15 Phone Apps to Make Money From Everyday

This article “15 Phone Apps to Make Money From Everyday” contains a List Of 15 Phone Apps to Make Money From Everyday like Swagbucks app, Uber app, Instacart app and much more.

List Of 15 Phone Apps to Make Money From Everyday

Unexpectedly, there are a ton of money-making apps available that let you work online.

People are now able to make money almost continuously because to the growth of desktop and mobile applications. Here are the top 15 phone apps to make money from everyday.

Some of the top earning apps for Android and iPhone can be found on this list. Some even have a version you can use on a browser, which is useful if you have time at work. Below is the list of 15 phone apps to make money from everyday:

1. Swagbucks app

Swagbucks, one of the top money-making apps available, immediately jumps out due to its unlocked $10 incentive for new users.

Users can also earn SBs by completing a variety of microtasks, which they can exchange for PayPal cash or free gift cards. Users can earn points by, among other things, participating in paid surveys, watching videos or advertisements, purchasing online and receiving cash back, using the Swagbucks search engine, playing games, finding discounts, and referring friends to the Swagbucks site.

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There is no cap on the amount you can make. You won’t be able to replace your full-time job with it, but if you start using Swagbucks as your web browser and participate in various games and surveys, you may be able to increase your monthly income by $25 to $50.

Try one of the top money-making applications available; it has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau and over 20 million active members.

2. Uber app

Driving for Uber is still one of the most well-liked and lucrative side hustle apps. The Uber app is available 24 hours a day, so you may choose your own hours and drive whenever you choose. Giving your passengers outstanding service is a great way to earn tips, and driving during periods of high demand can improve your earnings.

Applying to become a driver is an easy process. You can log onto the app and start earning money after passing the background check (safety screening), which just takes a few minutes.

3. DoorDash app

A driver for DoorDash’s service may also be responsible for picking up and delivering food from local restaurants and large franchises. Drivers using DoorDash keep all of their tips in addition to receiving a base income.

You as a driver can earn additional money when DoorDash conducts special promotions and challenges. Drivers may receive a higher salary during a designated “Peak Pay” period. According to Indeed.com, DoorDash drivers make an average of $15 per hour.

Unlike rideshare companies, you can use any kind of vehicle for DoorDash deliveries. You must possess a smartphone, be at least 18 years old, a current driver’s license, and a flawless driving record.

In some cities, you are allowed to deliver while riding a bike, scooter, motorcycle, or even on foot. Gas, parking, and tolls are your burden, though.


4. Instacart app

Via Instacart, customers may order groceries online, and Instacart shoppers (like you) prepare the order for pickup or delivery. If you are a full-service client, you are an independent contractor. You will purchase the products your client desires, bring them to the designated location, and return from shopping.

Chris Cucchiara, an Instacart expert and DollarSprout reader, made more than $4,500 in his first two months of full-service shopping. He recently noted, “The secret behind generating large revenues is to be selective with the batches you select. The trick is to wait until you are making about $30 per hour before accepting orders. The best way to do this is to place one order as opposed to two or three.

If you would rather handle the shopping than the delivery, you can apply to be an in-store shopper. This part-time position doesn’t require a car and has a flexible schedule. It is your responsibility to prepare the customer’s order for in-store pickup.

In any capacity, you may expect to make $10 to $15 per hour and get paid via direct deposit. Nonetheless, full-service clients are permitted to tip, while in-store consumers are not.

You must have a modern smartphone, a car, be able to lift up to 50 pounds, be at least 18 years old, and be legally able to work in the US.

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5. Gigwalk app

Gigwalk is one of the more unique app-based employment services. To help with the data collection for market research, people are paid. You don’t need a vehicle and won’t be making deliveries or doing surveys. Gigwalk helps organizations with a range of small tasks. Several tasks require going to a neighboring business and taking pictures of how specific products are stored or displayed.

Users can make between $3 and $100 every gig, depending on its length and difficulty. Most simply take a few minutes, while some can go on for several hours.

Before your work is acknowledged and you are compensated, a few days may pass. You must be sure to thoroughly follow the instructions as well to ensure understanding. If you misread any of the instructions for a gig, you risk not getting paid. Therefore, pay close attention to all of them.

