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New York Daily News, Sports, Obituaries, Subscription, Crossword. You will find everything you need to know about New York Daily Newspaper USA in this article. You will also find information about the History of The New York Daily Newspaper, History of Daily News and much more.

New York Daily Newspaper Information

The Daily News, often known as the New York Daily News, is an American newspaper with its main office in Jersey City. It became founded in 1919 as the Illustrated Daily News by Joseph Medill Patterson. It was the country’s first daily tabloid publication. Its 2.4 million-copy peak daily circulation occurred in 1947. As of 2019, it had the eleventh-highest circulation in the nation. There is no relationship between the present Daily News and the earlier New York Daily News, which had ceased publication in 1906.

It is owned by Tribune Publishing, which is the Daily News’s parent company. Alden Global Capital bought this company in May 2021. Digital First Media oversees Alden Global Capital’s media operations. The Daily News property separated into an independent company called Daily News Enterprises, making it unique among the newspapers that Alden acquired from Tribune Publishing after the Alden takeover.

History of The New York Daily Newspaper

About Illustrated Daily News

The Illustrated Daily News became founded by Robert R. McCormick, a relative of Patterson. They were both co-publishers of the Chicago Tribune, which became created by Joseph Medill, the man who established the Tribune Company, as a spoof of the well-known British newspaper Daily Mirror. Patterson would consider the idea of founding a Tribune-owned daily in New York after he and McCormick failed to agree upon anything at a meeting in Paris on the editorial content of the Chicago paper. Patterson met the Viscount Northcliffe and Alfred Harmsworth, the publisher of the London-based tabloid newspaper Daily Mirror, after his return. On June 24, 1919, Patterson launched The Daily News as The Illustrated Daily News after being struck by the benefits of a tabloid. Up until 1993, The Tribune Company was in charge of The Daily News.

History of Daily News

Only 26,625 copies of The Daily News were being sold in August 1919 since it did not take off immediately.

 However, because the tabloid format was easier to read for New York’s large population of subway passengers, viewership quickly grew. By the time the journal celebrated its first anniversary in June 1920, its circulation had climbed to over 100,000, and by 1925, it had reached over one million. The publication’s circulation peaked in 1947 with 2.4 million daily readers and 4.7 million Sunday readers.

The Daily News promoted itself as “New York’s Picture Newspaper” from 1920 until 1991. The newspaper’s logo has always included a picture of a camera. It was one of the first newspapers in New York City to employ a woman as a staff photographer when Evelyn Straus was employed there in 1942. The paper’s most recent slogan, “New York’s Hometown Newspaper,” became developed from an advertising campaign in 1985.

To compete with the New York Post, which had started publishing a morning edition alongside its evening newspaper in 1978, the newspaper published Daily News Tonight from August 19, 1980, to August 28, 1981. Random “P.M. Editions” became released as supplements during Robert Maxwell’s brief tenure as publisher in 1991. The multi-union 1978 newspaper strike, which lasted from August 10 to November 5, forced the closure of the three largest newspapers in New York City. The News was not published during this time.

In 1982 and again in the early 1990s during a strike against newspapers, The Daily News came dangerously close to going out of business. The tabloid’s parent company, Tribune Company, put it up for sale in the year 1982. The News received financial help from multimillionaire Robert Maxwell in 1991 so that it could continue to exist.

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More information about the History of Daily News

Later that year, after Maxwell’s death, the News separated from his publishing empire, which came apart quickly due to doubts about Maxwell’s capacity to maintain it financially. The News’ present management, led by editor James Willse, kept it together throughout bankruptcy; Willse was appointed interim publisher after buying the newspaper from the Tribune Company. Mort Zuckerman bought the newspaper in 1993.

The News also maintains regional offices at City Hall, One Police Plaza, as well as numerous regional state and federal courthouses. These offices are located in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens. The Daily News’ editor-in-chief was selected in January 2012 by Colin Myler, a former editor of the News of the World and the New York Post. His deputy Jim Rich succeeded Myler as of September 2015.

As of May 2016, it was the ninth-most read daily newspaper in the nation. On September 4, 2017, Tronc (now Tribune Publishing), the publishing arm of the old Tribune Company, purchased The Daily News. To differentiate it from its broadcast section, Tronc broke off its publishing business.

