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About Acorn Insurance

In the UK, we have more than 40 years of expertise assisting individuals just like you in finding the appropriate house, auto, van, motor trade, and taxi insurance. We can give a variety of insurance products that are specifically suited to you since we are a specialized insurance provider. Our team of highly qualified insurance specialists is here to assist you in finding the ideal insurance plan!
Give us a call right now to learn more about what we have to offer and how we can assist you. You could also just submit an online price request.

Types of Insurance

Car insurance

We Take the Time to Understand Your Requirements for Car Insurance and Locate the Best Price for You
No matter your driving past or convictions, we are here to assist you. Therefore, do not be concerned if you have points or a prior conviction on your record.
Get a quick quotation for specialized auto insurance right now.
Get affordable quick UK auto insurance now.
Take advantage of our valuable expertise and prompt assistance.
Obtain a car insurance quote online right now.
Alternatively, just contact our UK auto insurance specialists right now! Talk to us about your requirements, and we’ll then help you choose a policy that suits you: 01704 33 90 00

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What Does Your Automobile Cover Insurance Cover?

Being a specialized auto insurance provider, we start with the fundamental level of protection and also let you add to your coverage as needed and as per your concerns. This prevents you from spending money on items you may not necessarily desire and also allows you to simply pay for the insurance you truly need.

Accident & Claims Helpline is available 24/7

Third Party Only, Third Party, Fire & Theft, or Complete

Over 21s are also Supplied with a Complimentary Automobile

Cover for Glass Windscreen

Third-Party Insurance for European Drivers

Even if You Have Points on Your License, Insurance Is Taken Into Account

Legal Costs are Standardly Covered

14-Day Period of Refund

Optional Add-Ons

Key Care – For missing, stolen, or lost keys (including the cost of having locks replaced if required).
Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having Acorn Insurance’s breakdown cover at your side. All house and roadside callouts also fall under this category.
Please take the time to read our entire terms and conditions before purchasing a policy as all of our car insurance plans are subject to them.

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Taxi insurance

Since our establishment in 1982, we have assisted numerous public and private hire taxi drivers. We are also able to provide you with comprehensive taxi driver insurance.
Whether you need yearly taxi insurance, temporary taxi coverage, or fleet coverage, we have the taxi coverage to meet your requirements.
Acorn Insurance specializes in providing assistance to those who may have had prior claims, traffic infractions, or license points.
Our devoted taxi staff has worked with a wide range of UK taxi insurance brokers for more than 40 years as cab insurers. Together, they are also aware of your needs and wants in regard to a cab policy.
We run a 24-hour claim line from the UK to make sure we are there when you need us. Call 0330 331 0716, and one of our helpful claims assistants will assist you.

For what geographic areas does Acorn provide quotes?

Since its inception in 1982, Acorn has assisted many UK-based private and public hire taxi drivers by providing nationwide coverage. We don’t currently provide insurance in Northern Ireland.

Have you been refused Taxi Insurance elsewhere?

It is not unusual for many insurers to deny you taxi insurance if you have had driving or criminal convictions. When bidding for taxi insurance, Acorn stands out when other insurance firms falter because we consider all experience, background, and conditions. Therefore, don’t be discouraged and get in contact with Acorn to see how we may reduce the cost of your taxi insurance.

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Home Insurance

Specialist Non-Standard Home Insurance

Protect your home, your property, and your most valuable possessions with our bespoke building and contents home insurance
Acorn insurance helps UK homeowners and tenants find bespoke home insurance, even when they have been refused household insurance before. We also help those who have had a home insurance policy canceled due to a claim in the past. Additionally, we offer a wide range of household cover options for all the circumstances detailed below:

Homes at Risk of Flood
Properties with a History of Subsidence
Unoccupied Properties
Probate / Executor of an Estate
Landlord OR Tenant
Building an Extension
Personal History and Previous Claims Insurance
UK Holiday or Second Home
If you have been refused coverage by another provider, we can still help you get a great insurance policy that meets your needs and works for you.
To get an online quote for home insurance instantly, click “Get a Quote“, OR call our UK-based insurance team now to discuss your needs and help you find a policy that works for you: 01704 33 99 24

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What is Included in Your Home Insurance Policy?

