Best Types of Windshield Sun Shade

This post “Best Types of Windshield Sun Shade” shows different types of Windshield sun shades with their cons and pros. We also discussed Windshield sun shade pricing and the benefits of having a Car Sun Shade and we answered questions like If my windows are tinted, do I still need a sun shade?

A useful and uncomplicated invention is the automobile sunshade. It shields your dashboard and interior components from the effects of prolonged and direct exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays in addition to keeping the interior of your car from overheating. Additionally, you can frequently find a respectable sunshade for a reasonable price. Although buying sunshades might seem straightforward, not all of them are created equal.

They are available in a huge selection of shapes, sizes, and designs. We have produced a shopping guide and a list of our top selections to help you filter through the possibilities so you know what to look for.

Best Windshield Sun Shade

Autoamerics Windshield Sun Shade

The 28 by 31-inch Autoamerics Windshield Sun Shade will prevent your dashboard from yellowing and cracking while also keeping the interior cool. The two-piece rectangular design is compatible with the majority of standard cars, mid-size SUVs, and trucks. For improved fit, you can install the shades either vertically or horizontally.

These shades have high-strength ductile wire and are made of high-density UV reflecting material, which blocks 99 percent of damaging UV radiation. Simply slip the shades under or over the rearview mirror to install or remove them. To keep them in place, you might also need to utilize the sun visors. You can keep them in the provided travel bag while not in use.


  • Brand: Autoamerics
  • Model: AMRC-shades
  • Weight: 7.8 ounces


  • Two different components are included for further versatility.
  • 99 percent of UV radiation is blocked.
  • For best fit, install either vertically or horizontally.


  • Thinner than some other materials
  • Difficult to squeeze into the storage bag
  • Not appropriate for all windshields

The EcoNour Windshield Sun Shade

The adjustable, nylon, and polyester sun shade from EcoNour is strong, portable, and quick to unfold. It comes in a pouch and is tiny enough to fit in the door pocket or glove box of your car. The sunshade is designed for smaller windshields and is available in a variety of sizes. Compared to an accordion-style sunshade, this one is more durable and convenient to install and store.

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Due to the flexible nature of its material, it opens quickly and blocks a sizable quantity of sunlight. Sun visors secure it in place while reducing the interior temperature of the car. It also looks professional and fits snuggly. It may be compressed into a small carrying case and is simple to release with a twist.

The thinness of the cloth means that it doesn’t totally block out the sun, which is a drawback. Additionally, collapsing it for storage could be a little complicated, but it comes with instructions on how to do it correctly. Additionally, the wire may occasionally shred the material over time and break apart.


  • Brand: EcoNour
  • Model: FBA ECO15070SunShade
  • Size: 4.8 ounces


  • Simple to install and fold away
  • Reduces the interior heat of your car.
  • Snugly and cleanly fits without appearing sloppy.


  • Sun may not be entirely blocked by the thin material.
  • Possibly difficult to collapse for storage
  • Over time, the wire has a tendency to rip through the substance.

Magnelex Sun Shade for Windshield

The Magnelex sun cover fits the majority of full-size automobiles, SUVs, trucks, and vans and is designed for extra-large windows (65.7 inches by 36.4 inches). The shade is packaged in a storage bag and is constructed of 210T reflective polyester. Free of charge, it also includes a steering wheel cover sun shade. The business offers a refund or free replacement policy.

The windshield is completely covered by this shade, which almost snaps into position to prevent the sun. Additionally, it has corner flaps to protect the corners, something other rival shades lack. It doesn’t sag, folds neatly, and takes up little space in your car.

Additionally, it has an elastic band that allows you to secure it rather than folding it back into the pouch. One concern is that size can be a problem. Another drawback is that the shade could get caught on the rearview mirror and obstruct anything attached to it, such a radar detector.


  • Brand: Magnelex
  • Model: 13
  • Weight: Six and a half ounces


  • Cleanly and easily folds
  • Never sag
  • Corner flaps with a unique design enclose the entire windshield.


