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This player helped his team win the 2016 National Championship as a starter at Clemson. Gained five passing touchdowns three times in a game without recording any interception. On October 6, 2019, he registered a career-high 426 passing yards against Atlanta. He recorded at least 25 passing touchdowns and 5 rushing touchdowns in (2018-19) and was the first player in NFL history to do so.

In 2020, he set Texans franchise record with 33 passing touchdowns. Furthermore, the player led the NFL in passing yards with 4,823 in the year 2020. With at least 1,500 passing attempts, he has recorded the highest completion percentage in NFL history among all players.

Deshaun Watson Trade From Cleveland Browns Deshaun Watson

Watson decided to waive his no-trade clause to go to Cleveland after meeting the Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints, and Carolina Panthers this week. Therefore, the Texans will get three first-round draft picks in the trade. Furthermore, they will receive a third and fourth rounder. Meanwhile, because of a late-round pick swap, the Browns will get a fifth-rounder. The transaction wire with two amendments made the deal official on Monday. The Texans therefore announced the trade through the General Manager Nick Caserio on Friday.

A five-year, fully guaranteed $230 million contract will be given to Watson by the Browns. His base salary for 2022 season will be $1 million and the QB will get $45 million signing bonus. On March 11, a Harris County (Texas) grand jury ruled that no substantial evidence to charge Watson. After that ruling, Watson’s trade discussion materialized quickly. However, Watson still faces 22 civil lawsuits and remains under NFL investigation and is subject to potential discipline. On Thursday, Baker Mayfield requested a trade from the Browns and they are expected to since they are expecting Watson.

So Mayfield will be treated as part of a different transaction. This is due to the fact that he’s not part of the trade package to the Texans. Falcons and Panthers will regroup and assess their current QB rooms since Watson is headed to the AFC North.

Deshaun Watson Wife

Though the player is not married, he has a girlfriend. He’s dating a Dutch and Creole actress, singer, and model known as Jilly Anais. To actualize her dreams, she moved to Los Angeles at age 18 though she was born in Houston, Texas. In a 2013 episode of East Los High, she made her television debut and her latest is God Send, a 2019’s drama. Furthermore, on iTunes, she has released seven charting singles.

Also, quite the active YouTuber on her YouTube channel along with her music videos. They met one night in 2019, at Catch restaurant in Los Angeles where they made eye contact. They stated in a YouTube video in April 2020, that they felt this familiarity right there and then. Though they didn’t talk, he hit her up through her direct messages some days later. After a whole conversation that arose from the DM, they met for yoga and a five-and-a-half hour lunch together.

They went Instagram official on 2019’s Halloween and has remained inseparable since then. Deshaun has also been given an adorable pet name by Jilly which is Lovebug.

Deshaun Watson News From Cleveland Browns Deshaun Watson

The player had a 26th lawsuit alleging sexual misconduct filed against him on Thursday. For violating the league’s personal conduct policy, Watson is also serving an 11-game suspension from the NFL. However, the league states that his suspension wasn’t influenced by current civil lawsuit.

Cleveland Browns Quarterback

Jacoby Brissett seems like the Browns starting quarterback. Brissett stated on Wednesday that the unique thing about it is his experience with the Browns. In addition, he said that going out there and doing his best is all that matters. This is a joyous moment for Brown fans. Because they have been anticipating a quarterback that’s capable and will elevate them to Super Bowl contenders.

On Wednesday, he kept the Browns emotion in check and subtly swatted away questions on his opposing starter, Baker Mayfield. He said that he didn’t really care as he was not here with Mayfield last year. In fact, he added that they were just nameless, faceless opponents as it’s the Browns versus the Panthers.

Deshaun Watson Legal

After more than two dozen accused him of sexual misconduct during massages, Watson was suspended for 11 games in August. Currently, he has a new lawsuit filed against him by a woman who claims he pressured her into oral sex. According to her, it was during an appointment in December, 2020. The suit was filed on Thursday in civil court in Harris County, Texas. Therefore after settling 23 of the 24 claims against him this summer, he now faces two active lawsuits.

However, Watson has denied this claims by saying he hasn’t harassed or assaulted any woman. In two Texas counties, grand juries have refused to charge him criminally. Initially, the retired judge of the NFL and NFL players association suspended Watson. This was because he violated the league’s personal conduct policy. With the recent allegations and conduct, they can’t subject him to further discipline. And this is due to his terms of disciplinary settlement with the NFL and past rulings.

After two days that the ruling was announced, the league appealed Robinson’s ruling. His case was the first player disciplinary decision to be overseen by the arbitration process. The NFL wanted him suspended indefinitely and be given a full season to apply for reinstatement. Meanwhile, a lesser penalty was argued for him by the union and Watson’s representative. He was allowed to come back to the team facility earlier this week as he continues to serve his suspension.

Deshaun Watson What Happened

The American football quarterback for the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League (NFL) was born in September 14, 1995. In 2016, he led his team at Clemson to a National Championship. Houston Texans chose Watson in the first round of the 2017 NFL draft. Although Watson productive rookie season was halted by an injury, he led the team to consecutive division titles 2018-19. Furthermore, he led the league in passing yards in the year 2020. Also in each of his three seasons as Houston’s primary starter, he received Pro Bowl honors.

With at least 1,500 passing attempts, he has the highest career completion percentage of all time. Despite his prowess, he has been sued by more than two dozen female massage therapist for sexual harassment and assault. This began in 2021 and Watson has denied all allegations despite settling 20 claims of sexual misconduct. The misconduct lawsuit kept Watson him out of the 2021 season but led to his trade to the Cleveland Browns. One of the most expensive contracts in NFL history was signed by him in 2022 which is a five year contract worth $230 million.

This article on Cleveland browns Deshaun Watson is to enlighten you on everything you need to know about this player. You can check also for Cleveland Browns Deshaun Watson, Deshaun Watson trade, Cleveland Browns quarterback, Deshaun Watson legal.

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