Hot or Not Composite Images TikTok

Hot or Not Composite Images TikTok is a trend on the social media platform that has been ongoing for a while now, it’s fun and quite interesting to engage in.

We will be providing you review on the latest TikTok trend; Hot or Not Composite Images.

About Hot or Not Composite Images

To know about the Hot or Not Composite Image, regard must be made to the trend itself on TikTok.

But briefly explaining, the composite image is the combination of various face images.

10 or more images, into a full picture, where one makes use of these shapeshift filters for this trend.

It allows you to shape-shift your face and see who they should look like.

What is the Hot or Not TikTok Composite Images Trend

TikTok is one of the fast-growing social media networks with Facebook and Instagram.

it has recorded millions of users over the past years and accommodated people of different ages including celebrities.
Before Tik Tok came into spotlight, Instagram and Facebook has been at the top of social networks.

The arrival of Tik Tok and its unique features took this social network to another level of engagement by people.

One of the features of these network include the participation in trends, Video Calls, Live Videos etc.

Today we will be discussing about Trends; the “Hot or Not Tik Tok Composite Image” and it addition to Trend Culture.

The Hot or Not Composite Images Trend makes use of variety of filters to shape shift the faces of people.

Although this filter has been used in the past by people for other trends but this time around, this trend gave this filter a unique feature.

This trend was created by a Flickr User, Pierre Tourigny and uses what we call a composite image sheet to blend/compile people’s face into various images and shape shift them to make it awesome.

So that when people make use of this filter, their facial card will be rated on a scale of 1-10.

One of the reason most people participate in this shape shifting trend or filter is to make them find out who their lookalike is or who/what they should have looked alike, well there is more fun to it in participation.

But you should be aware that its just a challenge and trend put together by someone for fun and there is no accurate fact that you are meant to look like the person the filter shows you or there’s an existing person of such.

The Hot or Not Composite Image on Tik Tok comes from the Defunct Hot or Not website

Before the emergency of the “Hot or Not Composite Image Trend” on Tik Tok, it will be important for you to know that the idea of this trend.

It can be traced to the defunct Hot or Not website which have been long shut down or should we say “out of participation”.

As a result of it’s lack of content, originality and features.

The Hot or Not website was created in October 2000, it was originally known as the Dating Site called “Am I Hot or Not”, where women will have to upload their pictures and men whom are attracted to these women.

They rate those uploaded pictures on a scale of 1-10, determining their hotness or beauty if they are Hot or Not, enabling go on a date with these women.

It was more of a match making website or meet up website for single people.

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Following up the current Hot or Not composite trend on Tik Tok, similar process or rules are adhere to, where you make use of these image spread sheet.

It shows you a result of who/what you look or should have looked like, then people go ahead to give a rating on a scale of 1-10.

How to Participate in the Hot or Not Composite Image Trend on Tik Tok

This challenge has been quite fun and enjoyable in Tik Tok.

If you wish to participate in the latest trend, but you have no idea how its done or you’re new to tik tok and don’t know your way around, then follow the instructions below:

1: Go to google play store or IOS store (if you’re using an iPhone), download the Tik Tok app
2: After downloading, Open TikTok app and locate the “Discovery” tab.
3: You can go to the search bar, and type “Shape Shift.”
4: As soon as you locate the filter, click the pink record button close to the filter, followed by “Try this effect.”
5: Click on the saved “composite image sheet” from the phone’s gallery, make sure your camera is close to your face, the proceed to record it.

What photo is use for the Hot or Not Tik Tok Trend

This trend makes use of composite image, which is the blending of 10 or more pictures into one single picture, for its effect upon use and then also makes use of the shape shift filter for result.

What Tik Tok filters makes you pretty

One of the reasons most people are on the Tik Tok social network or registering to it, is as a result of the varieties of filter available in it.

it’s no surprise or information that Snap Chat makes use of various filters too and you get to discover new ones each passing day.

But Tik Tok filters is different and special as a result of its originality.

The uniqueness in Tik Tok filters especially the “Facial Filters” is the ability it has to enhance the beauty of its users and this is highly commendable.

As a result of the variety of these filters, people are confused on which one to use and the one which is best for them.

But you should endeavor to know that “Filters” are different from “Effects” and it will be best not to confused one for another.

Effects although much versatile are mostly used in videos and not on picture.

We will be giving a list of the best Tik Tok filters that gives you a perfect outlook and you should try them out.
1: Brew Filter
2: Caramel Filter
3: Tonal Filter
4: Cozy Filter
5: Face Morph

What is a glow filter on Tik Tok

Tik Tok just like every other social media network undergoes update every month.

During this update, they integrate new enticing features and address the frequently complained issues by it’s user.

One of the new features in the Tik Tok is the Glow Filter which many people are yet to discover.

The Glow Filter is yet another to enhance the facial beauty of it users and make them unarguably attractive leaving people amazed at their outlook.

The Glow Filter gives it’s users a “Full Face Make Up” or what we call a “Face Beat” in terms of make up.