Acorn is a specialist home insurance provider. This means we build up your household cover from the base level, depending on your unique needs. This ensures that you only pay for the household insurance you need and not extras that you may not actually want.

24/7 Accident and Claims Helpline
Fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake and smoke, storm, or weight of snow
Flood Risk
Escape of water or oil of domestic goods
Theft, Vandalism, and Malicious Acts
Riot, civil, commotion, violent disorder, strike, or labour disturbance
Impact or collision
Subsidence, landslip or heave on the land on which the building stands
10% increase in cover for special occasions such as Weddings and Christmas
Moving home
Freezer damage, the value of the loss of food
Loss or damage to garden contents
Tenants’ liability and improvements
Lock and keys
Deeds and documents
Legal Liability
*T&Cs apply so please speak to our experts regarding the level of cover you require.

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Optional Extras

Working from Home Cover – Your house insurance may be expanded to include your home office. This add-on option is ideal for independent contractors or single proprietors that keep inventory or company supplies at home. To extend your insurance to cover both you and your company, talk to one of our home specialists.
Raise your insurance coverage to safeguard expensive objects that you often take with you or use while away from home. Money and credit cards are included in this.
Safeguard Your No Claims Bonus. Spend a bit more to safeguard your no-claims bonus. To learn more, contact our home cover staff right now.
Please take the time to read our entire terms and conditions before purchasing a policy as all of our house insurance plans are subject to them.

Specialist Home Insurance

Our specialist building and contents home insurance will not only cover the structure of your home but also the fixtures & fittings, along with your priceless possessions.

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How to Make a Claim

If you need to make a claim, it is important to inform us immediately. If you leave it too late, you will then need to provide additional evidence to support your claim, which may delay the process.
To inform us of a household claim please call: 0330 331 0747
To inform us of a Home Emergency claim please call: 0330 331 0748

How to Change My Home Insurance Policy

If you need to make any changes or updates to your homeowner’s insurance policy, please call our house insurance team: 0330 331 0749. Changes and adjustments may incur an administration fee, so please check the terms of business.

How to Extend My Policy or Increase My Level of Cover

There is a 12-month limit for each insurance term. We will notify you via email when your property insurance policy is up for renewal. Please get in touch with our house insurance team if you want to negotiate the renewal pricing with us or if you want to improve your level of protection.
Also, ensure to get in touch with our staff before the policy expires if you have short-term home insurance coverage with us and would want to renew it. Moreover, to ensure that you are constantly covered, we may extend the cover duration for you.

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Van insurance

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

We take the time to understand your individual van insurance needs, in order to find you the best deal possible.
Here at Acorn Insurance, we assess each van driver’s policy individually and specialize in providing unique cover for each customer. We consider all drivers, even if you have a past conviction or points on your license. We will endeavor to help you, no matter what your driving background or history.

Get an instant quote for specialist van insurance
Enjoy instant cover
Benefit from our wealth of experience
Efficient, UK-based service
Get a UK Van Insurance Quote
Simply click “Get a Quote” to get an online quotation now, or call our UK-based van insurance team to discuss your needs on 01704 33 99 26. We will help you find the right van insurance policy that works for you.

What is Included in Your Van Insurance Policy?

Being a specialized van insurance provider, we begin with the fundamental level of protection and let you construct your policy from scratch. As a result, you only pay for the coverage you need and do not spend money on extras you may not really want. We customize your van insurance based on your precise requirements or the things that worry you.

