The coach’s and Calabria’s thoughts before Salzburg’s match against AC Milan

The song for the Champions League is back! Top seed AC Milan is now prepared for a new European adventure after being placed in Group E. At a news conference broadcast live from Austria on Tuesday, September 6, Coach Stefano Pioli and Davide Calabria discussed the Rossoneri’s upcoming match against Salzburg, which will be their first match of the season.

Stephon Pioli

The Derby game

“We have put the Sunday derby victory to rest. The game on Tuesday is a separate competition’s contest. We’ll be facing a challenging opponent that was undefeated at home in the Champions League the previous year.”


“The goal of AC Milan is to demonstrate that we have matured and correctly applied our lessons. We are aware of how crucial a strong start to the group stage would be.”

Gerald Cardine

“I had a wonderful encounter with Gerry Cardinale. He is somebody with genuine charm and fire, and he energized us.”


“When we complete our preparations tomorrow morning, I’ll make my decisions then. All of the guys seemed to be feeling okay today. I’ll use our matches to guide my next choices.”

Condition of KRUNIĆ

“Rade was a member of our Champions League squad because we think he may be available for our next tournament game,” the team said.


“All of their games, even the friendlies they played in, have been monitored by us. We feel that we have adequately prepared for the game. They play an offensive style of football with players that are talented and want to advance while moving about a lot. They have both short and long sets.

We must approach them with respect and tenacity since they have many bright potential within their ranks. FC Salzburg also perform to a very high level in terms of energy and speed. We’ve trained ourselves to match their pace and demonstrate our skills on the field. We need to play the game with genuine passion while also being conscious of our strengths and personality traits.”



“We are eager to get going. We’ve done a great job of preparing, and we want to take part in this tournament. Through months of diligent labor, we have become better. We must make the Champions League our home, and we are fully prepared for tomorrow.”


“We played well in the Champions League the previous season. We have more playing time under our belts and have participated in more games as a team now, so we are a more experienced team. At this level, the speed and tempo are significantly faster, yet taking part in these games will be beneficial to us. Last season’s matches against Liverpool and Porto taught us a lot, particularly about the rigor of this league. We’re going into it with greater knowledge and are prepared to do better after a year.”


“Everyone arrived ready to learn and keen to demonstrate their value on the field. Charles is very gifted and will be able to provide us crucial answers. I had no idea Divock was that physically powerful; he will be helpful to us throughout the season.”


“There are teams who are better prepared than us to win this challenge; we still need more time to go to even higher levels. We’ll exert every effort to perform as effectively as we can. We, AC Milan, will strive to win it once again in the future. We want to get there, and that is what I hope for the squad and for myself also.”

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