An act of bravery and sacrifice that brings the score to equal was done by Saelemaekers. He is the first European campaign’s MVP.

Alexis Saelemaekers has Rossoneri supporters happy once more after a lengthy absence. His scoring in AC Milan’s opening European game lead to a draw after Okafor gave the home team the lead. The goal, which came on his seventh appearance in the league, was the number 56’s first of his career in the UEFA Champions League.

In a tense and challenging first half for the away team. The Belgian was the player who showed the most energy. He has been recognized as the best player on the field thanks to his initiative and sacrifice. In the fan voting done via the official AC Milan app, Alexis won against Theo Hernández and Rafael Leo. Leo got the Assist.

A crucial goal and turning point in the Rossoneri’s European campaign. He shot the ball with his left foot which was accurate and coolly taken. The keeper Köhn had no chance to catch the ball. He consistently drove the club ahead and display a dependable, typical defensive attitude. Later on, during the game’s last minutes, he was replaced.

The most crosses and successful dribbles were made by Alexis (7 crosses, 2 successful crosses) (5). The Rossoneri fans have shown him their support and appreciation, which can only boost his confidence going forward. Keep it up, Alex!

We are aware of how crucial a strong start to the group stage would be.

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