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The Seattle Times News, Sports, Obituaries, Subscription, Crossword. This article on the Seattle Times newspaper USA 📰 lets you know everything you want to about this company. You can check also for The Seattle Times newspaper USA, History of the Seattle Times newspaper USA, Print Replica App FAQs, Contact Us at Seattle Times.

It is a daily newspaper that attends to Seattle, Washington, United States. Though it has been owned by the Blethen family since 1896, it was founded in 1981. In Washington State and the Pacific Northwest region, Seattle Times has the largest circulation of any newspaper. 50.5% of the paper is held by the Seattle Times company owned by the Blethen family.

Meanwhile 49.5% of the paper is owned by the McClatchy company. Until Post-intelligencer newspaper ceased publication in 2009, there was a longstanding rivalry with the Seattle Times. Apart from Island Thurston & other WA counties, copies are sold daily at $2 in King and adjacent counties. On Thanksgiving Day or Sunday, they are sold at $3 except in Island Thurston and other WA counties $4. However outside Washington states, prices are higher.

History Of The Seattle Times Newspaper USA 📰

This four-page newspaper founded in 1891 originated as the Seattle Press-Times. It was owned by the Blethen family and had a daily circulation of 3,500. Within half a year, it made twice as much in circulation when it was renamed the Seattle Daily Times. Circulation stood at 70,000 by 1915 and the newspaper moved to the Times Square Building at 5th Avenue and olive way. In 1930, a new headquarter of the Seattle Times building was built north of Denny Way.

However, it’s current headquarters at 1000 Denny Way was moved into in 2011. The Seattle Times which it’s currently known as, was given to the publication in 1966. To prevent the fate of other defunct afternoon newspapers, they switched from afternoon delivery to morning on March 6, 2000. Due to this change, they had a longstanding rivalry with the morning Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Although, the Post-Intelligencer became an online-only publication nine years later.

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One of the few remaining major city dailies in the United States is the Seattle Times. A newspaper that is independently owned and operated by the Bethlen family. Three other papers in Washington and formerly owned newspapers in Maine is also owned by Seattle Times company. 49.5% of the paper is owned by the McClatchy Company.


The Seattle Times newspaper USA is committed to providing accurate and authentic news reports. Therefore, you can reach out to us with stories we need to cover. Reach out with a brief description or call (206) 464-2204. Make sure you include the headline and date of the article when reporting an error. Also visit our subscriber services website for questions related to subscription and billing.

Headquarters Of The Seattle Times Newspaper USA

The Seattle Times newspaper headquarters is at 1000 Denny Way, Seattle WA, 98109, United States. Meanwhile mailing address is The Seattle Times P.O. Box 70 Seattle, WA 98111.

Print Replica App FAQs

Only Seattle Times subscribers can access the print replica. On any device, this exact digital copy of the printed newspaper can be viewed, printed, or downloaded. A new print replica app for Android devices, iPads, and for the first time, iPhones was introduced in July, 2020. To ensure you enjoy the app, the following FAQs will answer some common questions and acquaint you with what’s new.

Is It Possible To Print From The Mobile App?

Of course you can. You can use the Print Icon at the top of a page and follow the normal procedure to print if your printer has Bluetooth. The page you are on can be printed in both the Home and Page views. In article view, you can choose a range of pages to view.

How Do I Save A Page Or Article For Later?

In the top menu, click on the bookmark icon to save a page or article. After that, the icon will turn dark, you can click on it again to remove the bookmark. Then on the Home view button menu, the pages you have bookmarked will display in My Content. You can now view or remove them here.

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What Can I Do To Download An Edition To Read Offline?

If you are not in the Home view, move over to it. On the lower right of the edition, click on the download icon that is shown. The icon changes to a trash can that allows you delete the download once you’re done downloading. In the Print Replica app under My Content, the downloads will be saved. Therefore, you are offered access to read the paper when you are offline.

Can I Share An Article?

Indeed, you can. On the top menu, you will see the Share icon then tap on it. After that, you can follow the usual Share process for your device.

What Is The Seattle Times Newspaper Known For?

Washington state’s largest and longest-running newspaper is the Seattle Times. This newspaper reaches out to more local residents than any other news media source both in print and online. They make a difference for the residents of the region as they dig deep for accountability. With storytelling that’s dynamic and vibrant, they enlighten, inform, and engage their region. Committed and steadfast to offer principled, quality, public-service journalism.

In order to impact the community, the Seattle Times is constantly innovating and developing new ways to share stories. The Pacific Northwest is served with engaging, accessible digital and print news experiences from the Seattle Times. We also offer quick and easy breaking news and artfully curated newsletter. Furthermore, their stories are recognized nationally for having exceptional depth and impact.

How Much Is The Seattle Times Newspaper USA 📰?

Here’s a breakdown of how much it will cost from a Seattle Times subscription page in USA. A digital replica of the Seattle Times print edition and device apps will go for $3.99 a week. This is however after a five-week introductory price of 99 cents per week. With this amount, you gain full digital access package except for the Sunday paper. Access the la carte digital with $3.49 per week.

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How Do I Access The Seattle Times Newspaper USA Online?

Unlimited digital access is offered with every print subscription. However, you must create a free digital account for your existing subscription to enjoy this. An unlimited access to all Seattle Times digital products is offered by a digital account. You can also log in to our full suite of mobile apps with your digital account. Furthermore, you can manage your subscription online with a digital account.

Seattle Times Newspaper Subscription

If you want to cancel your subscription, call the customer service at 1-800-542-0820. Demand for a confirmation email of your cancellation once you get in touch with the customer service. Though, it might take a while to reach a customer service representative. It’s only Seattle Times home delivery that you can place on hold. However, all the newspaper digital content will still be accessible by you. Though you can visit the page for delivery scheduling or follow some steps to pause the newspaper delivery.

Firstly, log into your account and under My Account, locate Find Newspaper Options. Then tap Manage Holds and select the dates, now go ahead and submit your request. Note that the digital version is always available so you can’t put it on hold. Lots of your money can be eaten by inactive subscription. When you cancel your subscription, you are given a refund for the unused services.

This article on the Seattle Times newspaper USA 📰 lets you know everything you want to about this company. You can check also for The Seattle Times newspaper USA, History of the Seattle Times newspaper USA, Print Replica App FAQs, Contact Us at Seattle Times.

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