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Star Tribune Minneapolis News, Sports, Obituaries, Subscription, Crossword. If you want to know about the Star Tribune (Minneapolis) ✨📰 read this interesting article below. For more information on this check Star Tribune Editions, Brief History of Star Tribune and How do I subscribe to Star Tribune? 

About Star Tribune (Minneapolis) 

The largest newspaper in Minnesota is The Star Tribune. It was first known as the Minneapolis Tribune in 1867 and the Minneapolis Daily Star, a rival publication, in 1920. Minneapolis’ rival newspapers were merged in the 1930s and 1940s, with the Tribune appearing in the morning and the Star in the evening. In 1982, they combined to form the Star and Tribune, which was later renamed Star Tribune. Glen Taylor, a local businessman, bought the newspaper in 2014 after a turbulent period during which it was owned, resold, and sought bankruptcy protection in 2009. 

Brief History of Star Tribune 

The Minneapolis Daily Tribune, was founded on May 25, 1867 by Colonel William S. King, William D. Washburn, and Dorilus Morrison. It served as the forerunner to the Star Tribune. Gilbert A. Pierce and William J. Murphy paid $450,000 (about $12 million in 2020[5]) for the Tribune in 1891. Pierce swiftly sold his stake to Thomas Lowry, who then sold it to Murphy, becoming the sole proprietor of the newspaper. The newspaper experimented with halftone printing for pictures and portraits as well as partial-color printing. The Star was bought by the Cowles family from Des Moines, Iowa, in 1935.

However, in 1998 to was then sold to the McClatchy Company for $1.4 billion making it the most expensive purchase as of then. Poor running of the company made the company’s executives to file for bankruptcy January 15 2009. In August 2012, Wayzata Investment Partners acquired a 58 percent stake in the Star Tribune Company, becoming the company’s majority shareholder. Glen Taylor, who owns the Minnesota Timberwolves of the NBA and the Minnesota Lynx of the WNBA, purchased the business in 2014.  

Star Tribune Editions 

The Star Tribune began publication in 1987 and initially had three editions: one for Minneapolis and the western suburbs, one for St. Paul and the eastern suburbs, and one for Minnesota and the Midwest as a whole. A metro edition for the Minneapolis-St. Paul region and a state edition for regions outside the metropolitan area replaced the St. Paul edition in 1999. 

However, the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press both publish in the Minneapolis-St. Paul region, the Star Tribune is more widely read in the western metropolitan area while the Pioneer Press is more widely read in the eastern metropolitan area. The newspapers collaborate on various aspects of printing and delivery. In 1995, the Star Tribune went online, and the following year it launched the StarTribune.com website. The website installed a paywall in 2011.

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Contents of Star Tribune 

The five primary parts of The Star Tribune are: main news, local news, sports, business, and variety (lifestyle and entertainment). Travel, Outdoors Weekend, Taste (restaurants and cooking), and Science + Health are special weekly parts. Opinion Exchange, a broader editorial and opinion section, is seen in the Sunday edition. 

Printing Press and headquarters of Star Tribune 

The offices of the city’s newspapers were progressively shifted to the former Daily Star headquarters in downtown Minneapolis after the Cowles family merged the publications. The structure underwent a smaller renovation in 1939–1940 and a larger renovation during 1946–1949.

The Star and the Tribune’s offices and presses were housed in the structure after 1949. The Freeman Building, a nearby annex that is connected to the main office by a skyway, was constructed in the 1980s. 

The Star Tribune erected a brand-new, $110 million printing facility in 1987. It was dubbed the Heritage Center, and it was located in a former industrial area on the outskirts of Minneapolis. All Star Tribune issues were printed on its five offset presses. In order to make room for construction around the nearby U.S. Bank Stadium, the firm announced in 2014 that it would leave its 95-year-old headquarters building and move into the recently christened Star Tribune Building within the Capella Tower complex.