6. Capital One Shopping app

Do you ever wonder if the price you pay for something is really the best available? Do you think purchasing from Amazon will save you money instead? Not comparing pricing can result in you missing out on bargains.

With that, Capital One Shopping can assist. When a coupon or lower price for a product you’re interested in becomes available, the Capital One Shopping app or browser extension notifies you.

You can earn Capital One Shopping credits by using the services of affiliated shops and restaurants. These credits can then be redeemed for gift cards to stores like Walmart, Lowe’s, and Nordstrom Rack. A watchlist tool on Capital One Shopping also notifies you when an item on your list becomes cheaper.

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7. Mistplay app

If you enjoy playing video games and want to make extra money to fund your hobby, you might want to try out the Mistplay app. You can get gift cards for Amazon, iTunes, Nintendo, and Xbox by playing video games. These are the perfect rewards for gamers.

If you have a work where using a phone is allowed, this app might be a fun way to kill some time and earn rewards for something you care about. The Mistplay app has a 4.1 rating in the Google Play Store.

8. HealthyWage app

If you’re trying to lose weight and need a little more motivation, how about the chance to earn $10,000 while doing it?

One of the few programs, called HealthyWage, rewards weight loss and offers a variety of ways to make money. You can either take on a weight loss challenge on your own or join a team and motivate one another to shed more weight. The goal is a minimum weight loss of 10%. If you join in HealthyWage’s 10% Challenge and reduce 10% of your body weight in six months, you may earn up to $300. (depending on how many friends you invite to participate).

HealthyWage works better than workplace pools with non-paying players or, worse, pools where the competition never starts. If you can’t find a gym companion to hold you accountable, consider using an app that targets your finances.

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9. Tapestri app

I adore a new program called Tapestri that pays people $25 per month for giving their location data.

The app is entirely passive, so you don’t even have to interact with it to get money. Simply leave it running each month to collect the required amount.

Think about Waze, Starbucks, Snapchat, and a lot of other things. Get compensated for sharing your location with the dozens of apps on your phone that you undoubtedly already do.

With the help of Tapestri, which utilizes your anonymous data along with the data of thousands of other users who have the app loaded, large advertisers can learn more about customer behavior. They are mostly interested in your shopping locations, frequency, and duration. This enables firms to choose the finest strategies for successfully marketing their products.

10. Honeygain

An software called Honeygain uses data from your internet browsing history to help businesses with research in a way similar to Nielsen. According to Honeygain’s website, users who use the app can earn up to $19 each month.

But, a variety of factors, such as your location and internet connection, will affect this amount. Even if your earnings don’t meet your goals, you’ll still be earning money entirely through passive means. After downloading Honeygain, nothing further needs to be done.

You must first earn at least $20 before you can withdraw the money. Once you have that amount, you can utilize PayPal to make a money request.

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11. Upwork

Upwork is the best money-making software due to its simplicity, enhanced communication, and possibility for freelancers to earn more over time, whether you’re starting a side company or growing a full-time freelancing career.

Being a freelancing platform that fuels the gig economy, Upwork is the best resource for exceptional employees to connect with clients and manage projects in one place. Upwork takes home the top spot overall thanks to its wide range of easily accessible talent categories, profile-building tools, and limitless earning potential.

Regardless of your existing experience, Upwork makes it simple and fast to create a profile and apply for new jobs. There are around 1,600 skills available to freelancers, including digital marketing, coding, translation, admin work, and many more.

Through Upwork, you can look for ongoing projects with clients or apply for one-off positions. Recent reviews and a rising Job Success Score will make you more desirable as a candidate for upcoming jobs. Qualified independent contractors may receive invitations to extraordinary possibilities.

Project payments are held in escrow through Upwork’s Payment Protection program, helping to ensure safe and timely payment for freelancers. Among other choices, direct deposit, PayPal, and wire transfers are all acceptable forms of payment. Regrettably, independent contractor rates might be anything from 5% and 20%.

As you earn more money from one particular client, your charge% drops. 10 days pass after the conclusion of the weekly billing cycle before monies are credited to your account.

