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If you want to get a review of USB chargers and product assessment read the article below. for more information check out Car USB chargers, Cost of car USB chargers, Types of USB chargers, and what to consider to buy USB chargers.

Are you aware that the average American dedicates 17,600 minutes of their time to driving each year? That means they spend 293 hours driving. If you’re going that far you’ll need a dependable car phone charger adaptor to keep your mobile devices charged. In the era of information, missing a call is just as terrible as missing an opportunity. For your benefit, the top USB car chargers combine reliable functionality with nice appearances and reasonable prices.

Advantages of USB car charger 

No more missed phone calls:

By constantly using a mobile car charger, you’ll get used to charging your smartphone every time you get into your car. Making sure your phone’s battery is fully charged in other to prevent it from running out of power during the day. This ultimately results in fewer awkward calls being dropped because of a dead battery.

Maintain a lead in your timetable:

If you work from 9 to 5 you might dedicate several hours each week, in addition to the occasional out-of-town excursion. Investing in the best USB charger can help you keep on schedule without being disconnected.

You can charge more than one device:

Depending on the mobile device or kind of phone you’re using, there are lots of USB car chargers that are obtainable. However, a universal vehicle charger will allow you to use one car charger to charge different gadgets. You may charge many devices simultaneously by using a car USB charger with multiple connections.

Charge while traveling:

When you’re traveling in your car it’s impossible to make use of your home sockets. The best choice is to purchase a USB car charging adaptor to enable you to charge your mobile devices when you’re traveling.

Types of USB car chargers 


An earlier style of USB charger that has been around since the first cell phones is the wired car charger. In the past when people didn’t have many devices, so they preferred getting one that could charge a single phone. As a result, the chargers were connected and simply run from your phone to the accessory socket in your car.


Unwired USB is a new version of the USB car charger adapter, which is plenty and available in the market today. The USB is known by everyone because of its versatility. This means that you can simply connect multiple devices and charge them simultaneously.

Multiport USB Car Chargers

The normal USB car chargers are designed to have a single port. But with the introduction of multiport USB, it’s possible to charge four different devices simultaneously. With the help of smart-charging technology, they can ensure that all devices plugged into the charger are charging at their quickest possible rate.

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Types Car USB Chargers


Anker is a company situated in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. It was established in 2011 by a former Google software engineer. Anker makes use of proprietary power IQ technology to manufacture its products as stated by the company. The proprietary power IQ technology is designed in a way that it can detect connected devices, and automatically optimize the electric current delivered to charge them faster. The company creates intelligent home gadgets, portable speakers, headphones, video projectors, and other automotive accessories including mobile phone accessories. Its most recognized product is the Anker PowerDrive 2 Elite 24W.


Electronics and automobile audio manufacturer Scosche was established in the US in 1980. The company started as a consulting business in a residential garage located in south California. Scosche manufactures dash kits, antennas, tools, amplifiers, harnesses, speaker enclosures, subwoofers, Bluetooth speakers, installation accessories, and mobile accessories. Scosche ReVolt Compact Dual Port USB Charger became the most popular product the company produced.


RAVPower is a company based in the United States of America. It was founded in 2011. The company is a consumer electronics brand. A Chinese company named Sunvalleytek owns RAVPower. The company primarily produces batteries, solar chargers, power banks, cellphone and laptop accessories, and chargers for batteries. One of its well-known products is the RavPower 24W 4.8A.

Anker PowerDrive 2 Elite 24W

For some reason, Anker power drive is seen as the best car charger currently. First, it has been approved by FCC and CE. It also gives you everything good you want in a USB car charger in one device. This is why the PowerDrive 2 is a 4.8 amp Dual USB car charger producing 2.4 amps on each port.

 The presence of the power IQ feature has helped manage the power load on plugged devices. The feature helps it generate power to the desired port making it a fast charger. You can use it with many devices like Apple, Android smartphones, and any other device that uses USB charging. 

Any shortcomings? It’s a huge disappointment that this automobile USB charger does not enable Qualcomm’s fast charging, given its great attributes and high pricing. Its high cost is also increased by the fact that it doesn’t come with a cord, so you’ll have to spend more money buying one.

RavPower 24W 4.8A

For some reason, this charger is among the top cheap USB vehicle chargers on our list. It is reasonably priced, robust, and works with a wide range of gadgets. According to RavPower, this product is the smallest USB charger available at the moment. It’s challenging to argue against the fact that the device just weighs 0.5 ounces.