The buildings were demolished starting in 2014, with the final workers moving out in the middle of the following year. A contract with its rival across town allowed the Star Tribune’s Heritage printing facility to start printing the St. Paul Pioneer Press in 2014. The Star Tribune and USA Today entered into a contract the following year to print regional copies of USA Today’s daily edition at the Heritage facility. These newspaper firms’ St. Paul and Maple Grove, Minnesota, printing facilities were shut down. 

Star tribune circulation 

The Star Tribune is Minnesota’s biggest newspaper by circulation as of February 2016, when it had a circulation of 300,330.

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Star tribune obituaries 

This merely serves to show or tell you of a recent death. It provides you with the most latest details about deceased people, whether they were from Boston or somewhere else. All you need to do is visit the official website to learn more.

Minneapolis Star Tribune high school sports

Here the regular season through the tournaments, and high school sports in the Twin Cities and the surrounding areas of Minnesota are covered, along with discussion boards and statistics.

Star tribune Customer Service 

For subscription support please call: 612-673-4343 or 1-800-775-4344.

For digital support call: 612-673-7447 or 1-800-328-4333.  

If you want to know more visit https://help.startribune.com/hc/en-us/articles/360061065451-Contact-Star-Tribune

Below are some FAQs 

How much is the Daily Star Tribune?

The cost of a single copy of The Star Tribune has increased from 50 cents per day in the metropolitan area to 75 cents per day.

How do I find old star tribune articles?

Visit Startribune.newspapers.com to access our complete digital archives if you’re looking for earlier issues. However, it calls for a different subscription and contains more than 150 years of print. All content is available for download, clipping, and sharing.

How do I contact the Star Tribune?

You can leave news tips by calling 612-673-4414. Emailing tips to whistleblower@startribune.com is another option. Also, learn more about how to contact Star Tribune journalists securely.

When did the Minneapolis Star and Tribune merge?

The main founder was done separating the Minneapolis Tribune and Minneapolis Star at some point. However, Each newspaper would have its editorial staff and editor. The two publications were united on April 5, 1982, and the inaugural issue of the new publication was published that day.

How to access Star Tribune E-Edition

Open any browser on your device and type StarTribune.com/eedition. All devices, including desktop and laptop computers, iOS/Apple iPhones and iPads, and Android phones and tablets, or from a desktop or laptop computer’s StarTribune.com homepage. On the eEdition link, click. That link is located in the top right corner of a desktop device. The link can be found in the menu on a mobile device. In the upper left corner, the menu appears as three thin lines, on an iOS or Android device using the Star Tribune app. The main app menu has eEdition. eEdition Daily Email Newsletter, dated. You’ll get an email in the morning letting you know when the current day’s edition is available to see.


How much does a subscription to the Star Tribune cost?

It costs $3.79/week. It covers all Star Tribune websites (desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers) as well as iPad®, iPhone®, and AndroidTM apps are fully accessible with the Star Tribune Premium Digital Subscription.  

can I read the Star Tribune for free? 

Users of the Star Tribune app can download it for free and read a selection of articles. Access to stories on the app and StarTribune.com is unlimited for subscribers to the Star Tribune with digital access. 

How do I subscribe to Star Tribune? 

Premium digital membership offers unlimited eEdition access as well as unlimited reading and viewing on StarTribune.com and Star Tribune mobile applications, seven days a week. Additionally, a solo subscription for eEdition can be purchased. Call 800-552-7272 for additional details. 

How do I cancel my subscription to the Star Tribune? 

Please contact the customer care team at 612-673-4343. 

Can you read Star Tribune articles with a library card?

Using your library card, you may quickly access thousands of newspapers from around the globe in dozens of languages. You can currently access The Star Tribune, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, The Washington Post, El Paso, China Daily, Times of India, The Guardian, and more. 

Can I get the Star Tribune delivered to my house? 

Your newspaper will be delivered personally to your door and placed safely through the letterbox. You might be able to receive your newspaper free of charge if a Newsquest home delivery route passes through your neighborhood. Call us to find out more. 


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