As an independent contractor, you must pay taxes on your income.

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12. Rakuten app

Rakuten offers simple sign-up and referral procedures, as well as a selection of cashback options for both online and offline transactions.

One of the best cashback applications for earning money is Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates. It offers discounts from a variety of stores as well as friendly sign-up and referral rewards. The software enables you to get a modest financial incentive for purchases you would have made anyhow, despite the fact that you have to spend money to get money.

After logging in, users may browse cashback offers at thousands of shops, including Target, Best Buy, and Kohl’s. To redeem rewards, just click into a merchant from the app or website and place an order. You can also collect cashback for in-store purchases by selecting the offer on the app and tying your card before making a transaction. Nevertheless, you cannot receive cashback if you don’t first complete these steps.

New clients are qualified for a $10 welcome bonus after making a $25 purchase. Also, if you refer us new customers who spend $30 or more, you will receive $30 as compensation.

Users receive payments every three months via PayPal or check. Before becoming eligible for a reward, you must have accumulated at least $5 in cashback.

13. Survey Junkie app

Survey Junkie offers surveys that can be completed in 30 minutes or less and pay out quickly via gift cards or PayPal based on demographic information.

Users have the opportunity to complete surveys on Survey Junkie, which partners with companies and market research agencies, in exchange for points that may be quickly redeemed for gift cards or payment via PayPal. As a result, Survey Junkie is the best survey money-making tool.

The application process is simple. By answering questions, you create a profile that Survey Junkie can use to provide you relevant surveys. Every survey offers a certain number of points that can be exchanged for cash. 100 points are equal to $1 whether you want to pay with gift cards or PayPal. You need at least 500 points, or $5, to cash out.

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14. Offer up

OfferUp enhances the Craigslist concept by allowing anybody to sell new or used goods through their online marketplace.

With its simple and user-friendly platform, OfferUp, which recently acquired rival Letgo, makes selling online stress-free. With a straightforward listing process and allowing users to sell locally or nationwide, OfferUp is the best money-making software for used-item sales.

By including a picture, a description, and a price, users can list new products. You have the option of setting a definite asking price that is only open to the first willing buyer or a price that is negotiable. Via the app, viewers can speak with the vendor directly to ask questions or express interest.

15. Toloka app

This program, which is accessible on the Google Play Store, compensates you for carrying out easy chores both online and offline.

Toloka provides field assignments that you may perform and get paid for if you spend a lot of time outdoors or on foot. They include reviewing company hours, identifying building entrances, and validating or adding information about businesses such as adding images.

You can give comments on websites about how good or bad they are and make money if you’d rather work from home. Also, you may view videos, take selfies, record TV, and do other things.

Your potential earnings are based on how much each task pays. You make more money the more chores you accomplish. You can use Skrill or Payoneer to withdraw money in naira.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do any apps really compensate you?

Which applications offer the best real-money payouts? Apps like Swagbucks, Rakuten, and Ibotta may offer you the most real money rapidly, according to GOBankingRates’ study. One of the most lucrative apps that deposits money into your PayPal account is Rakuten.

Which app makes it simple to be paid?

In comparison to Swagbucks, which offers both cash back and other straightforward earning alternatives, Rakuten is the finest option for quick and easy cash back.

How can I make $500 a day using my phone?

You can make $500 per day blogging. You can create a blog and publish articles on a range of topics there and you could also complete this work on your phone. Also, you can establish a blog for nothing even if you have no money.

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How can I make $1,000 every day on my app?

By producing courses covering a range of skills, including dancing, art, cuisine, etc., and selling them on websites like Udemy, Unacademy, Skillshare, Teachable, etc., you may earn money every day. Simply put, if your course is more popular, you will make more money.

Can free apps generate revenue?

Many methods, such as advertising, in-app purchases, sponsorship, and affiliate marketing, are used to make money from free apps.


There are plenty of money-making apps to complement or replace your full-time employment as the world moves closer to completely embracing the burgeoning gig economy. There are many alternatives to select from depending on your interests and aims. We hope that the list of 15 phone apps to make money from everyday was helpful to you.

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