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St Louis Post-Dispatch News, Sports, Obituaries, Subscription, Crossword. On this article titled “ St Louis Post-Dispatch Newspaper USA” we shall discuss about the history of the establishment and also answer frequently asked questions. To do this, we shall cover relevant subtopics like; Who owns the St Louis Post-Dispatch Newspaper USA?, Where is the St Louis Post-Dispatch?, How to order St Louis Post-Dispatch?, St Louis Post-Dispatch online, St Louis Post-Dispatch subscription, St Louis Post-Dispatch delivery problems.

Overview of the St Louis Post-Dispatch Newspaper USA

One of the most esteemed newspapers in USA and a leading voice for the Lower Midwest is the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch Newspaper USA. It is a morning daily newspaper published in St. Louis, Missouri. The St. Louis Post and Dispatch, later abbreviated to St. Louis Post-Dispatch, was established in 1878. Joseph Pulitzer bought the 15-year-old, bankrupt St. Louis Dispatch and then combined it with the 3-year-old St. Louis Post of John A. Dillon. Pulitzer took a firm stand against corruption in public service and developed an independent, liberal agenda early on. The newspaper published a string of sensational exposés and civic crusades that drew an increasing number of readers. The Post-Dispatch was the main evening paper in the city by 1881, with a circulation of 22,000 copies.
After joining the newspaper in 1906 , he then took over after his father’s passing in 1911. In 1955, Joseph Pulitzer III then took over from him. The P-D, as it is well known, drastically enhanced its international coverage under the second Pulitzer. Although not through the customary method of opening permanent bureaus in foreign capitals. Instead, the Post-Dispatch dispatched teams or reporters from St. Louis wherever major international news was being reported. It also placed a focus on clear analysis and accurate reporting for domestic coverage. The newspaper has since then consistently supported minority-group causes and launched campaigns to combat social ills in its editorials. It has remained true to the independence proclaimed at its founding, occasionally backing liberal Democrats or conservative Republicans.


Joseph Pulitzer wrote the following on April 10, 1907, which became the paper’s platform: “I know that my retirement will have no impact in its guiding principles, that it will constantly fight for development and restructuring, never condone unfairness or corruption, always resist demagogues of any and all parties, never subscribe to any party, always oppose privileged people and public extortionists, never lack compassion with the poor, always remain committed to the social benefit, and also, never be satisfied.”


Early years

The St. Louis Post and Dispatch, later abbreviated to its present name, was founded in 1878. Pulitzer bought the bankrupt St. Louis Dispatch at an auction and then combined it with the St. Louis Evening Post. As managing editor, he chose John A. Cockerill. On December 12, 1878, 4,020 copies with four pages each made up its first edition.
James Overton Broadhead challenged John Glover in the 1882 congressional election. At Cockerill’s request, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch published a series of pieces challenging Broadhead’s participation in a legal dispute between a gaslight firm and the city. Broadhead didn’t react to the allegations. Alonzo W. Slayback, Broadhead’s friend and legal partner, openly defended Broadhead by claiming that the St. Louis Post-Dispatch was only a “blackmailing newspaper.” The next day, on October 13, 1882, Cockerill then re-ran a controversial “card” written by John Glover that had first appeared in the newspaper in November (November 11, 1881).

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Slayback stormed into Cockerill’s offices at the newspaper, furious, and demanded an apology. Slayback was shot and killed by Cockerill, who then claimed that he was acting in self-defence. Also gun was supposedly discovered on Slayback’s corpse. Although a grand jury declined to charge Cockerill with murder, the publication suffered serious financial ramifications. Pulitzer then dispatched Cockerill to New York to run the New York World for him in May 1883.

20th century

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Newspaper USA formerly operated the second-largest news outpost of any newspaper in the Midwest in Washington, D.C. Generations of the Pulitzer family operated the newspaper after Joseph Pulitzer retired. However, it ended in 1995 when Joseph Pulitzer IV departed the corporation. A liberal editorial page and columnists, such as Marquis Childs, were features of The Post-Dispatch. Daniel R. Fitzpatrick, who received the 1955 Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartoons, and Bill Mauldin, who received the 1959 Pulitzer for editorial cartoons, both contributed notable political drawings to the editorial also.
Historically, St Louis Post-Dispatch Newspaper celebrated the 63rd anniversary of “Our Own Oddities”. It was a humorous section that ran from 1940 to 1990, several months before the milestone issue. The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact’s top-secret procedures were also first published in this newspaper’s 1946 issue, which was a first for the whole world. The newspaper was also one of Harry S. Truman’s most vocal detractors when he was president. It repeatedly criticized his honesty and connected him to the Kansas City Pendergast machine.
Dent McSkimming, a reporter with the newspaper, was sent to Brazil in 1950 to cover the FIFA World Cup. The sole American journalist in Brazil covering the event, the reporter also covered his own travel costs. St. Louis Globe-Democrat and the Post-Dispatch then engaged into a joint operating partnership in 1959. The Post-Globe enterprise combined printing and advertising tasks, and it split earnings. The Globe-Democrat, a morning daily, had a larger readership than the Post-Dispatch, which was published in the evenings. In 1983, the Globe-Democrat then went out of business, leaving the Post-Dispatch as the sole daily publication in the area.
A strike by the Teamsters union, which represented the employees of the Globe and Post-Dispatch, shut down operations for six weeks in August 1973.

