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In this article titled ”Burger King Whoppers 37 Cents”, we will study all about Burger King Whoppers and its price of 37 cents. Also, we shall discuss some of these subtopics: Overview Of The Burger King Whoppers, Who Is Eligible For This Offer ?, Burger King Specials 2022, BOGO Whopper, Burger King Canada, and Burger King App.

We shall progress with the study of ”Burger King Whoppers 37 Cents”.

Overview Of The Burger King Whoppers

In 1957, the price of Burger King Whopper was 37 cents. Subsequently, the price kept increasing. But, as it stands, Burger King is set to sell its Whopper at the initial price of 37 cents.

One may ask, what is the reason for this action? Well, Burger King is celebrating its 64th birthday. So, in celebration, the Burger King Whopper will go back to 37 cents. Meanwhile, the offer will last for Friday and Saturday.

The Burger King Whopper Sandwich came into the market in 1957. It was a very special burger that is flame-grilled prepared with 1,024 potential combinations.

64 years down the lane, Burger King is happy to celebrate its 64th birthday by selling The Whopper at 37 cents. This will happen on December 3rd and 4th. Meanwhile, people of Royal Perks have exclusive access to this price.

Who Is Eligible For This Offer ?

If you wish to get this offer, you have to for a Perks account, which is the chain’s loyalty program. Also, you stand to gain one discount Whopper for one Perks account. But, if you don’t make this purchase through the fast-food app or website, you won’t get this discount.

Endeavor to input the coupon number for the discounted burger while applying for a burger. A Whopper, which weighs in at 667 calories, costs around $4.30

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Burger King Specials 2022


  • Plant-based Junior Whopper: R67.90
  • Kings Chicken: R28.90 (1 Piece) R54.90 (2 Piece)
  • Kings Chicken & Chips: R57.90 (2 Piece) R77.90 (3 Piece)

Whopper Burgers

  • Plant-based Whopper Meal: R85.90 (Standard) R67.90 (Junior)
  • Whopper Meal: R76.90 (Standard) R93.90 (Double) R113.90 (Triple)
  • Whopper with Cheese Meal: R79.90 (Standard) R94.90 (Double) R119.90 (Triple)
  • Fierce Whopper Meal: R89.90 (Standard) R106.90 (Double) R123.90 (Triple)
  • Whopper Junior Meal: R62.90 (Standard) R80.90 (Double)
  • Whopper Junior with Cheese Meal: R64.90 (Standard) R83.90 (Double)
  • Fierce Junior Whopper Meal: R64.90

Kiddies Meals

  • Kids Burger Meal: R51.90
  • Kids Cheeseburger Meal: R51.90
  • Kids Nugget Meal: R51.90 (4 Piece) R63.90 (6 Piece)
  • Kids Double Cheeseburger Meal: R63.90
  • Kids Chicken Burger Meal: R51.90
  • Kids Whopper Junior Meal: R63.90
  • Kids Plant-based Whopper Junior Meal: R67.90


  • Pepsi: R23.90 (Standard) R23.90 (Light) R23.90 (Max)
  • Mirinda: R26.90
  • Mountain Dew: R23.90
  • 7up Free: R23.90
  • Lipton Iced Tea: R26.90
  • Pura Soda: R21.90
  • Water: R19.90

Gourmet Burgers

  • Bacon BBQ Pepper Jack Meal: R134.90
  • Bacon Mustard Cheese Meal: R134.90
  • BBQ Pepper Jack Meal: R116.90
  • Mustard Cheese Meal: R116.90

Flame Grilled Burgers

  • Texas BBQ Bacon King 3.0 Meal: R164.90
  • Texas BBQ Bacon King Meal: R134.90
  • Texas BBQ King 3.0 Meal: R152.90
  • Texas BBQ King Meal: R122.90
  • Chilli Cheese Burger Meal: R63.90 (Standard) R75.90 (Double)
  • Extra-Long Chilli Cheese Meal: R83.90
  • Big King Meal: R73.90 (Standard) R101.90 (XXL)
  • Boerewors Burger Meal: R77.90
  • Stacker Meal: R69.90 (Double) R77.90 (Triple) R83.90 (Quad)
  • Stacker XL Meal: R101.90 (Double) R119.90 (Triple) R139.90 (Quad)
  • Burger Meal: R55.90
  • Cheeseburger Meal: R56.90 (Standard) R77.90 (Double)
  • Bacon King Junior Meal: R86.90
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  • Chicken Tenders: R77.90
  • Chicken Nuggets: R35.90
  • Chicken Wings: R43.90
  • Chilli Cheese Bites: R49.90
  • Mozzarella Cheese Sticks: R51.90
  • Onion Rings: R27.90
  • BK Fries: R25.90
  • V-Crispers: R27.90
  • Loaded V-Crispers: R37.90
  • Loaded Fries: R34.90
  • Bacon Loaded Fries: R50.90

