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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution News, Sports, Obituaries, Subscription, Crossword. In this article, we shall discuss all about “The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Newspaper USA 📰🇺🇸“, in addition to these subtopics: Overview Of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Newspaper USA, About The Atlanta Journal, Details Of The Atlanta Constitution and The Renaming Of ‘The Constitution’ To ‘The Atlanta Daily Constitution’.

Now, lets proceed with the overview of ”The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Newspaper USA 📰🇺🇸”.

Overview Of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Newspaper USA

There are various daily newspapers in the metropolitan area of Atlanta, Georgia. But, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution poses are the main daily newspaper there. It operates under publication of Cox Enterprises.

In 1982, two distinct newspaper publication companies, The Atlanta Journal and The Atlanta Constitution, came together to form The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Prior to an amalgamation in 2001 to create just one morning paper under Journal-Constitution, Morning Constitution and Afternoon Journal usually held different publications.

Meanwhile, if you are in search of the head office of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, you can locate it at the Atlanta suburb of Dunwoody, Georgia. Initially, two television bodies held ownership right of it; WSB-TV and six radio stations. However, the newspaper went under the control of Cox Enterprises, while WSB went under the control of Cox Media Group which is an independent body.

About The Atlanta Journal

E.F. Hoge founded The Atlanta Journal in 1883 and in 1887, Hoke Smith who is an Atlanta Lawyer, bought the paper. It was quite obvious that the Journal was in the campaign group of the Grover Cleveland who was running for the 1892 presidential election.

After the election, Cleveland emerged victorious and appointed Smith as the Secretary of the Interior. Meanwhile, the Journal employed the novelist, Margaret Mitchell, who had won the Pulitzer Prize. She worked for the Journal for a period of 4 years (1922-1926). Mitchell has written a couple of novels like her 1936 Gone With the Wind novel, in addition to notable Georgia Civil War events.

The Journal saw the need to establish a radio broadcasting station in the South, so in 1922, they establised the WSB. Subsequently, offers started coming to buy the radio station and the newspaper. Finally, in 1939, James Middleton Cox bought the radio station and the newspaper.

Details Of The Atlanta Constitution

You may be wondering how the newspaper, ‘The Constitution’ can into existence. Well, it got established in 16th June, 1868 when Carey Wentworth Styles, James Anderson and William Hemphill acquired the Atlanta Daily Opinion. Subsequently, they changed the name into ’The Constitution’.

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The association obviously needed someone to take care of it. So, they selected Hemphill to manage the affairs of the business. His reign as the manager ended in 1901. Due to some structural and financial issues that Carey Wentworth Styles encountered, he backed out from the buying of ‘the Constitution’.

As a result, the main stakeholders were now Anderson and Hemphill. With both of them having one half share in the business, Anderson laid off his own share to Col. E. Y. Clarke in 1870. In no time, other newspaper companies began to come out and become competitive.

To this effect, Hemphill made provisions that will enable him make ‘The Constitution’ newspaper, available to the Macon marketplace. From strength to strength, the newspaper grew and only had the ‘Daily Intelligencer’ as its biggest Atlanta newspaper rival.

The Renaming Of ‘The Constitution’ To ‘The Atlanta Daily Constitution’.

In August 1875, they changed ‘The Constitution’ to ’The Atlanta Daily Constitution’. This lasted for just two weeks, before they went back to bearing ‘The Constitution’. A remarkable moment was when the ex-editor for Intelligencer city bought the 50 percent interest in the paper from E. Y. Clarke in 1876.

After that, he went on to take up the office of ’The Constitution’s’ editor. With time, Joel Chandler Harris joined in as a writer for the company. In October 1876, they named the newspaper ’The Daily Constitution’, then, in September 1881, they renamed it, ‘The Atlanta Constitution’.

The Joining Of The Atlanta Journal And The Atlanta Constitution

The both newspapers came together as on when, Cox Enterprises purchased the Constitution in June 1950. Even at that, they still bore different newsrooms until 1982. They both went on to continue publications for over twenty years, the afternoon Journal heading the morning Constitution.