Bespoke cover, even if you have got points on your license
Legal Expenses Covered as Standard*
Comprehensive and Third Party, Fire & Theft
24/7 accident & claims helpline
A courtesy car provided on comprehensive policies
Glass windscreen cover on comprehensive policies
Optional Extras
Breakdown Cover – Enjoy the peace of mind of having Acorn Insurance breakdown cover at your side. This includes callouts both at home and at the roadside.
Key Care – For lost, misplaced, or stolen keys (includes the cost of having locks replaced, if required).
Third-party cover when driving in Europe*
*All of our policies are subject to terms and conditions so please take the time to read our full terms and conditions before taking out a policy.

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Commercial Van Insurance Tailored Specifically For Your Needs

Acorn believes you should not pay for a van cover that you will not use.
When you compare van insurance with other UK providers, Acorn Insurance does not apply blanket policies to our customers.
Our Commercial Vehicle Insurance is Perfect For:
Business Vans
Courier Vans
Small Vans
Transit Vans

Every vehicle being utilized for business purposes must have current commercial vehicle insurance, as required by law. The correct van insurance will safeguard not just the general public but also you and your company. Sadly, clients must be at least 21 years old to get this insurance coverage. Therefore, give us a call as soon as possible to discuss your requirements and let us assist you in finding specialized van insurance.

Already an Acorn Insurance Customer?

Are all your van insurance details up to date? If not, you will need to inform us as soon as possible to avoid your policy being invalid.

Make a Change to My Van Cover Policy

Make simple changes to your van insurance policy online.

Or feel free to contact our friendly team now, at 01704 339 000. They will be more than happy to help you with any questions that you may have.

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Motor trade insurance

Specialist Insurance for UK Motor Traders

In order to get you the best rate, we take the time to fully comprehend your specific demands for motor trader insurance.
We specialize in providing personalized service that considers each individual’s demands for each possible insurance. Regardless of your driving history or background, we will try to assist you even if other insurance companies have rejected your application for coverage.
Get a swift quote for a specialist motor trade cover
Enjoy rapid cover that will not break the bank
Benefit from our vast experience, alongside our efficient UK-based service
Get an online quote for vehicle trade insurance by clicking “Get a Quote“, OR call our UK-based insurance team now to discuss your needs, now. We will help you find a policy that works for you: 01704 33 99 28

Non-Standard Motor Trade Insurance

Our motor trade insurance plans are specially designed for businesses that mandate that workers use cars that neither they nor the employer own. A vehicle dealership, an MOT testing facility, or a garage are a few examples.
Individuals who work in these fields must be insured in order to use a car. This indicates that a certain kind of motor trade insurance coverage is essential for your company.
A private policy just defines the vehicle and the driver, which is the main difference between it and our specialized motor commerce insurance. On the other hand, motor trade insurance coverage merely names the driver. You may also use any vehicle for motor commerce purposes thanks to this. Motor trade road risk insurance is an additional option that provides comparable advantages and allows you to add additional policy extensions.
We will look into all of the factors listed below, to help reduce your insurance premium:
The make and model of the vehicle(s)
The named drivers that need to be added to the policy – age restrictions may apply
Your registered business postcode
The automotive industry you are operating in
Annual mileage Breakdown or recovery required
Number of years no claims bonus
For a free, no-obligation, quote, call our team of insurance experts now at: 01704 33 99 28, or click “Get a Quote“.

Our Motor Trade Insurance is perfect for:
Car Dealerships – Insurance that extends to your customers and staff during test drives.
MOT Test Centres – Insurance to drive a customer’s vehicle to check for faults and other issues relating to your business.
Garages – Insurance to move or drive a customer’s vehicle for business purposes.
UK Motor Trader Insurance
A motor trade policy designed especially for UK motor traders just like you!

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What is Included in Your Motor Trade Policy?

As specialized motor trade insurers, we let you customize your trader’s insurance to meet the unique needs of your company. We also think you should only pay for the insurance coverage you truly need and avoid spending more money than necessary on extras.