  The Daily News was purchased by Tronc for $1, along with “operational and pension liabilities.” At the time of purchase, circulation had dropped to 260,000 on Sundays and 200,000 on weekdays. In July 2018, Tronc sacked the paper’s chief editor, Jim Rich, along with the other half of the editorial staff. Rich’s position was taken over by Robert York, publisher and editor-in-chief of The Morning Call, a Tronc publication in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The social media crew, who were also included in the cut, tweeted pictures and memes that were later taken down. In May 2021, Tribune Publishing’s parent firm, Alden Global Capital, acquired it. In September 2021, editor Robert York stepped down, and interim editor Andrew Julien, took over.

Editorial tone and style

The Daily News, according to New York Times journalist Alan Feuer, places a strong emphasis on “deep sourcing and doorstep reporting,” offering city-focused “crime reportage and hard-hitting coverage of public issues” rather than depicting New York through the partisan divide between liberals and conservatives.

 According to Feuer, the publication is well known for “speaking to and for the city’s working people” and for “its crusades against municipal misconduct.” The New York Times described The Daily News’ editorial viewpoint as “flexibly centrist” with a “high-minded, yet populist, legacy.”

 For more than 50 years, the News, along with its sister publication, the Chicago Tribune, supported isolationism during the early stages of World War II. From the 1940s until the 1960s, The Daily News championed conservatism among populist circles. But from the middle of the 1970s, it began to shift its position, and by the 1990s, it was seen as a more liberal alternative to the right-wing Post (which until 1980 had been a Democratic bastion).

The magazine backed Republican George W. Bush in the 2004 presidential election, Democrat Barack Obama in the 2008 election, Republican Mitt Romney in the 2012 election, Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, and Democrat Joe Biden in the 2020 election.


The newspaper trade in the city has historically been located at 25 City Hall Place, and that is close to Park Row and where the company’s headquarters have been for many years. In 1921, it moved to 23 Park Place, a place in the same neighborhood.

From 1929 through 1995, The Daily News was headquartered at 220 East 42nd Street, a renowned city and national monument constructed by John Mead Howells and Raymond Hood.

  The news agency moved in 1995 to 450 West 33rd Street, while the building on 42nd Street is still known as The News Building and still contains a large globe and weather instruments in its foyer. The Daily Planet structure used in the initial two Superman films was modeled after it. The building continues to house WPIX-TV, a former News division.

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The Daily News’ new headquarters were located at 450 West 33rd Street, very next to the trains that led to Pennsylvania Station. The building, which is a part of Manhattan West, serves as the present world headquarters of the Associated Press.

In June 2011, the newspaper moved to two floors at 4 New York Plaza in lower Manhattan.

  After sixteen months, the building was badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy’s floodwaters and rendered uninhabitable. Before relocating to offices in the Jersey City printing factory, news operations were first managed remotely from a number of temporary locations. The New York Post’s operations got moved to rented property at 1290 Avenue of the Americas at the beginning of 2013, not far from Rockefeller Center and its rivals. The employees relocated back to the permanent 4 New York Plaza location at the beginning of November 2013. In August 2020, The Daily News closed its Manhattan offices.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What newspaper do New Yorkers read?

Newsday in New York (200,000 daily; 260,000 Sunday) New York Times (230,634 daily) Newsday (437,000 daily; 495,000 Sunday) (437,000 daily; 495,000 Sunday)

Is NY Daily News still published? 

The older New York Daily News, which was discontinued in 1906, has no connection to the current Daily News. Tribune Publishing, the Daily News’s parent business, owns it. In May 2021, Alden Global Capital purchased this business. Alden Global Capital manages its media businesses through Digital First Media.

How many daily newspapers are there in New York City?

The two incidents combined to force a restructure of the 10 major daily newspapers in New York City, leaving all but half with viable operations.

What Political party does the Daily Mail Support? 

The Mail has historically supported the Conservative Party as a right-wing tabloid.

What is the name of New York’s oldest active newspaper?

William Bradford launched the New-York Gazette on November 8, 1725, becoming the first newspaper in the city.

How can I cancel my New York Daily News?

How can I revoke my subscription, please? A: You can reach us at 1-800-692-NEWS (1-800-692-6397).

How do I contact the New York Daily News?

Please call 1-800-692-NEWS (1-800-692-6397).