Sometime in the 1970s, readers and subscriber weren’t frequently patronizing the afternoon paper anymore. So, to save it from this situation, a ought to happen. The both papers came together to form ’The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’.

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The Circulation Of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Impressively, The paper disseminates its articles over a wide range of countries. Approximately, 160 counties in Georgia, with neighboring counties of western North Carolina, patronize The paper.

Some counties that patronize the Sunday Atlanta Journal-Constitution are: Tallahassee and Florida. Subsequently, the rate of circulation dropped due to competitions in the newspaper industry and competing media sources. In the midst of this, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution still performed well.

The Head-Offices Of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

You can locate the head-office of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution at the Perimeter Center, in Georgia. At some point, it had its AJC head-office at Downtown Atlanta. The AJC continued to expand such that, in August 2009, it was moving up to cover 30 percent of its downtown building.

Subsequently, AJC made its printing operations stronger by moving the downtown production center to the Gwinnett County facility. Later on, in 2010, Dunwoody became the site of the company’s head-office. Then, in November 2010, the prior head-office is downtown was passed to the city of Atlanta. The purpose of this was to change the building to formation ground for the police and fire department.

Controversies Surrounding The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

No other newspaper has ever reported about the Centennial Olympic Park bombing. Apparently, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution was the pioneer publisher of the event, citing that Richard Jewell, who became the hero from the bombing, was actually the perpetuator of the crime.

AJC backed its accusation with informations that leaked off the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Subsequently, the FBI made investigations and cleared Richard Jewell. But, Atlanta Journal-Constitution wouldn’t retract its statement and render an apology.

Organization Of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

In the organizational structure of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, there are four main daily sections with additional Sunday sections. The Georgia news, national news, international news, and business news make up the core section.

Meanwhile, the important headlines from the Metro Atlanta area make up the Metro section which is focused in reporting weather conditions. It also has a section for sports. Previously, you can air your opinion on recent matters in the Metro and Sports sections because it had “The Vent” features. But, it not there anymore due to the power of social media.

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In addition, articles, recipes, reviews, movie times, and puzzles are included in the Living Section.


Where Can One Purchase The Atlanta Journal-Constitution?

One can purchase the Atlanta Journal-Constitution at Amazon.com: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution : Kindle Store.

How Can You Describe The Atlanta Journal-Constitution?

You can describe it as a daily newspaper that is published in Atlanta, Georgia. Cox Media Group oversees its publication as it subscribers can obtain news in print and digital formats.

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At What Point Was The Newspaper Article Published In The Atlanta Constitution?

There were no much American cities that had access to a basic daily newspaper. However, Atlanta came up with two daily mewspapers; the Atlanta Constitution (June 16, 1868) and the Atlanta Journal (February 24, 1883).

Who Is The Owner Of The Atlanta Constitution Newspaper?

Cox Enterprises is the owner of The Atlanta Constitution Newspaper. This company is a private company and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s newsroom serve as a point for making news decisions.

Will The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Discontinue Its Daily Print?

Yes, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution will cease to continue with its daily print. It will start up a weekend print edition. However. this doesn’t mean it will cease to perform its digital news operation seven days a week.

What Is The Leading Newspaper In Atlanta?

When it comes to the leading newspaper in Atlanta, no other newspaper come close to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. It serves as the main daily newspaper in the metropolitan area of Atlanta, Georgia.

What Is The Customer Care Line Of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution?

For any complaint or assistance, you can reach out to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Help Center (ajc.com/help), email Customer Care at customercare@ajc.com or call 404-522-4141.


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Newspaper USA 📰🇺🇸 poses are the main daily newspaper in Atlanta, Georgia. It operates under publication of Cox Enterprises.

Meanwhile, we just discussed all about “The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Newspaper USA 📰🇺🇸“, in this article. We also studied some subtopics like: Overview Of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Newspaper USA, About The Atlanta Journal, Details Of The Atlanta Constitution and The Renaming Of ‘The Constitution’ To ‘The Atlanta Daily Constitution’.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution News, Sports, Obituaries, Subscription, Crossword

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