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It adds features of make up such as, eye shadow, lipstick, falsies and gives a smooth skin.

To Get this Filter:
Go to Discover on your Tik Tok App in the Home Page, click on the filter which has the likes of eye lashes.

How to use a Tik Tok Template

There is availability of template in Tik Tok, these template enables you to choose whether you want to use them for a video or image depending on what you need them for.

It also provides you with so many features which you can enjoy and learn about to add quality or effect to your videos or templates.

Just Tap the plus sign at the bottom of the screen to start a new video or image.

Does Tik Tok have Video Template?

Of course there is existence of Video Templates on Tik Tok, it seems you’re finding it difficult to locate or maybe you’re new to the app.

Well we will give you a guide on how to locate this template.

1: Click on the post at the bottom of the screen, when you do this
2: Click on Templates in the bottom right corner, and the swipe to your left to browse the Tik Tok available video template.

When you do this, you can select the template of your choice.

You can see video templates such as; Canva, Kapwing, Vimeo etc.

How do you battle people on Tik Tok Live?

Before Tik Tok integrated the Live Chat Session into its features, Instagram had been the only social media network that had the live option, which enables people to go live and interact with people especially celebrities.

Not Long after, Tik Tok adopted the unique features of “Live”, this allowed people go live on Tik Tok and enabled others to leave comments under these live sessions.

In terms of the battling live on Tik Tok, this is remixing of a video that you admire or want to battle with because of it’s content.

There by increasing audience and the initial creator of this battle is notified and tagged on your post, that someone just remixed their video.

How to Mix Pictures on TikTok

The ability to mix a variety of pictures in TikTok is one of the unique features of the app, and this ability turns the mixture of pictures selected into a Slide Show.

We will be giving you a guide on how to mix your pictures and turn them to a slide show.

1: Open your TikTok app
2: Click on the “upload” from the bottom which is on the camera page.
3: On the “Image” tab, choose as many images from your gallery as you can.
4: In the next page, add edits, music, and filters.
5: Then go ahead vertical or horizontal slide transitions, then tap “next”.
6: Then Upload to TikTok.

How to make use of image template in Tik Tok

Using the image template is quite simple as using the video template, once you have learnt the process, everything gets easier from there.

1: Open your Tik Tok App
2: On your TikTok camera screen, click “Photo Templates” in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
3: Swipe from right to left to preview all of the available photo templates, and direct the one you want to use to the center of the screen.
4: Tap “Select Photos” at the bottom of the screen.
5: After making your selection, then Upload.

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Can I use Canva for Tik Tok?

Of course you can use Canva to make videos on Tik Tok, and also adjust it to your Tik Tok video template if you desire.

1: Go to the Canva App and create an account.
2: After account creation, Create a Tik Tok video in the Canva Platform using custom sized design.
3: After creating your video with Canva, go to customize section and customize your video to what you like.
4: Make sure to use all the required tool, the Canva Platform provides for design
5: Proceed to download your Tik Tok Video.

Hot or Not Composite Images Male and Female

The Hot or Not Composite Images Trend on Tik Tok is not just for a particular person or gender.

The trend gives a large room of participation for everyone.

One will ask, what makes it fun if it’s only for a particular set of people, then of course it won’t be a trend.

A trend is something everyone should be able to do, to have some fun and showcase what they have to create a stable social environment.

It sheds light on the quality of beauty of a lady alerting them to who they look like using the shape shift filter.
The Hot or Not composite image trend has no limitations, no one is an exception in the trend.

Always use a hashtag on the video when uploading.

Hot or Not filter

The Hot or Not trend makes use of what we call a Shape Shift filter.

It makes one know what they should have looked like or who they look like.

It makes use of a composite image spread sheet which uses more than 10 images combined and it was created by Flickr User, Pierre Tourigny.

Hot or Not App

Hot or Not app is a defunct dating app which lost its credibility and originality.

It was created in October 2000 and was used to do a meet and date online.

Where people meet, ladies post their Face Pictures on the app and men who find them attractive rates them on a scale of 1-10.

Katie Lorrel Tik Tok

Katie Lorell is a content creator who uses her sound and influence to organise challenges and duets on Tik Tok.

On Tik Tok, there are many hashtags on Katie Lorell, if you wish to participate on any of her contents or battles.

Go to your Tik Tok Search page and type in Katie Lorell, to know about her and see her contents.

Sprite Tik Tok

Sprite challenge is a trend as well as a challenge on tik tok.

Where people try their best to drink and gulp down a bottle of sprite at an instant without stopping irrespective of it’s carbonate or gas.


Hot Or Not Composite Images is one of the biggest and active trends on Tik Tok.
It also has it’s own hashtags showing the amount of views to individuals.

The Shape Shift filter it uses has made it more than unique and it’s open to many users.

On a Scale of 1-10, you can participate in this trend for fun and get to see your look alike.

People use this trend and effect to check if they are hot or not on a scale rating.
TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media networks and it’s fun to join.

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