Who was the editor of the Daily News?

The Daily News’ editor was Alfred Gorge Gardiner. He was a journalist, novelist, and editor from England.

Who was the editor of the daily? 

The Daily’s editor at the New York Times, Lisa Chow, is on LinkedIn.

Who is the head of a newspaper? 

A newspaper’s editor is the “boss” and is ultimately in charge of what is published. The work of the entire newspaper staff becomes supervised by editors.

How do I get The New York Times newspaper for free?

How to obtain a free 72-Hour NY Times Pass:

1. On the SF Library page, select the New York Times Digital code redemption link.

2. To really get 72 hours of uninterrupted access, click Redeem.

3. Enter your private email address during registration, or if you already have an account, click “log in here.”

4. You’ll then receive your log-in information for your free pass.

What occurs after a week? You must redeem a new ticket for an additional 72 hours of remote connection after the initial 72 hours have passed.

How do I get a New York Times paper copy? 

Back Call 1-800-543-5380 to order copies of The New York Times for the last 90 days directly from the publication.

Is there a print version of The New York Times? 

The New York Times print edition is available in over 34,000 retail locations, as well as internet at The New York Times Store, where you may buy issues from the previous 90 days as well as a number of the newspaper’s special features.

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What is The New York Times known for? 

The New York Times is a morning daily newspaper that is published in New York City. It has long been the American newspaper of record and one of the greatest newspapers in the world. Its journalistic strength is what makes it strong; in terms of circulation, it has never been the biggest newspaper.

What do you call the people who work in the newspaper? 

The news cycle depends on journalists and reporters. They aid in the understanding and acceptance of recent events.

Do reporters have to identify themselves?

In the course of ordinary news gathering, journalists should probably classify themselves and their news organization, according to the majority of news organizations. It is not appropriate to lie to, trick, or use deception to get information from someone you are interviewing.

How much is a daily newspaper 2022? 

Newspaper and magazine prices from 1997 until 2022 ($8)

Newspapers and periodicals saw an average annual inflation rate of 3.18% from 1997 to 2022.

What is the oldest daily newspaper in the US? 

The oldest continually published daily newspaper in the country is The New York Post, which became founded in 1801. The Hartford Courant makes the true, if qualified, the nation’s oldest continually published newspaper.

Who owns NY Times newspaper? 

The Times, a publicly traded company that trades under the ticker code “NYT,” although the Ochs-Sulzberger family owns and controls the firm through a trust. A.G. Sulzberger, the publisher, is a fifth generation family member.

How do I cancel my subscription to Daily News? 

How do I revoke my membership? Within Account Management, you can end your membership to The Daily News Journal online. You can also cancel by calling 1-877-424-0203 and asking to “discontinue delivery” while speaking to customer service.

Who owns NY daily Post? 

Murdoch’s News Corp. Has owned The Post since 1993. In the US, it had the fourth-best distribution in 2019.

Is the New York Daily News a tabloid?

The New York Daily News became the first famous tabloid newspaper in the United States was The New York Daily News. It was a division of the Chicago-based Tribune Company when Joseph Medill Patterson started it in 1919 as the Illustrated Daily News.

Does the NY Daily News still exist? 

The Daily News, long the most widely read newspaper in the nation, disclosed the permanent closure of its actual newsroom at 4 New York Plaza in Lower Manhattan on Wednesday, an announcement that was virtually unimaginable before the coronavirus outbreak.

How do I read the daily news online? 

Look for newspaper sites and online archives to read newspapers for free online.

Looking for Particular Newspaper Websites.

Looking for websites with newspaper archives.

Viewing websites with subscriptions.

Who was the editor of the Daily News in India? 

India Today became established in 1975 by Vidya Vilas Purie, the proprietor of Thompson Press, with his son Aroon Purie serving as its publisher and Madhu Trehan serving as its editor. In addition to English, India Today, currently published in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi. On May 22, 2015, the India Today news channel debuted.

Who owns the Times of India? 

Owned and published by the Sahu Jain family’s Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. (B.C.C.L.). The TOI became regarded as India’s most dependable English-language newspaper in the Brand Trust Report India 2019 survey.

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You will find everything you need to know about New York Daily Newspaper USA in this article. You will also find information about the History of The New York Daily Newspaper, History of Daily News and much more.

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