up this business. With just a stand, table and chairs, you are good to go. You can make use of your front yard as a selling point.

Meanwhile, as you as starting this business, you will need to promote it. So, you need to get posters or streamers which you will display on your stand. Also, you need to print flyers and share it in your neighborhood so that people will know what business you do. In addition, you will need to put the price list of your lemonade and hot chocolate to enable customers know the cost.

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8. Sell Baked Goods

As a kid in the U.S. you can make cool cash from selling brownies, cupcakes, or cookies. By hosting a bake sale, you can accomplish three things:

  • Yummy baked goods
  • Money
  • Making memories with your children

To start up this business is quite simple. All you need to do is to know how to bake. Then, find an accessible spot and mount your stand. You will also need to promote your business by creating flyers and sharing it.

9. Become A Tutor

Having the ability to tutor people as a kid is a very special skill. Once you have a skill that is highly sought for, you can make a lot of money from teaching it to interested people. Also, being able to tutor people as a kid helps you to develop your skill more and gain more confidence in it.

You can write out the skills you have and willing to teach people, then post a notification regarding those who would want to learn them. For faster reach out, you can visit schools, libraries, and coffee shops and share it.

In addition, you may know some subjects very well and can teach it to others. Some subjects like Mathematics is quite difficult to most kids. Being able to find those who need your service can fetch you cool cash.

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10. Perform At Events

Kids who have special talents can make money out of their talents. Their talents may be dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, etc. If you have the composure and talent, you can perform at events and get paid.

Also, if you can teach others some of your talent, they can pay you handsomely.

How To Make Money As A 10 Year-Old Online

There various ways a kid can money money online. Below are some of the ways:

  • Engage in online game contests
  • Create illustrations
  • Start a blog
  • Monetize their social media accounts
  • Manage people’s social media accounts
  • Get paid to stream on Twitch
  • Sell items online
  • Create and teach online courses.

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Jobs For Kids To Make Money

There are various jobs that kids can take up to make money. These jobs are quite easy and lucrative. Some of them are:

  • Babysitting
  • Dog walking
  • Car Wash
  • Opening a lemonade stand
  • Newspaper Delivery
  • Bottle recycling
  • Playing online games
  • Running an online business

Ways Teens Can Make Money During Quarantine

There are few ways by which teenagers can make money during quarantine. Those ways are:

  1. HQ Trivia: this is a mobile game show, whereby players will have to answer trivia questions in order to win cash prices.
  2. Fiverr: this Fiverr is website that enable people involved in freelancing to sell their services to other people and businesses.
  3. Selling used items
  4. Google Opinion Rewards: this is a survey app that send surveys that are worth 50 cents to a dollar. When you engage in the survey, you get paid.

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Why Should Kids Learn About Money?

Kids should learn about money because, it creates the hunger for financial stability and comfortable living. Also, it reduces the financial burden on their parents.

Must I Give My Kids Allowance Before They Have Money ?

No, you must not give them allowance. You have to let your kids know that it is through hard work that one can make more money.

What Is The Minimum Age For A Child To Work In U.S.A ?

In the U.S., the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) sets a minimum age for employment at 14 years old.


It is obvious that there are no much job opportunities for children. However, the little ones that are available should be accessed and utilized. Once you are up to the working age in the United States which is 14 years, you should go in search of jobs associated to your age. Carry out more research to find out job opportunities closer to you.

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