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This article on Times (New 🗽 York, N.Y.) is to let you know more about this American daily newspaper. You can check also for Times (New York, N.Y.), History of Times (New York, N.Y.), Times headquarters building, Contact Us at Times.

The newspaper is also called The Gray Lady and NYT. It has a worldwide readership but is based in New York. In 1851, it was founded by Henry Jarvis Raymond and George Jones. Raymond, Jones & Company then published it. Indeed, this newspaper is known as a national newspaper of record and has won 132 Pulitzer prices. In the U.S, it is ranked 3rd in circulation and then 18th in the world. Since 1896, it has been governed by the Sulzberger family by using a dual-class share structure.

In fact, the current family heading the paper are respectively the fourth and fifth generation. Times has always endeavored to expand its layout and organization. As a result, they garnish the regular news, editorials, and features with special weekly sections. Sunday review is used to supplement the Times on Sundays. This newspaper is basically liberal in their positions in the editorial pages.

History Of Times (New York, N.Y.)

On September 18, 1851, Times was founded by Henry Jarvis Raymond and George Jones. A western division called The Times of California was started in 1852 ran by a mail boat from New York docked in California. Though immediately California newspapers came into existence, this effort failed. Officially the newspaper name was shortened to The New-York Times in September 14, 1857. However, on December 1, 1896, the hyphen was removed. Daily coverage of the Civil War was provided by the Sunday edition that they publish.

During the New York City draft riots, their main office was attacked. Then wielding guns, Henry Raymond stopped the rioters. Henry Raymond died sadly in 1869 and George Jones carried on as publisher. In 1870 and 1871, their fame grew as it published a series of exposes on William Tweed. Due to that, the domination of New York City Hall by the Tweed Rings ended. Gradually they moved from supporting Republican party candidates to being more politically independent and analytical in 1880.

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The Times was bought by Charles Ransom Miller and other New York Times editors after George Jones died in 1891. Since September 1896, their slogan remains “All the news thats fit to print” and is always printed in the front page. They indicated interest in acquiring a subscription-based sports news website known as The Athletic. Furthermore, they announced the acquiring of a relatively new game called the Wordle. All this acquisition is aimed at getting a younger and diverse readership. Although this newspaper started off small, it has continued to grow and expand its base of readership.

Times Headquarters Building

At 113 Nassau street in New York was where it was first of all situated. Moved to 138 Nassau street in 1854 and then 41 Park Row in 1858. Indeed, it became the first newspaper housed in a building specifically for its purpose in New York. In 1904, they moved to the Times headquarters situated at 1475 Broadway. Though the area was initially called Longacre square, it was renamed in honor of the newspaper to Times square. A new year eve tradition introduced by the newspaper is now celebrated on the top of the building.

Well due to headlines that crawl around the building, it is popularly known as the zipper. An annex was built by the newspaper at West 43rd street after nine years in its Times square tower. The 43rd street building remained the newspaper headquarters in 1960 and the following year saw the selling of Times Tower on Broadway. Until 1997 when they opened a state-of-the-art printing plant, this served as the newspaper main printing plant. Furthermore, they moved its headquarters to a new tower at 620 Eighth Avenue in Manhattan. A skyscraper designed by Renzo Piano is officially the new headquarters for the newspapers.

Times Slogan

The newspapers slogan has been the same since 1896 and it is “All the news thats fit to print”. An attempt to find a replacement slogan was held through a competition in 1896 with a prize offer of $100. Though the price was awarded, it was announced that the slogan would not be changed. There were lots of slogans suggested at the competition. FTC was asked by Wright Patman to investigate Response came back in the negative as it was confirmed that it was not. Another competition was held in 1996 in a bid to change the slogan. Still the original slogan emerged best despite over 8,000 entries that were submitted.

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Contact Us- Times (New York, N.Y.)

Times is committed to giving you quality, authentic, and reliable news. Notwithstanding you can still reach out to us for any happenings around you that can use coverage. Reach out to us in a way that protects your anonymity if you have a confidential news tip. The mailing address is The New York Times Company 620 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10018. Although reaching out to us through the mail might not get a quick response. Therefore, contacting us by phone or chat is the best and fastest method to reach us.

What Is Times (New 🗽York, N.Y.) Known For?

Times uses expert and deeply rooted independent journalism to help people understand the world. This is because they believe that each readers life is made richer and fulfilling through great journalism. It is also rooted in the fact that it strengthens society and makes it more just. Therefore, the work and service that this newspaper carries out is guided by this vision.

By the continued strength of their journalism, they serve readers and the society. Talented and committed people who offer and support the worlds best news report is found in the Times. Knowing that integrity of journalism comes first, they actively participate in the printing and delivering of newspapers. Indeed, their integrity is unrivaled in ambition, breadth, and independence.

Who Owns Times Newspaper?

Times trades under the ticker symbol NYT as a public company. However, through a trust, the business is controlled by the Ochs-Sulzberger family. In fact, a fifth generation member of the family is the current publisher.

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How Do I Read Times (New York, N.Y.) Online?

Unlimited access to the front page and section blogs is offered to you. Through a search engine, you can access whatever article you wish to. Just follow this basic steps to make this happen. First of all, just like you normally do, navigate to the New York Times front page. Once you see a headline that you want to access, go ahead and highlight it.

Then after doing that, copy it and drop in your Google search window. Furthermore, return the headline as the first search result. Now click on it again and read, the best part is you will read it for free. Note however that your free referrals from Google is limited to 5 per day.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription To Times Newspaper?

You might be tired of paying for your membership with Times. It might be due to the fact that you no longer use your account as much as before. Or it might be as a result of other plethora of reasons. Worry no more as there are quick and easy ways to cancel your subscription to Times newspaper.

Though you have free access to NYT apps, high-quality journalism, and news from all sections if you have an account with New York Times. However, you can decide to cancel the subscription whenever you want. Follow this quick and easy steps to cancel your subscription.

Firstly, you can mail the customer care and ask the support team to cancel your account. You can also choose to voice your concern over the phone for the cancellation so call 1-800-698-4637.

This article on Times (New 🗽 York, N.Y.) is to let you know more about this American daily newspaper. You can check also for Times (New 🗽 York, N.Y.), History of Times (New York, N.Y.), Times headquarters building, Contact Us at Times.

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