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Kansas City Star News, Sports, Obituaries, Subscription, Crossword. Here, you will find everything you need to know About the Kansas City Star (Kansas City, Mo.)đź“° including the History of Kansas City Starđź“°, Headquarters of the Kansas City Starđź“°, the Owner of Kansas City Starđź“° and much more.

About Kansas City Star

A newspaper called The Kansas City Star is situated in Kansas City, Missouri. The newspaper has been published since 1880 and has won eight Pulitzer Prizes. The Star is renowned for having shaped President Harry S. Truman’s career and for being the publication where a young Ernest Hemingway developed his writing style. The newspaper, which is the most important one in the Kansas City metropolitan area, is widely read throughout eastern Kansas and western Missouri. 

History of Kansas City Star

Nelson family ownership (1880–1926)

William Rockhill Nelson and Samuel E. Morss established the newspaper on September 18, 1880, under the name The Kansas City Evening Star. After selling the Fort Wayne News Sentinel, which was formerly owned by Nelson’s father and was located in Nelson’s Indiana hometown where he served as Samuel Tilden’s unsuccessful presidential campaign manager, the two relocated to Missouri.

Morss left the newspaper industry after an 18-month period due to poor health. The Evening Mail, The Kansas City Times, and The Kansas City Journal were the three daily rivals at the time.

In 1882, Nelson bought the Kansas City Evening Mail (along with its evening Associated Press franchise). In 1885, the name of the newspaper was changed to The Kansas City Star. Nelson founded both the Weekly Kansas City Star and the Sunday Kansas City Star in 1890 and 1894, respectively. Nelson also acquired The Kansas City Times, a morning publication, in 1901. (and its morning Associated Press franchise). The “24 Hour Star” arrived, Nelson announced.

1915 saw Nelson’s passing. In his will, Nelson specified that his newspaper would first be used to assist his wife and daughter before being sold. Nelson’s wife passed away in 1921, and his 43-year-old daughter Laura Kirkwood passed away in a Baltimore hotel room in 1926.

Employee ownership (1926–1977)

Irwin Kirkwood, the paper’s editor, organized the staff purchase. Irwin is Laura’s husband. Kirkwood, who had traveled to Saratoga Springs, New York, to sell thoroughbred horses, passed away in 1927 after suffering a heart attack. The remaining staff members were subsequently given stock in the company.

On the site of Nelson’s residence, Oak Hall, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art was established with almost all of the revenues from the sale and the remaining $6 million of Nelson’s personal fortune given. Following the passing of Nelson’s daughter in 1926, the staff bought both papers.

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Roy A. Roberts (1887–1967), the newspaper’s editor, intended to transform it into a significant force in Kansas politics. Nelson chose Roberts for the Washington bureau in 1915 after Roberts joined the newspaper in 1909. In 1928, Roberts was appointed managing editor. In 1947, Roberts was promoted to president of the Star. Roberts took a semi-retirement in 1963, retired formally in 1965, and passed away in 1967.

Corporate ownership (1977–present)

When Capital Cities acquired the Times and Star in 1977, local ownership came to an end. When the larger Kansas City Times ceased publication in 1990, the Star took its position as a morning daily. Capital Cities/ABC was purchased by The Walt Disney Company in January 1996. Disney decided to focus on investments in broadcast rather than newspapers, therefore it sold the publication to Knight Ridder in May 1997. Three Pulitzer Prizes were earned by the newspaper while it was owned by Capital Cities (1982, 1982, 1992).

Owner of Kansas City Star

A newspaper called The Kansas City Star is situated in Kansas City, Missouri. It is McClatchy’s property.

When McClatchy was acquired by Chatham Asset Management in 2020, it made the move to private ownership. By bolstering the company’s financial position and enabling it to build on its more than 150-year tradition of independent, community-focused journalism by investing in local newsrooms, the Chatham acquisition signaled the start of a new era of opportunity for McClatchy.

Headquarter of the Kansas City Star

1601 McGee

64108 Kansas City, Missouri


What happened to the Kansas City Star newspaper?

When Capital Cities acquired the Times and Star in 1977, local ownership came to an end. When the larger Kansas City Times ceased publication in 1990, the Star took its position as a morning daily.

What is the price of the Kansas City Star?

Afterward, $9.99 per month. Cancel at any moment. Access all of the stories on our website and app at any time. Access to features available only to subscribers, as well as investigative reporting.

