Best Types of Windshield Washer Fluid Review

Learn more about Best Types of Windshield Washer Fluid Review. Check Windshield washer fluid pricing, Types of windshield washer fluid, and Cost of windshield washer fluid. We also answer questions like, What should I do if the washer fluid is frozen? Why can’t I use water for windshield wiper fluid?

Because there are different seasons and driving situations, Windshield washer fluid has a variety of fluids that serve every driving condition. Therefore, you have to the several driving conditions into consideration while choosing the best windshield washer fluid for such. We took a step further to inform your decision better by rounding up the different varieties and putting them to the test. Go through this article on windshield washer fluid review and product assessment keenly to avoid missing a crucial point.

A safe driving experience is ensured by periodic checks of some basic car vitals. This includes checking your washer fluid reservoir, oil level, wheels, tire pressure, etc. However, pouring water or Windex or any other fluid aside from the windshield washer fluid on your reservoir is a very risky overture.

Best Windshield Washer Fluid

Rain-X 2-in-1 All Season

Rain-X 2-in-1 All-Season has summer bug-clearing power, water-beading hydrophobic treatment, and a zero-degree temperature rating. This makes it an exceptional windshield washer fluid. Also, the four-season heavy hitter is a bit more expensive than other blends but packs unparalleled formulation and temperature range.

We blasted a gallon over the windshield and through the headlight washer out on the road with excellent results. The orange liquid powered through bugs and road grime with streak-free evaporation for a clear view of the road. Automatic Rain-X window treatment was a bonus. Hydrophobic treatment helps stop salty winter road spray from sticking to the windshield or headlight glass in the first place.

It is very easy to forget there is still summer washer fluid in the reservoir until it freezes up right in the middle of a chase. The Rain-X 2-in-1 All-season takes the chances of unexpected freeze-ups away. This is what makes the feature-packed formula more convenient and suitable for the driving experience.

303 Instant Windshield Washer

We could not believe it when we opened up the shipping box, but 303 Instant Windshield Washer Tablets packed 25 gallons into 25 tablets about the size of four stacked quarters. The plastic storage tube easily fits in most glove boxes, and each tablet makes one gallon of washer fluid. The tablets can be dropped into the washer fluid reservoir or mixed

The experiment of plunking a few tablets into the glass container here shows the instant washer fluid
process. The tablets dissolved in about a minute and left no sediment. Road vibrations helped the dissolution process in no time, and the instant blend performed as well as any of the tested summer varieties.

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The plastic packaging is less and the fuel used to haul gallon jugs of washer fluid all over the continent helps the efficiency of the dry tablets from an ecological standpoint. It is always better to keep the tablets dry until it’s time for effervescent action. 303 Instant Windshield Washer Fluid tablets are made for summer use. However, adding methyl alcohol makes a winter blend.

SONAX Clear View

SONAX Clear View is another superior formulation. The combination of quality, effectiveness and convenience it embodies gives it an edge over competitors. This makes it an easy choice when it comes to a better brand of washer fluid for car users.

The formula was devoid of phosphate making enabling its uncommon performance on the road. It also comes with a lemon-lime fragrance which gives a springtime scent to anyone who uses any other brand on a hot summer night. This makes SONAX
Clear View a major in the league.

Ingredients like anti-lime scaling makes it possible for the concentrated washer fluid to be mixed with regular water without any adverse effect. Also, it is safe to use on paints and plastics including xenon headlamps. The one-way valve and marked milliliter scale makes it possible to measure the ideal ratio of concentrate to water. 20ml makes about a half a gallon, and the bottle yields 6 gallons in total.

A Few Words About Concentrates

Most of our test washer fluids are usually bought locally and online. Over time we have observed a few things from our online purchase. Some pre-mixed gallons carry a significant premium over the same gallon off the local shelf and availability was thin. On the other hand, there was a large variety of concentrated and tablet washer fluid options we had never seen on any local shelf.

We came to the conclusion that concentrates are a better choice while buying online. This choice is based on economic and packaging considerations. Our conclusion was informed by the observation we made on delivery when a truck came to drop off a giant box with a single pre-mixed gallon of windshield washer fluid wrapped in plastic bags inside.

We are more familiar with SONAX and 303 Instant Washer Fluid Tablets than the other brands. The concentrate offers a combination of performance and convenience. Formula 1 and Qwix featured measuring chambers for easy mixing on one bottle of GUNK made 1.5 gallons. Super concentrates like Aqua Charge are probably better for high-volume home mixing and other essential value it offers.

We did not realize there were several other concentrated products out there. The biggest challenge was the concentrates requiring a mixture of methanol for winter use. This was a drawback because the concentrates are usually great in summer. Also, you just check your state or local laws on methanol and concentrated washer fluids before winter.

