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Washington DC Post News, Sports, Obituaries, Subscription, Crossword. In this article, we will study ’Post (Washington, DC) 📰🇺🇸’ with these subtopics: Overview Of The Washington Post, History Of The Washington Post, The Era of Meyer–Graham, The Era Of Jeff Bezos, Executive Officers And Editors Of The Post, Prominent Staff Of The Washington Post, Average Staff Of The Washington Post, Washington Post Subscription and Washington Post Games.

Now, let’s proceed with the topic ”Post (Washington, DC) 📰🇺🇸”.

Overview Of The Washington Post

Another name for ‘The Washington Post’ is ’The Post. When you come to Washington D.C in America, that is where you will find this newspaper. No other newspaper is doing better than The Washington Post in the district of Washington. In terms of circulation and audience, it is the number one.

In recognition of its outstanding performance in reporting events, it has received the Pulitzer Prize many times. However, it stands behind The New York Times in the number of Pulitzer Price award won by a newspaper. Meanwhile, The Washington Post works with foreign bureaus and also reports political events very well.

The newspaper came into existence in 1877 and have experienced ups and downs to attain stabilization. In 1933, it had a new owner in the person of Financier Eugene Meyer. Subsequently, his daughter and son-in-law took over from him.

The Post’s report has played an influential role in the Vietnam War. Also, it has influences the American press’s investigation, that made President Richard Nixon to resign. In terms of expansion and propagation, The Post has experienced a wide level of audience, thanks to the coming of internet and social media.

Another need to sell the company came up and Nash Holdings, which is Jeff Bezos’ company, bought it for $250 million.

History Of The Washington Post

Stilson Hutchins discovered this newspaper in 1877. Then, it was without a Sunday edition and no newspaper published throughout the week until the 1880. The Washington Post started expanding in April 1878, when it acquired The Washington Union.

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After this merger, it started bearing ’The Washington Post And Union’. As at April 15, 1878, it already had 13,000 circulations. However, their name got separated in April 29, 1878. The newspaper experienced a new ownership in 1889. Frank Hatton and Beriah Wilkins bought it.

Four years later, the owners of the newspaper saw the need to relocate the business. So, they chose a place located at 14th and E streets NW. Its tenancy will last till 1950. At this current location, you can see the newsroom, advertising, typesetting, and printing section, functioning all day long.

A remarkable moment was in 1919 during the incident of Red Summer. This was an incidence of whites attacking blacks. The Post showed that they stood with the whites by making publications that was promoting their attacks on black Washingtonians.

The Era of Meyer–Graham

An initial offer to buy The Washington Post by Eugene Meyer came in 1929. The purchase didn’t go through as Ned McLean refused. However, Eugene Meyer later bought it on June 1, 1933. This purchase happened based on an auction sale.

One of the interested buyer, William Randolph Hearst, wanted to purchase it, so it could close it down to enable his own Washington newspaper to grow. In 1946, Philip Graham, who was Meyer’s son-in-law, took over as the head publisher. At some point, a newspaper named Times-Herald merged with The Post in 1954.

This gave birth to the name ”The Washington Post and Times-Herald”. As a result of this, only Washington Star (Evening Star) and The Washington Daily News stood as major rivals of The Post.

The death of Philip Graham saw his Katharine Graham become the head publisher of the company. In 1979, her son, Donald E. Graham, took over as the publisher.

The Era Of Jeff Bezos

As the newspaper kept gaining popularity and value, it caught the interest of Jeff Bezos. It cost him $250 million to acquire The Paper. This happened in September 2013. He then, handed it over to Nash Holdings LLC, which was also his company.

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Based on Jeff Bezos’s appointment, Fred Ryan is established ’Politico’, became the publisher and chief executive officer of ‘The Post’. The plan was to digitalize ‘The Post’ to gain more worldwide audience.

From that point, it has moved from height to height. It had to relocate to another place that was located at One Franklin Square on K Street. It went further to create more innovations like an online personal finance section, a blog and a podcast. In appreciation of their exceptional work, they got the 2020 Webby People’s Voice Award for News & Politics in the Social and Web categories.

