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Arizona Republic News, Sports, Obituaries, Subscription, Crossword. What we shall be discussing in this article is all about the newspaper called ”Arizona Republic (Phoenix) 📰🇺🇸”. Also, we shall study some subtopics like Overview Of The Arizona Republic, Background Account Of The Arizona Republic, The Purchase Of The Central Newspaper By Gannett, The Regime Of Eugene C. Pulliam, and The Circulation Of The Arizona Republic.

Now, let us proceed and break down all about “Arizona Republic (Phoenix) 📰🇺🇸”.

Overview Of The Arizona Republic

If you venture into Arizona in the United States, you must hear about the Arizona Republic newspaper. It was founded on May 19, 1890, and it is published in Phoenix. No other newspaper in Arizona has more circulation than it.

The has remained the Gannett newspaper chain ever since the year, 2000. If you wish to get a daily copy, you will have to pay $2. Then, you will have to pay $3 for Sunday copies and $5 for Thanksgiving Day copies. Those staying outside of Arizona will have to pay more to get these copies.

Background Account Of The Arizona Republic

Just like I stated earlier, the Arizona Republic newspaper came into existence on May 19, 1890. Their initial name was ’The Arizona Republican’. Meanwhile, the pioneer head of this newspaper is Dwight B. Heard. He is a Phoenix land and cattle baron.

He chaired this newspaper for 17 years before passing away. Charles Stauffer and W. Wesley Knorpp, then took over the leadership affairs of the company. In 1930, they renamed the newspaper to ’The Arizona Republic’ and acquired The Phoenix Gazette and the Arizona Business Gazette.

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The Regime Of Eugene C. Pulliam

In 1946, Eugene C. Pulliam took over the company and managed it until 1975 when he died. Many people visualized Pulliam as an instrumental figure in the establishment of the current Phoenix area.

The wife and son of Pulliam, took over the managerial affairs of the Pulliam’s holding company, Central Newspapers, Inc. In 1997, they carried out a little restructuring. They dissolved The Phoenix Gazette, and joined the workers with those in the ’Republic’. However, note that, the ’The Arizona Business Gazette’ still experiences publication till today.

In 1998, a new program “The Rep” came to life. It was basically for young college students and it operates weekly. If you assess the local section, you will still find specific articles there. Those in Phoenix and other cities can access it.

The Purchase Of The Central Newspaper By Gannett

In the year 2000, Gannett bought the Central Newspapers and merged it under USA Today and KPNX that is a local Phoenix NBC television affiliate. Another merger happened between ’The Republic’ and ‘KPNX’, for the purpose of creating a local website that will be based on subscription. The website is www.azcentral.com.

Similarly, ‘La Voz’, which is a Spanish-language publication, came into existence in the same year. On September 25, 2015, Mi-Ai Parrish took over the managerial responsibilities of the newspaper and the website. He was also the publisher.

The Circulation Of The Arizona Republic

Prior to the year 2013, The Arizona Republic used to be the sixteenth largest daily newspaper by circulation in the United States. But, they went down to become the twenty-first largest daily newspaper, by circulation. In 2020, the total daily circulation it had was 116,000 and 337,000 circulations for Sunday edition.

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In 2021, Arizona republic newspaper had a circulation of 109,000. This was a loss of 7,000 from last year’s circulation. As regards to its Sunday circulation, it had 320,000 circulations, which was a 17,000 loss from last years Sunday circulation.

The Arizona Republic Political Endorsements

Here, we shall look at those candidates that ‘The Arizona Republic’ endorsed for different elections. For the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections, it supported President George W. Bush. It went on to support Arizona Senator, John McCain for the 2008 presidential elections.

When it came down to the local elections, it supported the ex-Secretary of Homeland Security, and the President of the University of California Janet Napolitano. It also endorsed the Arizona Congressman, Harry Mitchell.

Hillary Clinton was a beneficiary of The Arizona Republic’s endorsement for the 2016 presidential election. The paper has never supported a Democratic candidate in a presidential election, since 126 years.

After Roosevelt’s convention loss, and also after the hasty formation of the “made to order” Bull Moose Party, the paper continued to endorse Roosevelt via the newly formed party. A remarkable moment was in February 26, 2020, when The Arizona Republic made a public statement that it won’t support any aspiring candidate again.


Can You Refer To Arizona Republic As A Conservative Newspaper?

Yes, you can say it is conservative editorially. Arizona Republic is quite known for supporting President George W. Bush in his presidential elections (2000 & 2004). Also, it supported the Arizona Senator, John McCain in his 2008 presidential election.

What Is The Location Of The Arizona Republic?

The Arizona Republic is located at 200 E. Van Buren Street Phoenix, AZ 85004.

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What Is The Monthly Subscription Of The Arizona Republic?

The monthly subscription of the Arizona Republic is $14.99.

If I Wish To Cancel My Subscription, How Can I Do That?

To do this, you have to go online and search for Account Management on the Arizona Republic site. Alternatively, you can reach out to the Customer Service at 1-800-332-6733.

Do People Subscribe To The Arizona Republic?

Yes, people actually do subscribe. Over 80,000 people access our azcentral’s YouTube channel, and subscribe to The Republic’s playlists or partake in our online community.

What Is The Customer Service Number Of Arizona Republic?

To reach out to the Arizona Republic’s customer service, contact them via 1-800-332-6733 or chat online.

At What Places Can I Purchase The Arizona Republic?

Amazon.com: The Arizona Republic : Kindle Store.

What Is The Daily Circulation Of The Arizona Republic?

The Arizona Republic’s daily circulation is 321,600.

What Is The Name Of Arizona Republic’s Editor?

The executive editor for The Arizona Republic is Greg Burton. Also, he works as an editor for The USA TODAY in the West.

When Was The Arizona Republic Established?

The Arizona Republic was established on May 19, 1890.


In this article, we discussed about the newspaper called ”Arizona Republic (Phoenix) 📰🇺🇸”. Also, we studied some subtopics like: Overview Of The Arizona Republic, Background Account Of The Arizona Republic, The Purchase Of The Central Newspaper By Gannett, The Regime Of Eugene C. Pulliam and The Circulation Of The Arizona Republic.

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