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San Francisco Chronicle News, Sports, Obituaries, Subscription, Crossword. This article on San Francisco chronicle 🌉 is to enlighten you on this major daily paper that covers the city of San Francisco. You can check also for San Francisco chronicle, History of San Francisco chronicle, Contact Us- Chronicle, Subscription to the Chronicle news articles.

The San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California is basically served by the San Francisco chronicle newspaper. In 1865, it was founded as the Daily Dramatic Chronicle by teenage brothers Charles and Michael de Young. However, the Hearst corporation bought it from de Young family in 2000 and now owns the paper. In fact, the city and county of San Francisco is covered by this major daily paper. By 1880, it gained the largest circulation on the West Coast of the United States. Furthermore, it contributed immensely to the development and growth of San Francisco. Though it faced a rapid fall in circulation in the early 21st century, just like every other newspaper.

Therefore, in the first quarter of 2021, it became the 18th nationally circulated newspaper. A soft launch of its SFGATE website was launched in March and an official one in November 3, 1994. This turned out at launch to be the first large market newspaper in the world. In addition, the website co-founded by Allen Weiner and John Coate went ahead to staff up. In short, it also won a Pulitzer Prize for Mark Fiores political cartoons. Its own namesake website was then launched in 2013 and called SFChronicle.com. Note that today SFGATE and the Chronicle brands are separated and operate as two distinct entities.

History Of San Francisco Chronicle 🌉

With a borrowed $20 gold piece, two teenage brothers namely Charles and Michael de Young founded the Chronicle. In 1865, they founded it as The Daily Dramatic Chronicle. It experienced the largest circulation of any newspaper on the West Coast of the United states within 10 years. At the corner of bush and Kearney streets, their first office was situated. Afterwards, a building from Burnham and Root at 690 market street was commissioned by the brothers as their new headquarters. In 1889, this building which happened to be their first skyscraper was completed.

Tragically, it was damaged by earthquake in 1906 but was rebuilt under the supervision of William Polk. The Old Chronicle Building as it was called still exists and was restored in 2007. Now serves as the location of the Ritz-Carlton Club and Residences and is a historic landmark. A new headquarters was commissioned at 901 Mission street (SoMa) neighborhood of San Francisco in 1924. It was maintained as the Chronicle headquarters till 2017. They overtook their rival newspaper San Francisco Examiner as it grew in circulation to become the citys largest.

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Their rivalry took a financial toll until the summer of 1965 when a Joint Operating agreement was formulated. Due to this merger of a sort, the citys sole morning daily was Chronicle and Examiner was afternoon publication. Then sales and distribution for both newspapers was overseen by the San Francisco Newspaper Agency. In addition, they made sure they grew equally and split revenue equally as well. Sunday editions were now jointly produced, with Examiner producing the news section and Chronicle publishing the entertainment section and book review. The deal kept functioning that way till Hearst corporation gained absolute control of the Chronicle in 2000.

Continuation Of History Of San Francisco Chronicle

In July 27, 2000, the Chronicle Publishing Company was bought by Hearst Communications which owned the Examiner. So after the purchase, they transferred the Examiner to the Fang family along with a $66-million subsidy. Hence, the Examiner became a free tabloid under the new owners. Meanwhile, this left Chronicle as the only daily broadsheet newspaper in San Francisco. The Chronicle has made periodic changes to its organization and designs since the change in ownership. As the newspaper began its 145th year of publication, a redesigned paper featuring a modified logo was introduced.

It also included a modified new section, page organization, new features, bolder, colored section-front banners, new headline and text typography. An issue that was said to be the start of a new era for Chronicle by Editor Ward Bushee. They became the first paper in the nation to print on high-quality glossy paper on November 9, 2009. Some section fronts and inside pages featured this high-quality gloss paper.

Contact Us- Chronicle

First of all, scan the topics and find out the most appropriate editor for your news. Once you have done this, reach out directly to that particular editor. Though phone calls are accepted, its preferable to reach out through email. Due to the plethora of requests that editorial staff receives, editors prioritize which information to include. Therefore, in determining what to publish, the major criteria are the timeliness of information and its potential interest to readers.

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Your information can also be mailed to Letters to the Editor, 901 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103. Before submitting your information though, make sure you read the Chronicle submission guidelines.

Who Owns San Francisco Chronicle 🌉 ?

This broadsheet daily newspaper is published in San Francisco. Two teenage brothers namely Charles and Michael de Young founded it as The Daily Dramatic Chronicle in 1865. However, it was sold to the Hearst corporation in 2000 and is now owned by them. In Northern California, its the largest newspaper and second largest on the West Coast.

What Is San Francisco Chronicle 🌉 Known For?

In Northern California, the Chronicle is the largest newspaper and the second largest on the West Coast. Across the country in every month, it reaches out to over 6 million users. As a result of its journalistic excellence, it has been awarded six Pulitzer Prices. This newspaper has been made available in print, e-edition, SFChronicle.com, mobile app, and iPad versions.

There is coverage of topics of interest to their board of readership and topics with national impact. Due to this excellent performance, it has become the favorite of readers throughout the Bay Area.


The paper had a circulation of 339,430 as of March 2014. Each month, the Chronicle combined with its online base, SFGate.com reaches 22 million users. They achieve this as they are committed to coverage of topics of interest to readers. In addition, they cover topics with national impact such as politics, economy, national and foreign news, etc.

Subscription To The Chronicle News Articles

If you subscribe via the Android or iOS app, you can be offered a 14-day free trial of the San Francisco Chronicle. However, your account will be charged automatically for the digital editions full price after the first two weeks expire. Note that your subscription will automatically renew every month until you cancel it. Once you cancel, it will be forwarded to your original payment method.

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How To Cancel Your Subscription

Firstly, you can cancel your subscription to the Chronicle over the phone. Just contact the customer service at any time with 800-310-2455. You can also email customer support at membership@sfchronicle.com and request that your account should be cancelled. To achieve this easily, ensure to add in the adequate account info and your contact details. Although, you have to cancel it the same way if you purchased your subscription on Google Play Store. Move to the Google Play Store on your Android phone.

To access menu, navigate to the top left corner and click on the three horizontal lines. After that, tap Subscriptions and from the list, select The San Francisco Chronicle. Then tap on the Cancel Subscription option tab. Once this process is completed, you have successfully canceled your subscription. For those paying with Apple ID, cancel it from your iPhone. First of all, navigate to the Settings app on your iPhone.

Click on your name and tap on the Subscriptions option. Now select the San Francisco Chronicle Subscription from the list of subscription shown. Once you have done this, click on Cancel Subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions On The San Francisco Chronicle

Where Do I Mail Subscription Payments?

Ensure your payment includes the account number of the appropriate subscription. Mail payments to San Francisco Chronicle PO Box 14586 Des Moines, IA 50306-3586.

Where Should I Update My EZPay payment information?

You can do this in Subscriber Services by clicking on the Change EZPay option.

Why Did The Price Of Subscription Change?

Note that prices are always subject to change and promotional prices are not continuous. Also keep it in mind that all online and delivery subscriptions continue until you cancel. Each month, it will automatically renew and a prior notice will be given to you before it does. The payment method you provided will be charged automatically with a prior notification for those on EZPay. In a shortened subscription term, charges for premium or bonus days may be reflected.

This article on San Francisco chronicle 🌉 is to enlighten you on this major daily paper that covers the city of San Francisco. You can check also for San Francisco chronicle, History of San Francisco chronicle, Contact Us- Chronicle, Subscription to the Chronicle news articles.

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