Aqua Charge Windshield Washer Ultra Concentrate

Sanco Industries Aqua Charge is precisely made to service a fleet of vehicles or long-haul RV travel. A 32-ounce container of the concentrated formula makes 55 gallons of windshield washer fluid. The super concentrate pays off with the lowest price per
gallon out of all our test products. One tablespoon was all it took to make a gallon of full-strength washer fluid with good performance.

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Aqua Charge concentrate packs a lot into a little, but with power comes responsibility. Use protective gloves and keep the concentration off any surfaces. Wipe down the container before removing your gloves and be sure the cap is on tight. Aqua Charge is rated for summer use right out the bottle. Add methanol according to the manufacturer’s recommendations as the temperatures fall into the freezing ranges.

Prestone De-Icer

Prestone De-Icer is precisely built to get you through the deep freeze season. It is a heavy-duty cold-weather formula. Winter washer fluid bends might not get through the cold temperature dip. Therefore, we recommend you go for a de-icer especially if you live close to the poles or own at least two pairs of thermal underpants. Try to top up your front headlight washer system with De-Icer in the winter months.

Unexpected icy windshield haze can be dangerous in already dicey winter road conditions. Sub-zero temperatures combined with the wind chill factor, and whatever chemical endothermic reaction keeps salty slush liquid below 32 degrees all conspire for windshield freeze-up with some winter blends. Don’t expect de-icers to melt away heavy
snow and ice. You’ll still need an ice scraper or chisel. Tip: Look for springtime de-icer closeout deals and stock up on the cheap.

Types of Windshield Washer Fluid


The most commonly used. windshield washer fluid comes in already-made plastic gallon jugs. They have a wide variety of formulas from summer bug melting blends to deep freeze winter de-icers.

Liquid Concentrates:

Liquid windshield washer concentrates are a more meticulous package. If you do not have to store gallon jugs, they are for you. This is because the concentrates can be mixed with water directly in the
washer fluid reservoir.

Dry Tablet Concentrates:

Dry tablets are more convenient and economical. It takes a little mixture of water to concentrate into a compact package. It dissolves quickly and can be poured directly into a water-filled reservoir for instant washer fluid.

Washer Fluid Formulations


We make summer washer fluids for light freezing conditions. However, if you want to use our summer washer fluid for conditions below freezing, we recommend you add methanol. This is because all our concentrated and tablet washer fluids are made for summer use.


Winter washer fluid formulas contain methanol or ethylene glycol to prevent freeze-up in the lines, nozzles, or on your windshield. Make sure to empty any leftover summer fluid before topping up the tank with a winter blend.

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All-season formulas promise it all with a year-round mix of ingredients for every situation. Year-round washer fluids are a great option for moderate winters, but keep an eye on operational temperature ranges as they vary between brands and blends.


Specialty formulas fill in the gaps with bonus capability. Bug blends put some extra power in the tank to clear grasshopper guts, de-icers can cut through deep winter freezes, and water-beading hydrophobic polymers can help your windshield repel
rain and snow.

Windshield Washer Fluid Pricing

Under $5: Five dollars will get you one or more gallons of the highest quality of our pre-mixed washer fluid right off the shelf. Take note of quality with less than a dollar per gallon.
• $5-10: You will get this category of washer fluid at gas stations, highways,s or tollgates. Washer fluid under this category is perceived to be the most prominent.
Over $10: Concentrates, tablets, and OEM factory fluids can crest the framework mark. However, online premixed gallons carry a premium over off-the-shelf


Here are answers to your questions on windshield washer fluid product review and assessment.

Q: Why can’t I use water for windshield wiper fluid?

A: You can. However, it is not advisable to use water. This is because water will not clean as perfectly as washer fluid. Again, weather conditions are put into consideration as will freeze up as the temperature dips. Also, Minerals from tap water will leave spots and scars on the paint while long-term minerals will clog up the car vitals like nozzles and fluid pumps.

Q: What’s in windshield wiper fluid?

A: Manufacturers use proprietary ingredients depending on the brand of the product. Summer blends might contain some ammonia or bug-dissolving enzymes. Winter washer fluid often contains methanol and some ethylene glycol to prevent freezing.

Q: How do I add windshield fluid to my car?

A: Check your owner’s manual. There, you will see a way to locate your reservoir. Find a tank away
from the engine with windshield wipers on the cap. Grab a funnel and pour away. Concentrates can be mixed with water directly in the tank. However, if you are not certain of this, do not try it.

Q: What should I do if the washer fluid is frozen?

A: Sprayer nozzles are usually the first thing to freeze up. Try pouring some winter blend washer fluid over the nozzles. Household rubbing alcohol or methanol can also do the trick. Alcohol might help loosen up frozen reservoirs, but a gradual meltdown is the safest method.

We shall now draw the curtain on this fantastic post on windshield washer fluid product review and assessment. Trust you learned something.

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