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21st century

The Post-Dispatch Newspaper USA eventually produced a special 125th-anniversary edition on January 13, 2004. It included some of the highlights of the newspaper’s 125 years:

  1. Coverage of Charles Lindbergh’s flight over the Atlantic despite the Post-Dispatch refusing to provide him money or writing support
  2. A Pulitzer Prize-winning effort to reduce air pollutants in St. Louis. The city had the worst air in the country in the late 1930s and early 1940s.
  3. Sports reporting, including nine St. Louis Cardinals titles, a 1958 NBA championship for the St. Louis Hawks, and the St. Louis Rams’ triumph in the 2000 Super Bowl.
  4. Exposure to the “culture icons” of the city, such as Chuck Berry, Miles Davis, Tennessee Williams, and Kate Chopin.

The sale of Pulitzer, Inc. and all of its assets, including the Post-Dispatch and a tiny stake in the St. Louis Cardinals, to Davenport, Iowa-based Lee Enterprises for $1.46 billion was then announced by Michael Pulitzer on January 31, 2005. He declared that the combined company’s board will be free of any family members. On March 12, 2007, the newspaper unfortunately let off 31 employees. The majority of whom worked in the departments of advertising, classified phone rooms, editing, buying, telephone operations, and marketing. There have also been other waves of layoffs since.
On March 23, 2009, the newspaper eventually changed from its original broadsheet Sunday through Friday and tabloid Saturday format to a compact layout that is now used every day. Gilbert Bailon was then appointed as the Post-new Dispatch’s editor on May 4, 2012. For its coverage of the demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri, St Louis Post-Dispatch Newspaper USA received the Pulitzer Prize for breaking news photography in 2015. It is the also 26th-largest newspaper in the country and the fifth-largest in the midwestern United States.

Circulation and Cost

The daily paper’s readership drastically decreased in the two years after 2010, which ended on September 30, 2011, and 2012. It went from 213,472 to 191,631 and then to 178,801. Additionally, the number of Sunday papers dropped from 401,427 to 332,825 and subsequently to 299,227. As of September 30, 2016, there were 98,104 daily readers and 157,543 Sunday readers.
The newspaper serves more than 792,600 readers each week. Meanwhile, stltoday.com receives around 67 million page visits each month, according to a Lee Enterprises press release from 2017.
The cost of the newspaper is $2 on weekdays and $4 on Sundays and Thanksgiving Day. Outside of neighbouring counties and states, the cost could be greater.

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Who owns the St Louis Post-Dispatch Newspaper USA?

Lee Enterprises

The owner of the newspaper is Davenport, Iowa-based Lee Enterprises, which acquired Pulitzer, Inc. in 2005 for $1.46 billion in cash.

Where is the St Louis Post-Dispatch?

901 N. 10th St. Call us at 800-365-0820 if calling from outside of the 314 and 636 area codes.

How to order St Louis Post-Dispatch?

The Post-Dispatch Store

Louis Post-Dispatch. Or call 1-877-767-8785.

How much is the Sunday St Louis Post-Dispatch Newspaper USA?

Sunday Only + Full Digital Access $1 / wk – 26 wks plus one-time $4 set-up fee
Thursday through Sunday + Full Digital Access $2 / wk – 26 wks plus one-time $4 set-up fee

St. Louis Post-Dispatch online

You may access the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Newspaper USA e-Edition at home or at work. It is the exact same edition as the printed issue that is sold at newsstands. The layout of the sections and extras is also the same as in the print version. However, a range of digital tools are added to improve the design and feel of the printed newspaper.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Subscription

With this login credentials, St. Louis Post-Dispatch Newspaper USA subscribers may access STLtoday.com content in addition to easy online ordering of the newspaper. Along with the current breaking and local news on your phone, tablet, and computer, you’ll also enjoy the enduring sensation and feel of paper.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Newspaper USA delivery problems

On phone, upgrades, cancellations, or modifications in service level could be simpler. Our customer care representatives are pleased to help you! Simply dial (314) 340-8888.

How do I get in touch with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch?

Visit the Store for Postal Dispatches
Or Contact 1-877-767-8785 instead.

How can I stop receiving my St. Louis Post-Dispatch?

By contacting Customer Service at 314-340-8888 or emailing us at St. Louis Post-Dispatch/Attn: 3rd Floor Cash Processing, 900 N. Tucker Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63101, you may discontinue this automatic billing service at any time.

How many people read the St Louis Post Dispatch?

The Louis Post-Dispatch disseminates news and data from many sources. Over 2 million unique users every month view an average of 50 million pages on the website.

St Louis Post-Dispatch Newspaper USA Conclusion

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