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Chicago Tribune News, Sports, Obituaries, Subscription, Crossword. In this article, we shall study all about ”Tribune (Chicago) 📰🇺🇸”. We can’t do this without discussing some subtopics like: Overview Of Chicago Tribune, History Of Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Tribune Winning The Pulitzer Prizes and The Columnists Of The Tribune Company.

Now, let’s proceed with the study of “Tribune (Chicago) 📰🇺🇸”.

Overview Of Chicago Tribune

In 1847, a reputable daily newspaper emerged under the ownership of Tribune Publishing. The name of the newspaper is ”The Chicago Tribune”, which is situated in Chicago, Illinois, United States. No other newspaper is more dominant in Chicago and Great Lakes region, than the Chicago Tribune.

In 2017, it ranked sixth, for the highest circulation of American newspapers. As the ownership right of The Chicago Tribune belongs to Tribune Publishing, Alden Global Capital bought the Tribune Publishing. That means, the Chicago Tribune is now under the ownership of Alden Global Capital that runs the Digital First Media as its media asset.

History Of Chicago Tribune

James Kelly, John E. Wheeler, and Joseph K. C. Forrest were the ones that established ’The Tribune’. Its pioneer publication was on June 10, 1847. Subsequently, different development ensued with the company, from new ownership to editorship.

In no time, The Tribune transited from a non-partisan company to partisan company. It opposed the Democratic candidates. A remarkable year was in 1853, when it usually made publications that are discriminatory to foreigners and Roman Catholics.

As time progressed, became the managing editor, and Alfred Cowles, Sr., who was related to Edwin Cowles, took up the job of the bookkeeper. It was in their leadership regime that The Tribune began to support Republican Party, but didn’t stop to publish xenophobic and anti-Catholic materials.

The Tribune has transited a couple of time within two years (1858 and 1860). It had the name ‘Chicago Press & Tribune’ and then changed to the ‘Chicago Daily Tribune’ on October 25, 1860.

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The Era Of McCormick

McCormick became the co-editor for The Tribune in 1910. Also, at this time, The Tribune was among the top selling newspaper amongst others. It had news innovations that made it unique and accumulated over 188,000 circulations. It was only the Chicago Examiner that challenged the Chicago Tribune in terms of circulations.

The battle for circulation dominance didn’t stop as the Hearst’s ‘Herald-Examiner’ went up against McCormick’s ’Chicago Tribune’. The victory of The Tribune brought more 250,000 readers. In addition, the Tribune had extra 260 readers due to its international design competition for its new headquarters, the Tribune Tower.

Subsequently, The Tribune introduced its radio and secured an available station known as WDAP. This happened in 1924. Later on, the name changed to WGN (AM). On April 5, 1948, the Chicago Tribune introduced the WGN Television.

McCormick went on to create more innovations and win awards before passing on in 1955, few days before the election of Richard J. Daley as mayor.

The Tribune’s Mistake In The 1948 U.S. Presidential Election

At the time of this incident, those working for The Tribune’s composing room weren’t active. Meanwhile, as the 1948 presidential election was ongoing, the rumor flying around was that, one of the candidate, Thomas Dewey was leading the polls.

So, the editors of the Tribune wrongly printed on their paper, “Dewey Defeats Truman”. Meanwhile, the reverse was the case as Democrat Harry S. Truman eventually won the election.

The Chicago Tribune Winning The Pulitzer Prizes

Initially, the Tribune didn’t take part in the Pulitzer Prize. This was due to Colonel McCormick’s refusal for the Tribune to take part in it. It was in 1961 that the Tribune won its first Pulitzer Prize. It has gone on to collect twenty-eight (28) of it. In that same year, Carey Orr won the award for editorial cartooning.

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Other workers that won the prize are: Reporter George Bliss, Reporter Bill Jones, Reporter William Mullen, Photographer Ovie Carter and Architecture critic Paul Gapp. In 2022, Cecilia Reyes, Chicago Tribune, and Madison Hopkins, Better Government Association, won a Pulitzer Prize.

About The Tribune Company

The Tribune Company is a subset of the Chicago Tribune. It is an embodiment of the newspapers and television stations around the country. Notable radio stations in Chicago that belongs to the Tribune Company or otherwise called Tribune Media are: the WGN radio station (720 AM) and WGN-TV (Channel 9).

The Los Angeles Times also belongs to the Tribune Company with the New York Daily News. In 2008, the Tribune Company sold one of its properties, established in 1940, to Long Island cable TV company Cablevision. The property in question is the Long Island newspaper Newsday.

The Tribune Tower served as a dwelling place for the The Chicago Tribune from 1925 to 2018. From there, it relocated to the Prudential Plaza office complex. This was as a result of the disposal of the Tribune Tower.

The Columnists Of The Tribune Company

Present Columnists

  • Amy Dickinson
  • Chris Jones
  • Clarence Page
  • Michael Phillips
  • Nina Metz
  • Laura Washington

Past Columnists

  • William Armstrong
  • Skip Bayless
  • Claudia Cassidy
  • Steve Chapman
  • Steve Daley
  • Mike Downey
  • Dahleen Glanton
  • Bob Greene
  • David Haugh
  • Vernon Jarrett

The Chicago Tribune 2008 Redesign

All didn’t go down well in the September 2008 redesign as there were so many controversies surrounding it. So, it had to apply a moderate style and design, a combination of the previous design and the new one.

The Tribune Publishing Disposal

In August 2014, the Tribune Publishing got disposed and the Tribune Company changed to Tribune Media. At the initial stage of Tribune Publishing, it took a loan of $350 million, but has paid off $275 million to Tribune Media.

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If the Tribune Publishing was not disposed, then the the capital gains taxes would accumulate from selling those assets. The shareholders of the Tribune Media got tax-free shares from The Tribune Publishing, with Oaktree Capital Management being the highest earner (18.5%).


How Do I Activate Or Cancel My Chicago Tribune Subscription?

To do this, you just need to contact us via at 1-800-TRIBUNE (1-800-874-2863).

How Much Is The Digital Subscription Of The Chicago Tribune?

You are to pay $1 for the first 6 months. After that, you will pay $15.96 every month.

How Much Can I Purchase The Chicago Tribune Sunday Edition?

You can purchase it for $6.99 per week.

Where Can I Locate The Chicago Tribune Freedom Center?

You can locate it at 777 W. Chicago Ave, Chicago IL, 60654.

What Is The Price Of Chicago Tribune At The Newsstand?

Previously, you could buy it for $1.00. But, as it stands, you can purchase it for $1.50 especially on Monday. The price increase influences Monday through Saturday editions. However, you can still get the Sunday paper for $1.99.

How Many Circulations Does Chicago Tribune Have?

It is without doubt that many people patronize the Chicago Tribune newspaper in the district of Chicago and Great Lakes Region. However, in 2017, it became the 6th highest American newspaper in circulation and in 2019, had 238,103 circulations.


In this article, we studied all about ”Tribune (Chicago) 📰🇺🇸”. We also discussed some subtopics like: Overview Of Chicago Tribune, History Of Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Tribune Winning The Pulitzer Prizes and The Columnists Of The Tribune Company.

I hope you found this article interesting. You can research more to gain more details on this topic.

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