24/7 Accident & claims helpline
Comprehensive; Third Party, Fire & Theft; or Third Party Only
Glass windscreen cover
Third-party cover when driving in Europe
Bespoke cover, even if you have points on your license
Optional Extras
Key Care – For lost, misplaced, or stolen keys (including the cost to have locks replaced if required).
Public Liability Insurance – Liability insurance protects you, both legally and financially, from any accident or injury claims made against your motor trade business from the general public. This includes trips, slips, and falls on the premises as well as customers’ personal items that may get damaged while on-site.
Premises Cover – This insurance covers vehicles parked on your property, for risks such as damage or theft.
Employer’s Liability Insurance – If you have employees working for your motor trade business, it is a requirement to have employer liability cover in place.
*All of our policies are subject to terms and conditions so please take the time to read our full terms and conditions before taking out a policy.

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Acorn insurance claim

Acorn Insurance Claim Line: 0345 092 0700
Alternatively, you can text your vehicle registration number or Acorn Insurance policy number to 83118 to receive a call-back from our team.

Acorn insurance reviews

Acorn Insurance has 5 stars on Trustpilot! Here are what people have written so far.

I recently had to cancel my policy however there would have been a significant charge for doing so but
HIFZA an absolute star of a helpful person managed to get it written off she was such a helpful person I just had to write this review as soon as she found that I was struggling with benefits she sorted things out for me what an absolutely wonderful person well done HIFZA and thank you so very much
Date of experience: February 18, 2023

I didn’t get the name of who I spoke to unfortunately but she was so lovely & helpful!
My query wasn’t the most straightforward forward but she made the whole experience extremely stress free! I have had a nightmare with other insurance companies this last week so finally having it sorted correctly and efficiently is a massive relief! Thank you!
Date of experience: February 16, 2023
Got an email from Acorn to upload a pending document for my proof of no claims discount and a young lady from Merseyside. Hopefully, a Liverpool fan like myself was so good in helping me to upload this document. She was very calm and very helpful because I am not that good at sending emails but she really did make me feel comfortable and at ease, five stars to her and I will definitely recommend acorn insurance to my family and friends.
Date of experience: February 15, 2023

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Acorn insurance email


Acorn insurance address

Acorn insurance is headquartered at The Lighthouse, 98 Liverpool Rd, Formby, Liverpool L37 6BS, UK.

Acorn contact number

Customer Service 01704 270 027
Motor Trade Quotes 01704 270 033
Commercial Vehicle Quotes 01704 270 051
Taxi Insurance 01704 270 040
Commercial Vehicle Insurance 01704 270 004
Private Car Insurance 01704 277 000
Home Insurance 01704 270 002
Claims 0345 092 0700
Birmingham Branch 0121 425 1020
Leeds Branch 0113 887 1006
London Branch 0203 871 0500
Crystal Palace Branch 0203 871 0700
East London 0203 871 0600
South London 0203 871 0800
West London 0203 871 0900
Manchester 0161 273 6815
Ireland Office +353 1890 800 222

All cost Up to 55p/minute

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Who underwrites Acorn insurance?

Leading insurers like Haven, Axa, Brit, Groupama, Aria Assistance, Faraday, and many others underwrite our policies.

Is Acorn part of Haven Insurance?

Acorn Insurance and Financial Services Ltd T/A Haven Claims are the UK claims to handle team for Haven Insurance.

What is the breakdown number for Acorn insurance?

In the event of an insured incident, first, check that the circumstances are covered by this policy. Then contact our breakdown line via 0330 331 0194 and provide your policy information and your name.

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How to pay Acorn insurance?

You can make any outstanding payments by logging on to or calling the automated service on 0330 331 0022.

Is Acorn Insurance a broker?

Established in 1980, Acorn is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority to conduct general insurance broking and is a member of the British Insurance Brokers Association.

Does Acorn insurance have an app?

Download the taxi insurance by Acorn app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, register on the app, and insert details from an existing policy or get a quote and start managing your policy as and when you want to.

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