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The Plain Dealer News, Sports, Obituaries, Subscription, Crossword. Today’s article is about The Plain Dealer Newspapers 📰. We’ll show you all you need to know about this newspaper. For more information check the following subheadings; The Plain Dealer E-edition💻📲, Plain Dealer Customer Service📞, and How Do I Let the Plain Dealer Newspaper know About a Missing Delivery?

About the plain Dealer Newspapers

The Plain Dealer in Cleveland, Ohio’s most widely read newspaper. Its circulation in the United States fell significantly from March 2013. This happened when it ranked 17th daily and 15th on Sunday. However, its ranking was 23rd at the end of 2019.

Moreover, the readers of this newspaper daily were 94,838 and 171,404 readers on Sunday. The Cleveland-Akron Designated Market Area houses 3.8 million people. It ranks as the 19th-largest market in the country and also the media market for The Plain Dealer Newspaper.

Furthermore, On the 21st of August 2013, The Plain Dealer Newspaper made some changes. The company changed its home delivery policy to four days a week including Sundays. Also, you can get the daily version of the newspaper Online,  in printing stores, news racks, and newsstands.

A Brief History 

The Plain Dealer was first known in January 1842. Two brothers by the name of Joseph William Gray and Admiral Nelson Gray were in charge of the Cleveland Advertiser and gave it a new name. 

From 1831 to 1841, The Cleveland Advertiser was a daily publication. The Cleveland Advertiser allegedly dropped the first “a” from the name of the city’s founder, Moses Cleaveland, for the newspaper’s name to fit on the masthead, according to some sources, while other sources contest that claim.

They said that their democracy and modesty suggest the name Plain Dealer was the perfect name. Also, the Gray brothers wrote this after discussing several other possible names when they first started printing their journals in 1842. The meaning of name “Plain Dealer” means a person who interacts or conducts business honestly and directly. 

The two brothers were editors of this newspaper from 1842 until 1862 when they died. After their death, some editors came in before a real estate investor Liberty Emery Holden bought the company. Thomas holden who was the grandson of Mr liberty holden and other heirs Sold the company again on 1st March 1961 to Samuel Irving Newhouse for 54 million dollars. A company Advanced publication inc is the owner to date.

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Plain Dealer Archives 

This is an online Archive that is accessible by individuals for personal use. To read any of the articles in the official site Archives you’ll need to subscribe because it’s not free. For more information about this kindly click on the link below.


The Plain Dealer e-edition

The e-edition is a digital representation of the printed edition. It will offer you the same stories and graphics you expect from the Plain Dealer Newspaper. Almost everything in the printing edition is here in the E-edition the only difference is the means. One is printed while the other is accessible online.

Moreover, The e-edition can work on any mobile device or gadget that has an internet connection. Also, the plain dealer app is available on App Store and google play.

Furthermore, This e-edition of the Plain Dealer contains interactive puzzles that you can find interesting. Visit plaindealer.com for more information on this.

Plain Dealer login

You can only log in to your plain dealer account if you have created an account. If you want to log in to your plain Dealer account kindly visit the official website plaindealer.com. Or you can go to google and search for plain Dealer login. Also, if you have the app on your mobile phone or computer you can log in through the app.

Plain Dealer Customer Service 

There is no official business without customer service. Customer service must ensure that the needs or complaints of the customers are met. If you want to contact them please call (216)999-6000. 

Also, you can Email them at circhelp@plaind.com if you like. Call us at (216) 999-6000 or log in online if you have a query regarding your account. 

According to reports, this company is always available to attend to your needs and is ready to help you.

How much is the Cleveland Plain Dealer Sunday edition?

The vast majority of readers of The Plain Dealer are subscribers, but those who purchase the newspaper from newsstands pay more. The price on Mondays is $5 while the price on Sundays is $3. 

Is subscribing to the plain Deal newspaper better than the newsstands?

Yes, it is. The cost of a subscription is significantly lower than the price of purchasing The Plain Dealer at a newsstand, and you also receive much more in exchange for your subscription. When you subscribe you gain access to the e-edition first. Also, you gain access to everything we publish on cleveland.com, including stories published for subscribers only. The access is not available to people who purchase The Plain Dealer at a newsstand. Rather it is only available for the subscribers.

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How do I get a plain Dealer online?