  • Too large for many vehicles
  • May interfere with the rearview mirror or objects that hang from it
  • Shade has been known to fall down or slip

Benefits of having a Car Sun Shade

Cool off the interior of your car: On a scorching summer day, when your automobile is left in the sun for a while, the interior might become extremely warm. To keep your seats, steering wheel, and seat belts cool, the ideal automobile sun shade will have a reflective material. Your car’s interior temperature can be reduced by several degrees with a windshield shade.

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In the winter, heat the interior: On chilly winter days, the greatest automobile window shade might be beneficial. On warm winter days, certain products have heat-absorbing components that can actually raise the temperature inside your car.

Protect your children: Your kids will be considerably more comfortable in the backseat and have their skin protected by a passenger-side window sun shade. Additionally, it shields their eyes from the sun.

Obstruct UV rays: You and your passengers can be shielded from the sun’s damaging rays with a side window sun shade. You will be shielded from harmful rays, which can cause skin cancer, by the best sun protector for vehicle and truck windows.

Keep your electronics safe: The best car sun shades will shield your GPS, DVD player, radar detector, or computer tablet from sun harm if you keep them inside your car.

Don’t let the interior fade: If sun rays are not blocked, they can harm a variety of things. Dashboard, console, and upholstery can become faded due to UV rays. The steering wheel can break due to UV radiation as well.

They cost little: The greatest windshield sun shade offers a lot of advantages at a reasonable cost. There is no justification for not spending a small amount of money on your skin and vehicle.

Types of Car Sun Shades

Collapsible, Custom-Fit Sun Shade

Your particular car model’s windscreen is fitted with a specially manufactured sun shade.

It is made with the same proportions so that it may completely cover the glass. This kind of sun shade can be folded up conveniently for storage and is designed to offer complete sun protection.

Collapsible, Universal-Fit Sun Shade

This style of sunscreen is made to fit a range of automobiles. There may probably be gaps at the borders where it doesn’t quite fit your windshield, allowing some sunlight to enter. These shades are less expensive than custom shades and don’t require much storage space.

Accordion Sun Shades

Sun blinds that unfold and fold like an accordion are called accordion shades. They are less prone to fall off the windshield and may stay in place better than some other sun shade designs. They are available for many different vehicles, including sedans, trucks, and SUVs, although they frequently are big and require additional storage space.

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Key Elements


The best window protection for cars, trucks, and SUVs will be made of a strong, heat-resistant material. The best materials are usually nylon and polyester because they are both lightweight and durable. They are often simple to install as well. Other materials might not endure as long in the long run.


Depending on the size of your car, a windshield sun blocker can be little or enormous. While some products offer a universal fit, others offer a range of sizes so you can pick one that suits the window more precisely. These sizes are determined by the size of your windshield or the kind of car you drive, such as a sedan or an SUV.

Ease of Use

A car sunscreen needs to be simple to install. You want one that has the broadest possible coverage and is easy to install on the windshield. It is similarly crucial that the shade be simple to put away after use. Some blinds could be a little trickier to roll up for storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much sunlight is blocked by a sunshade?

The more sunlight will be blocked by a sun shade the better it is made. Some premium types may block up to 100% of the sun’s rays, greatly lowering the inside temperature.

How long can a sun shade be used?

High-quality materials can extend the lifespan of a decent sunshade by many years. The side that faces the sun, however, can deteriorate with time and lose part of its sun-blocking qualities. It will wear out more quickly if you use it more frequently.

If my windows are tinted, do I still need a sun shade?

A car sun cover can be helpful even with tinted windows, especially one for the side window for infants and young children. Some window tints don’t block UV radiation since they aren’t extremely dark. Having a sun cover is still advisable because several states severely restrict the amount of tinting that may be installed on your front windshield.

This post “Windshield Sun Shade Review/Assessment” shows different kinds of sun shades and Pros. Also see Cost of sun shade, Types and Benefits of windshield sun shade.

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