Aside from its little shape it still possesses amazing features. One of its interesting features is its 2.4 amp charging ports which use iSmart 2.0 charging technology. To better fit the gadget being charged, this feature picks up on the amp output over time and adapts. Keep in mind that not all of your devices will require 2.4 amps of electricity.


Everything has an advantage and a disadvantage and RavPower 24W 4.8A is not an exception to that. One of its shortcomings is that, if you have a high-end or quick-charge 3.0 compatible device you’re not advised to use the charger because it’s slow. Additionally, it is not recommended to utilize programs like Google or Apple Maps when using the charger as the increased power consumption could result in problems.

Scosche ReVolt Compact Dual Port USB Charger

This charger is designed to have a compact dual port USB. It also can support 2.4-amp full-sized tablet devices at once. Because of its high output, you will experience fast charging compared to other car chargers.

The charger is portable and also has an attractive design. You can see it in different colors like black, gold, gray, and silver. This charger supports a wide range of other devices even though it is specialized for Apple mobile devices. The Scosche car charger can fully charge two iPads at once with a total power output of 24 watts.

Do the Scosche USB car charger’s features have any restrictions? Its small size is both a benefit and a drawback. The size allows for a fantastic fit in most cars, however, it can be difficult to locate in the event that it falls off. Its size means that it occasionally becomes loose while driving on bumpy roads, disconnecting your gadget in the process.

AINOPE Car Charger

This particular brand of charger is a portable charger that supplies power to your devices. It comes in three different colors that match any car which makes it common. It’s designed to stand out so it’s not difficult to locate them. Each one is manufactured out of a solid metal zinc alloy, making them reliable and sturdy.

 One of the advantages of the 4.8A dual USB charger is it comes with a bright LED light. It works in a way that you can plug it into a cigarette lighter which allows you to know where it is and if it’s working. The 4.8A is split between the two USB ports, with each putting out 2.4A of power, providing a quick and steady charge to any device.

You might discover that it doesn’t fit the cigarette lighter all the way. Many have said that even a light touch can cause it to pop out. It will also protrude a few inches, which may irritate some people. The LED light may also be excessively strong when it is dark outside.

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USB C Car Charger Super Mini AINOPE

Consider this AINOPE car charger to be the smaller version of the last one we just mentioned. Unlike the previous one which has a dual USB port to charge many devices, this is a smaller model which has a single port that is up to standards. Though, it also has a strong, more contemporary PD port that works with many other kinds of gadgets. In comparison to USB ports, it can charge gadgets three times faster.

Because of its shorter shape, it fits into cigarette lighters more securely and snugly. It is also made of a thick metal zinc alloy, which makes it strong and long-lasting. It is a compact, stylish car charger made to power gadgets like tablets, iPhones, and Android phones.

Additionally, this charger will be positioned a few inches above the lighter. If you care about appearances, it won’t sit flush against the console or dashboard, which might be unpleasant. It might also have trouble charging two devices at the same time.

Car Charger, Anker Mini

Another scaled-down version of one of our top recommendations is this. Two USB ports are included on the Anker Mini 24W car charger to boost its usability and accessibility. Additionally, the compact charger is offered in three different colors: red, silver, and black. A blue LED light emanates from the USB ports to aid in night vision.

We think that since it can fully charge drained iPhone batteries in about two hours and five minutes then it can charge Android phones in the same manner. Tablets could take slightly longer, but not significantly. It is made of a sturdy metal case and has gold-plated circuitry, which lowers heat generation and speeds up charging. The ports firmly and snugly grip the cables.

Tugging on the charger or any attached cables too firmly can come loose since it doesn’t fit tightly in the socket. The charging wires may also obstruct the ports’ access since they are crammed in there too tightly.


Do USB car chargers withstand water?

Most of the manufacturers don’t include water-resistant features so you should keep them away from water or store them when not in use.

Will a bad charger harm my phone?

Yes, a faulty charger can supply your gadget with more power than is necessary, which would harm the battery. It’s advisable to get a charger with a surge protector.

Can I charge my devices with my car engine off?

Yes, but it’s not advisable because it can drain your car’s battery and stop your car from starting. when you’re charging your phone and decide to turn off your engine, remove your car charger. Meanwhile, you can buy a smart car charger that stops immediately after your devices are full.

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