Executive Officers And Editors Of The Post

Major Stockholders

  1. Stilson Hutchins (1877–1889)
  2. Frank Hatton and Beriah Wilkins (1889–1905)
  3. John R. McLean (1905–1916)
  4. Edward (Ned) McLean (1916–1933)
  5. Eugene Meyer (1933–1948)
  6. The Washington Post Company (1948–2013)
  7. Nash Holdings (Jeff Bezos) (2013–present)


  1. Stilson Hutchins (1877–1889)
  2. Beriah Wilkins (1889–1905)
  3. John R. McLean (1905–1916)
  4. Edward (Ned) McLean (1916–1933)
  5. Eugene Meyer (1933–1946)
  6. Philip L. Graham (1946–1961)
  7. John W. Sweeterman (1961–1968)
  8. Katharine Graham (1969–1979)
  9. Donald E. Graham (1979–2000)
  10. Boisfeuillet Jones Jr. (2000–2008)
  11. Katharine Weymouth (2008–2014)
  12. Frederick J. Ryan Jr. (2014–present)

Executive Editors

  1. James Russell Wiggins (1955–1968)
  2. Ben Bradlee (1968–1991)
  3. Leonard Downie Jr. (1991–2008)
  4. Marcus Brauchli (2008–2012)
  5. Martin Baron (2012–2021)
  6. Sally Buzbee (2021–present)

Prominent Staff Of The Washington Post

  • Dan Balz, correspondent
  • Jonathan Capeheart, Associate Editor
  • Robert Costa, reporter
  • Michael de Adder, editorial cartoonist
  • Karoun Demirjian, reporter
  • Shane Harris, reporter
  • Fred Hiatt, editorial page editor overseeing Opinions section
  • David Ignatius, opinion writer
  • Jamal Khashoggi, columnist
  • Carol D. Leonnig
  • Ruth Marcus, deputy editorial page editor
  • Dana Milbank, opinion writer
  • David Nakamura, reporter
  • Ashley Parker

Average Staff Of The Washington Post

  • Kathleen Parker, opinion writer
  • Catherine Rampell, opinion writer
  • Eugene Robinson, opinion writer
  • Jennifer Rubin, opinion writer
  • Philip Rucker
  • Michelle Singletary, personal finance columnist
  • Dayna Smith, photojournalist
  • Stephen Stromberg, Editorial Board
  • David Weigel
  • Leana Wen, contributing columnist focusing on public health
  • George F. Will, opinion writer

Washington Post Subscription

There are two different subscriptions on The Washington Post. First, is the ’All-Access Digital’. If you subscribe to this package, you are entitled to uninterrupted live updates, concrete research and investigations. Also, you will get over 200 original stories daily and frequent access on our app and website. To subscribe, you will pay $29, annually.

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The second is the ’Premium Digital’. If you subscribe to this package, you are entitled to all-access digital features. In addition, you will get a free subscription, monthly digital pass and exclusive eBooks. To subscribe, you will pay $39, annually.

Washington Post Games

Some patronizers of the Washington Post may not have heard of their games. It is very interesting and educative. You can engage in these free online games and select the best one that you prefer. Some of the games include: card games, puzzles, brain games & others.


Where Is The Location Of The Washington Post?

The Washington Post has experienced series of relocation. But now, it is located at 1301 K St. NW in Washington, D.C.

What Is The Customer Service Line Of The Washington Post?

You can reach out to the customer service at 202-334-6100.

If I Wish To Access My Washington Post Subscription, How Do I Access It?

You can do that by going to the Washington Post’s website or through this link: https://subscribe.washingtonpost.com/profile/#/profile/access.

Also, you can select the Sign In option at the top of the page.

Is The Washington Post Involved In Politics?

Yes, it is. It majorly supports Democrats especially when its on the congressional, state, and local elections. But, in special elections, it supports Republican candidates.

How Much Does The Washington Post Pay?

The Washington Post salary differ based on qualifications. For Interns, you can earn up to $46,140 per year, then, a proper degree holder can earn $226,200 per year.


In this article, we studied ’Post (Washington, DC) 📰🇺🇸’ with these subtopics: Overview Of The Washington Post, History Of The Washington Post, The Era of Meyer–Graham, The Era Of Jeff Bezos, Executive Officers And Editors Of The Post, Prominent Staff Of The Washington Post, Average Staff Of The Washington Post, Washington Post Subscription and Washington Post Games.

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