Getting a plain Dealer online is easy and simple. All you need to do is visit

www.MediaInsiderRewards.com and sign in to your membership account. Then select Plain Dealer E-edition from the Digital Editions drop-down.

How much is a Plain Dealer subscription?

The cost of the plain dealer subscription is $10 a month. However, your subscription will be renewed every month unless you can cancel your subscription on your mobile phone or any device.

Where is the plain dealer Newspaper published?

It’s published at the Modern Tiedeman Production and Distribution Center for The Plain Dealer Publishing Co. The company was established in 1994 in Brooklyn, Ohio, 11 miles outside of Cleveland.

Who are the reporters of the Plain Dealer newspaper?

  • Andersen, David. Astolfi, Courtney. Atassi, Leila. Baird, Nathan. Bastock, Ashley. …
  • Fedor, Chris. Ferrise, Adam. Geiselman, Bruce. Gillis, Andrew. Glaser, Susan. …
  • Lesmerises, Doug. Lisik, Brian. Litt, Steven. McDonnell, Sean. Means, Stephen. …
  • Quinn, Chris. Remington, Kaylee. Robinson, Sam. Rose, Mike. Rowan, Rick.

How Do I Let the Plain Dealer know About a Missing Delivery?

You can take action to obtain your lost issue if you are a subscriber to Cleveland, Ohio’s Plain Dealer and you missed a delivery. You have two options for reporting the issue: either over the phone by dialing the Plain Dealer. Or online using your account site. Field teams receive reports submitted before 9 a.m. for redelivery. Reports submitted after 9:00 a.m. will result in delivery the following day or an electronic version for same-day delivery.

Below are steps you can take to report the missing delivery.

  • Launch your browser and go to the Plain Dealer’s website. 
  • Please select Customer Service. 
  • Select FAQ for the print edition. 
  • Browse to What should I do if my newspaper wasn’t delivered? 
  • Complete the subsequent actions: 
  • Contact the Plain Dealer via phone. 
  • The option will let you choose Print Edition. 
  • On your phone, tap #3.

What days do Plain dealer Newspaper deliver? 

On Wednesdays and Fridays, your newspaper should arrive by 6 a.m., on Saturdays by 7 a.m., and on Sundays by 8:30 a.m.

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What is the circulation of the Cleveland Plain Dealer?

As journalists moved out of the newsroom and started working remotely, it further disappeared. The Plain Dealer had a Sunday circulation of 171,404 and a weekday circulation of 94,838 as of the first quarter of 2019.

How many subscribers does Cleveland have?

Ohio’s top news and information website, cleveland.com, draws an average of 9.9 million unique visitors per month. It’s where Ohioans go to find out what’s going on, including local and national news, sports, arts & entertainment, weather, traffic, and more.

How much is the cost of home delivery?

The company currently provides home delivery four days a week for $4.50. which includes all of the access I mentioned for the digital edition seven days a week and material on our sibling websites. Additionally, we have an introductory offer for $3.69 that includes the same digital access plus Sunday and Wednesday home delivery.

How often is the Plain Dealer Newspaper published?

The company publishes its news seven days a week. Also, It continued to produce a daily edition that is accessible online at cleveland.com and in print at shops, newsstands, and news racks.

Who is the editor of Plain Dealer Newspaper?

The Plain Dealer in Cleveland, Ohio, is edited by Tim Warsinskey.

Who publishes Cleveland?

The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s web edition, Cleveland.com, focuses its news coverage on Ohio-related stories. Advance Publications are the publishers. However, Every month, the website receives about 10.3 million visitors.

How much is the daily Plain Dealer?

The full weekly subscription cost is $4.65. These rates only apply to the Northeast Ohio counties of Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga, Portage, Erie, Ottawa, Summit, Ashtabula, Medina, and Lorain, which make up The Plain Dealer’s home delivery service area. 

10 best newspapers in Ohio USA 

  • The Plain Dealer
  • Columbus Dispatch 
  • The Cincinnati Enquirer
  • Dayton daily news
  • Akron beacon journal
  • The respiratory 
  • News herald
  • The vindicator
  • Martins ferry times 
  • The blade


The Plain Dealer Newspaper provides information about events in your neighborhood. To receive news on your mobile devices, you can subscribe online. We cannot be so sure how effective it is now but it’s one of the best companies in the USA 

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