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The Arizona Republic News, Sports, Obituaries, Subscription, Crossword. You will learn about The Arizona Republic Newspaper USAđź“° in this article. You will also learn about The History of Arizona Republic Newspaper USAđź“°, Circulation of the Arizona Republic Newspaper USAđź“° and much more.

What is the Arizona Republic Newspaper?

American daily newspaper The Arizona Republic is printed in Phoenix. It is the biggest newspaper in Arizona and is distributed all across the state. The Gannett newspaper network has owned it since 2000. Copies can be purchased for $2 every day, $3 on Sundays, and $5 on Thanksgiving; outside of Arizona, costs are higher.

Who owns Arizona Republic Newspaper USA? 

After Gannett acquired Arizona Republic Newspapers in 2000, it shared ownership with USA Today and the Phoenix NBC television affiliate, KPNX. Together, The Republic and KPNX provide a single local news subscription website. La Voz, a newspaper in Spanish, was established in 2000 as well.

The History of Arizona Republic Newspaper

The Arizona Republican, the predecessor to the Arizona Republic, was established in 1890. The journal was owned and operated by Phoenix-based land and cattle mogul Dwight B. Heard from 1912 until his passing in 1929. Two of Heard’s longtime executives, Charles Stauffer and W. Wesley Knorpp, oversaw The Republican’s operations after Heard passed away. In 1930, Stauffer and Knorpp purchased the Phoenix Evening Gazette and the Arizona Weekly Gazette in addition to changing the name of the publication to the Arizona Republic. Eugene C. Pulliam, a newspaper tycoon from the Midwest, bought the group of publications in 1946.

Pulliam sparked a period of rapid expansion for said Republic and allied it with his brand of conservative politics and civic leadership. Under his direction, the Republic promoted clean air regulations and exposed organized crime’s corruption in desert land deals. Following Pulliam’s passing in 1975, the three newspapers were run by Central Newspapers Inc., the holding business run by Pulliam’s wife and son.

The Republic developed an associated website, azcentral.com, in 1995. The Republic was a pioneer in electronic newspaper layouts in the late 1980s. In 1997, the Republic merged with the Phoenix Evening Gazette, thereafter known as the Phoenix Gazette. In 2000, Central Newspapers Inc. Was acquired by national publishing business Gannett Company Inc. The purchase brought USA Today, the Tucson Citizen, and KPNX, the local Phoenix NBC television affiliate, under one ownership with the Republic and the Arizona Weekly Gazette.

The Republic and KPNX also pool their resources to create azcentral.com, one of the most well-known newspaper-affiliated websites throughout the country.

The Arizona Republic was one of the top 25 most widely read Sunday newspapers in the US in September 2015, according data from the Pew Research Center and the Alliance for Audited Media.

Circulation of the Arizona Republic Newspaper USA

The Arizona Republic’s position as the sixteenth-largest daily newspaper in the US by circulation fell to twenty-first place in 2013. Its daily circulation in 2020 was around 116,000, and its Sunday edition seemed to have a circulation of 337,000.

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The Arizona Republic’s daily readership in the United States fell by more than 7,000 copies out from previous year to 109.03 thousand in 2021. Additionally, the newspaper’s Sunday circulation in 2021 was somewhat lower than in 2019 at just above 320 thousand copies.

Arizona Republic Newspaper USA Presidential endorsements 

In the past, The Republic supported George W. Bush in the elections for president in 2000 and 2004. The newspaper supported Arizona Senator John McCain for president on October 25, 2008.

The Arizona Republic backed Hillary Clinton for the 2016 presidential general election, the first time a Democratic contender had received such support from the publication in its 126-year history. The newspaper had previously just twice in its history refused to support a Republican nominee or contender.

Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney, a former governor of Massachusetts, John McCain, a former senator from Arizona, and President George W. Bush were all endorsed by the editorial board of the Arizona Republic.

The Arizona Republic declared on February 26, 2020, that it will no longer support political candidates.

Arizona Republic Headquarters

The Arizona Republic’s 250,000 square foot main building in Phoenix has been sold by Gannett, the newspaper’s parent company, for $37.7 million, as per Yardi Matrix. ViaWest Group, which partnered with Taconic Capital to acquire a 250,000 square foot office building in the metro area in early 2018, has now made another acquisition.

200 E. Van Buren St. Is the address. The 10-story structure is located in Phoenix’s central business center, about two blocks from the downtown campuses of Arizona State University as well as the Phoenix Convention Center. About 6.3 million square feet of Class A commercial space are located within half a mile of the property, according to Yardi Matrix data. Additionally, there are many other hotel and retail properties nearby, and Sky Harbor International Airport is 3.5 miles to the east.

The Arizona Republic’s headquarters are located in the building, which was built in 1995. KPNX 12 News, G/O Digital, and azcentral are just a few of the other tenants of the building that are owned by Gannett or TEGNA, a media firm that was set off from Gannett in 2015. According to azcentral, the tenants will continue to occupy the building as per their leases.

Arizona Republic Newspaper Recognition 

Steve Benson, an editorial cartoonist for the Arizona Republic, received the 1993 Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning. For the same prize, Benson was a nominee in 1984, 1989, 1992, and 1994. For her convincing editorial series calling for reform of the procedure by which the state determines its legislative and congressional districts, Laurie Roberts became nominated as a finalist for the 2001 Pulitzer Prize in Editorial Writing.

