Services Offered Affinity Health Insurance South Africa

Affinity Health Insurance South Africa which we will be discussing today tends to give its clients unique yet affordable medical services. Medical solutions with the best possible health care are provided at very cost-effective and simple terms. Indeed, you will gladly spend because you know that the services rendered is worth the price.

Below, we will be discussing the history of this company and the products that they offer. Also, we will be discussing the various health services and the steps you need to take to access the cover plans.

History of Affinity Health Insurance South Africa

As a result of the vision to provide all South Africans with the best health care, Affinity Health was established in 2011. This insurance company is well-known for its strong unwavering principles and its reputation exceeds them. With Affinity Health, you will find it very easy and stress-free to apply for medical aid. In cases of emergency, you can get all the assistance you need as their helpline is on 24/7.

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Services Offered by Affinity Health Insurance South Africa

You are entitled to progressive, professional medical care with Affinity Medical Aid. Boundless access is offered to customers to visit the General Practitioner’ office. In the event of an emergency, illness, or dreadful disease, your hospitalization is covered and they ensure your comfort. If an accident transpires, you are covered by the Emergency cover. In addition, they provide you with prescribed medication when necessary. Their Intensive Care Unit is filled with qualified workers that are committed to their duty and carries it out with passion and tenderness. We will go ahead to discuss the various coverage plans that they provide below.

Day-to-Day Cover Plan

This plan provided by Affinity Health starts from R649 a month. When it’s recommended by your network General Practitioner, you can gain access to doctors’ visits, dental cover, and optometry with this cover. You are also offered unlimited radiology and pathology with this plan. In addition, you are provided with post-hospital private home nursing at the value of R10 000 per year. Indeed, you are offered access to a nationwide network of medical professionals.

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Hospital Cover

This medical aid plan comes with 24/7 emergency coverage and provides benefits that come with accidents and permanent disabilities. In addition, the hospital cover also offers a hospital benefit that gives you medication for unforeseen illnesses. You are also provided with casualty room benefits and 24-hour EMS and even maternity cover. Furthermore, access to private hospitals is given to you and they offer you sub-acute hospitalization and day clinic procedures. Also, you are given access to diagnostic procedures and serious illness coverage. Medical expenses have two types of costs associated with hospitalization which are covered by this plan.

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Firstly, there is the hospital stay costs that increase each passing day during your stay at the hospital. They include your general daily expenses like bed, meals and theatre. Then the other is the medical costs which include charges from specialists like radiologists, anaesthetists, and surgeons. However, you must ensure pre-authorization has been obtained in all cases including emergencies prior to admission. You can either contact Affinity Health by calling 0861 11 0033 or 071 314 5862 to obtain pre-authorization.

Combined Cover

Just as the name implies, you are offered the best of the both above-mentioned plans by this cover. As a bonus, you get an increase in the Casualty Room Cover as well as other innovative benefits. Unlimited doctor’s visit and medication for the treatment of common ailments is provided to you by this plan. In addition, you enjoy extra benefits such as dentistry, optometry, radiology and more. The hospitalization plan covers your daily stay in the hospital, accidents, serious illness and maternity.

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Affinity Junior Plan

Affordable healthcare is given to kids through this medical plan in order to keep them healthy and vibrant. Indeed, this plan is very unique and innovative as it only insures your children. Affinity Junior offers unlimited medication, managed doctor consultations and hospitalization depending on the plan chosen.

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Affinity Senior Plan

The backbone of every society is the senior citizens so Affinity Health understands their importance and ensures that they are healthy. Therefore, this vision and reason gave birth to the Affinity Senior Plan. This plan provides a wide range of benefits such as unlimited doctor consultations with any GP of your preference on the network. In addition, senior citizens receive basic acute medication, hospitalization for illness and medical emergencies. Spouses and dependents are also catered for by this same policy.

Benefits of Affinity Health Insurance South Africa

There is a comprehensive network of doctors and hospitals made available to you by Affinity Health Insurance South Africa. This network of doctors and hospitals is committed and works very hard to provide you with the best possible care at affordable prices. A dedicated team of specialists are at your service to provide you with advice and assist you with claims and pre-authorizations. In addition, you are offered day-to-day illness benefits and comfortable hospitalization.

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Steps to Take in Applying for a Cover Plan at Affinity Health Insurance South Africa

Note that there are three things you must have before attempting to apply for any coverage plan. They include Proof of your Identity Document (ID), Proof of your physical address and Proof of income. Once you have these three, follow the following steps to insure your health. Firstly, fill in the first form that comes up after you have clicked on the ‘APPLY NOW’ button. After you have done that, fill in your title and other basic personal information. Next, you will be required to specify the medical aid plan you would like for you and your family.

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Then, the Affinity team will notify you whether you qualify for medical aid after they have cleared all details with the government. However, they will contact you to ensure that they answer any enquiries that you might have if there are many hick-ups at the forefront.

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How to Contact Affinity Health Insurance, South Africa

For your enquiries or complaints, you can visit them at 1 Dingler St, Rynfield, Benoni Gauteng 1514 South Africa. You can also reach out to them by calling 086 111 0033 or 086 607 9419.


We have learnt about Affinity Health Insurance South Africa and the various medical aid plans that they offer. However, you can conduct personal research if you wish to get extensive information on them.

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