Veggie Burgers & Nuggets

  • Plant-based Whopper Meal: R85.90
  • Vegan Royale Meal: R76.90
  • Vegan Nugget Meal: R39.90


  • Chicken Burger Meal: R51.90
  • Original Chicken Meal: R74.90
  • Texas BBQ Chicken King Meal: R88.90
  • Texas BBQ Chicken Bacon King Meal: R127.90
  • Chicken with Cheese Meal: R77.90
  • Chilli Cheese Chicken Meal: R85.90
  • Big King Chicken Meal: R73.90
  • Crispy Chicken Meal: R79.90
  • Crispy Chicken with Cheese: R82.90
  • BK Crunch Meal: R67.90
  • BK Crunch with Cheese Meal: R70.90
  • Spicy Fierce Crispy Chicken Meal: R86.90
  • Chicken Bacon King Meal: R111.90
  • BLT Chicken King Meal: R106.90


  • Sticky Toffee CuppaCake: R37.00
  • Chocolate CuppaCake: R37.00
  • Caramel CuppaCake: R37.00
  • Fusion Oreo: R34.90
  • Kit Kat Fusion: R34.90
  • Bar-One Fusion: R34.90
  • Ice Cream Cone: R11.90
  • Vanilla Milkshake: R28.90
  • Strawberry Milkshake: R28.90
  • Chocolate Milkshake: R28.90
  • Milktart Milkshake: R33.90

BOGO Whopper

Those eligible to get the Burger King Free Whopper must have the Burger King Free Whopper Coupon, Buy 1 Get 1 Free BOGO 2022. This offer will end by 11/27/2022.

New Burger King Free Whopper Coupons:

  • Free Whopper Sandwich with any $3+ purchase. For New Users of bk.com Expires Soon
  • $3.99 9 Pc. Chicken Fries & 1 Large French Fries Use Burger King Coupon Code: 3927 Expires 11/27/22
  • $6.99 for Whopper Sandwiches & 1 Large Fries, 1 Large Drink Burger King Coupon Code: 9092 Expires 11/27/2022
  • Burgers are usually available from 10:30AM onward
  • Learn how to use Burger King Coupons.

Burger King Canada

Every day, thousands of people patronize the BURGER KING restaurants in Canada. As a reputable and noble restaurant, it could only be the high-quality, great-taste and affordable food that Burger King serves, that attract customers.

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The Burger King in Canada stands as one of the largest fast food hamburger chain there. As long the brand continues in its commitment to premium ingredients, signature recipes, and family-friendly dining experiences, more customers will keep patronizing the business.

However, Burger King in Canada have approximately 339 stores. Meanwhile, Ontario holds the highest number of store as a province (152). That is a greater percentage of the Burger King stores in Canada.

Burger King App

The Burger King app gives you the leverage off obtaining confidential deals and vital mobile coupons. With the app too, you can discover any Burger King restaurant that is new to you.

However, if you wish to download the Burger King App, you can go to the App Store for iOS mobile devices and Google Play for Android mobile devices.

Meanwhile, if you wish to obtain your rewards on Burger King app, then you can follow these steps:

  • Click the level of rewards you want to redeem.
  • Adhere to the guides on the app and present the redemption code to the cashier.

However, note that, Burger King will take down your reward from their app after you have successfully redeemed it. Therefore, ensure that you are ready to utilize the reward.


In this article titled ”Burger King Whoppers 37 Cents”, we studied all about Burger King Whoppers and its price of 37 cents. Also, we studied these subtopics: Overview Of The Burger King Whoppers, Who Is Eligible For This Offer ?, Burger King Specials 2022, BOGO Whopper, Burger King Canada and Burger King App.

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