Arizona Republic Newspaper Contact

200 East Van Buren

Phoenix, Ariz. 85004

Phone: (602) 444-8000

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Toll free: (800)-331-9303

Advantages and Disadvantages of Arizona Republic Newspaper USA

There are certain merits and demerits to reading Arizona Republic Newspapers or subscribing to their official website, here are some of them:

Advantages of Arizona Republic Newspaper:

1. Quick accessibility to limitless content

Great writing is only one component of great tales. With your subscription, you’ll have unrestricted access to supplemental material that isn’t available in the paper, such drone videos of dust storms, flooded areas, breaking news, or something amusing like the painting of the “A.” Our renowned documentaries and well-liked podcasts will be available for streaming. You will be able to interact with our vast databases and view galleries full of breathtaking images from award-winning photographers. You will take an active part in the news cycle.

2. A newsletter sent only to subscribers

We provide a variety of newsletters to make our readers updated about the best news, sports, business, and things to do articles each week. The Daily Briefing newsletter, which includes pictures and article summaries, become subscribed to and delivered daily to your inbox with the most popular articles. Subscribers have direct access from the email to the complete articles by clicking through.

3. Use azcentral.com when on the move.

Azcentral, Azcentral Sports, La Voz Arizona, and The Arizona Republic Print Edition are the four applications that The Arizona Republic and azcentral.com offer. You may customize each app to your preferences. You can choose your preferred article display option, download news items for offline reading, and set news alerts using the azcentral app.

4. News updates and information on important stories

You may customize notifications using the azcentral app to receive news updates as they happen. Also, you can choose to receive notifications for breaking news, sports, entertainment, business, weather, and traffic. You can specify quiet hours for your alerts within the app.

5. An electronic version of The Arizona Republic

The e-Newspaper, a digital copy of the print edition, both used to access the print edition every day on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. The Arizona Republic Print Edition app or our website both offer access to the e-Newspaper.

6. Delivery at home

A subscription that involves home delivery also includes all of the mentioned digital advantages.

Disadvantages of Arizona Republic Newspaper 

The majority of their content and stories are hidden behind a paywall. Access became restricted to subscribers only. Non-subscribers to azcentral.com became limited to reading five stories per 30 days by the site’s meter.

What is the cost of The Arizona Republic newspaper?

Next, $14.99 per month. Anytime, cancel. Access to local press is unrestricted, even high school sports. Unlimited digital access and print delivery, as well as coupons.

How to contact The Arizona Republic newspaper

The Arizona Republic;

Main switchboard. 602-444-8000. 800-331-9303 toll free.

Subscriptions and billing. 602-444-1000. 800-332-6733 in-state toll-free. …

Classified advertising. 602-444-4444. 800-352-5095 in-state toll-free. …

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Retail advertising. 855-288-3272.

Online advertising. 602-444-8317.

Newsroom. 602-444-NEWS.

How many people subscribe to The Arizona Republic?

More than 80,000 individuals have registered to The Republic’s playlists or engaged our online community on azcentral’s YouTube channel, where many people have come upon our journalists.

How do I unsubscribe from The Arizona Republic?

How do I revoke my membership? You can manage your membership to The Arizona Republic online by visiting Account Management. You can also cancel by calling 1-800-332-6733 and asking to “discontinue delivery” while speaking to customer service.

When should deliveries of The Arizona Republic be made? 

Home delivery customers in the Phoenix metro region may anticipate receiving their newspapers no later than 6:00 a.m. on Monday through Saturday and 7:00 a.m. on Sunday. Weather or production issues are most likely to blame for any sporadic delays. Subscribers to home delivery in other parts of the state can anticipate later delivery 

Where can I buy a copy of The Arizona Republic?  

To browse the newspaper’s archives and place newspaper orders, go to www.azcentral.com/archives.

Is The Arizona Republic a conservative newspaper? 

The Republic has a long history of having a conservative editorial slant.

The Arizona Republic Sunday newspaper costs how much?

American daily newspaper The Arizona Republic is printed in Phoenix. It is the biggest newspaper in Arizona and distributed all across the state. The Gannett newspaper network has owned it since 2000. Copies purchased for $2 every day, $3 on Sundays, and $5 on Thanksgiving; outside of Arizona costs higher.

How do I temporarily stop the Arizona Republic newspaper? 

Call 1-800-332-6733 from your cellphone to express your concerns or file a complaint. You can find all the details you need to remove your Arizona Republic account, cancel your subscription, or start a free trial on Line.

Who is the editor of The Arizona Republic?

Greg Burton oversees newscasts in Washington, Oregon, Montana, Nevada, Utah, California, and Arizona while serving as executive editor of The Arizona Republic and a district editor for USA TODAY in the West.

Does the Arizona Republic have coupons? 

Offers, discounts, and subscription deals for The Arizona Republic.

Arizona Republic eEdition  

You may turn the pages of the eEdition, skim the headlines, read the articles, and look at the ads just like you would in the print version of The Arizona Republic.

Arizona Republic eEdition’s features

 In-depth coverage of the subjects that most interest you, such as watchdog reporting that connects and informs and thrilling tales that inspire. It is Arizona’s most reliable source of news and information thanks to its talented journalists, interesting columnists, and captivating content.

The eEdition keeps you informed unlike anybody else because they update it each morning with the print edition of the day.


We discussed deeply about the Arizona Republic Newspaper USAđź“° in this article. Arizona Republic Newspaper USAđź“° history, location, advantages and disadvantages amongst other topics.

For more information, visit www.azcentral.com

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