Is the Kansas City Star still in print? 

By the end of 2021, The Star will leave its home at 1601 McGee St. Beginning in the first quarter of 2021, the newspaper will outsource printing as part of the change.

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What company owns the Kansas City Star?

Markets | McClatchy. Among the most important news outlets in the middle of the nation are The Kansas City Star and kansascity.com.

Where is The Kansas City Star printed at? 

In 2019, Ambassador Hospitality paid $30.1 million for the structure. The Star announced its impending departure in November 2020, and the following year its printing press activities were transferred to Des Moines.

Where can I buy a Kansas City Star?

How can I buy a Print and Digital subscription or a Digital Only subscription? To contact us, please click here or dial 1-877-962-7827.

How do I cancel my subscription to The Kansas City Star? 

You can stop your subscription any time by calling 1-877-962-7827?  Additional Terms of Service can be found at http://www.kansascity.com/terms-of-service and apply to your subscription.

How often is The Kansas City Star published?

The Kansas City Star is one of the top newspapers in the country and is a daily newspaper that is published in Kansas City, Missouri. William Rockhill Nelson and a partner founded it in 1880; the partner quickly retired.

What is the present state of The Kansas City Star’s brand-new, $200 million downtown printing facility?

The $200 million downtown printing and distribution facility of The Kansas City Star has been sold to Ambassador Hospitality LLC. The Kansas City Star completed the sale of its printing facility at 1601 McGee St. On Wednesday; the building is now associated with a well-known figure in the city.

What is the circulation of The Kansas City Star?

According to a 2002 Editor & Publisher article, the Star’s print circulation at the time of the production plant’s opening was 266,000 daily and 380,000 on Sunday. These numbers are currently 46,000 daily and 66,000 on Sunday (with another 37,000 paid digital subscriptions).

Where did the Kansas City Star move to?

The Kansas City Star revealed on Tuesday that it has relocated to a new location for the year 2021. According to The Star, the daily newspaper has a lease in place with Crown Center Redevelopment Corp. To occupy a portion of the 245,000-square-foot structure at 2405 Grand Blvd.

Ernest Hemingway was employed by the Kansas City Star at what point?

Hemingway left his home that autumn for Kansas City, where he spent roughly six months—from October 1917 to April 1918—working for The Star. 

What did Hemingway learn at the Kansas City Star?

When he was just 17 years old, Ernest Hemingway claimed that it was while working as a reporter for The Kansas City Star that he first learned how to write. He was a rebel in his high school in Oak Park, Illinois, and he had little interest in attending college. Tyler Hemingway, his uncle, had a friend who worked as the Star’s main editorial writer. 

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How do I contact KC Star? 

Contact us at 1 800 671 9401 or send us an email to get started if you’re ready to learn more and see how advertising with The Kansas City Star can put you in front of a truly local audience across print, internet, and more.

What is the cost of an obituary in The Kansas City Star?

The Star used to charge customers after the first eight lines based on a sliding per-line price. Lines nine through eleven cost $114, lines twelve through fifteen cost $170, and each extra five lines cost $39 as of 2017 (when I last checked prices). It now costs a flat $68 per inch of a column.

How do I submit an obituary to The Kansas City Star?

An obituary must be submitted by email to obits@kcstar.com at The Kansas City Star. The day before it is scheduled to appear in the newspaper, obituaries must be received by 3:00 p.m. Pictures must be emailed in jpg format by 2:00 p.m. on the day before publication.

How do I send the Kansas City Star a press release?

Visit pressreleases.kcstar.com to submit a press release. Contact The Star’s public editor via email at publiceditor@kcstar.com or by phone (weekday mornings) at 816.234. 4487 if you have any queries or issues regarding recent coverage. Visit the contest page for The Star at www.kansascity.com/contests.

When was the new KC Star building constructed?

A $200 million investment led to the construction of the structure. According to the real estate listing, it was finished in 2006.


The Kansas City Star is the top 24-hour news and information source in the area. They consistently rank among the top newspaper websites in the US and provide a top-notch print edition of the newspaper. They also release specialized publications that are well-liked in the neighborhood and regional markets.

Here, you will find everything you need to know About Kansas City Star (Kansas City, Mo.)đź“° including History of Kansas City Starđź“°, Headquarter of the Kansas City Starđź“°, Owner of Kansas City Starđź“° and much more.

Visit http://www.kansascity.com  for more information.

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