African Unity Insurance South Africa

African Unity Insurance South Africa which we will be discussing offers innovative and value-adding financial products and services. This is a licensed life insurer and an authorized financial services provider. Insuring more than 3 million lives, they offer products such as funeral insurance, health insurance, and life, and credit life insurance.

Below are the various insurance products and services offered by African Unity Insurance South Africa.

Services offered by African Unity Insurance South Africa

Funeral Insurance

An innovative and white-labelled group scheme funeral cover solution is provided by this insurance policy. The principal member, as well as their eligible spouse, children, and extended family, are covered by our standard benefit which includes a predetermined amount of group funeral cover. In addition, there are other extra value-add products and services that can easily be added to this policy. To ensure the security of the policyholder’s family, the affordable group funeral policy provides extended family members with funeral benefits. Furthermore, this policy also provides increased cover in the event of accidental deaths or deaths from road accidents. Also, there are additional funeral support services that involve repatriation of mortal remains, emergency medical assistance, HIV/AIDS counseling, and legal and death assistance.

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When the worst happens, their group funeral cover solutions offer exactly what the client needs. African Unity takes the burden of the financial ramifications of the person or the loved one to enable the family grieves without worrying about the expenses. As a result of this, the funeral cost payouts are prompt and things are kept simple.

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Health Insurance

Various health insurance benefits are offered by African Unity Insurance South Africa. However, they provide long-term health insurance coverage but note that this is not medical aid. They do this as a result of medical aids being too expensive so despite that, they ensure people have access to this essential cover. Therefore, in order to allow your workforce to gain access to affordable primary healthcare, they offer this easy solution. Various long-term group health cover options are provided by African Unity to cover specific needs. In addition, a selection of ready-made options is offered and the group health insurance product can be designed to accommodate larger groups or unions.

To enable clients to function at their best at all times, African Unity Insurance South Africa provides them with health insurance benefits. In the event of falling ill, they are given access to healthcare facilities and group health insurance coverage. Their long-term health insurance coverage offers benefits like hospitalization for serious illnesses of all types, dread diseases, and ICU care. Furthermore, they cover maternity requirements and cases of accidental injury. Specifically stated benefits are offered to those with issues of kidney stones, gall bladder, and hysterectomies. This policy ensures that the client does need not to worry about the financial implications of any serious health issues.

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Life Insurance

African Unity offers everything you might need and provides benefits for you and your family in this policy. With either death or disability, the last thing a family will need to deal with is the financial burden that comes with it. Many uncertainties are brought up by the death of a loved one especially if it was the breadwinner of the family. Therefore, the life insurance product offered by African Unity covers the financial burden in the event of death. They can provide tailor-made group life insurance solutions as a result of the full life license that they have. As a result, a lump sum payout to loved ones is offered in the unfortunate circumstance of death or disability.

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In the event of death, their life insurance product serves as an assurance to the family that they will not be financially crippled. Indeed, the act of families grieving without any additional stress is the real value of life insurance. Their group scheme products are distributed through various means such as broker networks, insurance administrators, funeral parlor networks, church networks, and underwriting managers.

Credit Life Insurance

The outstanding credit or loan amount which will relieve the financial burden on the family is settled by this policy benefits. This policy is utilized in the event of the principal member’s death, permanent disability, or retrenchment. Indeed, this policy helps cater to the principal and the family when they need it the most. Whenever an outstanding debt is settled, there is proof of the payoff balance from the insurer to the lender. Various forms of debt such as personal loans, purchases, and credit and overdraft accounts are covered by the benefits of this long-term insurance. In the event of death, permanent disability, and retrenchment, this long-term insurance policy offers you peace of mind.

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Travel Cover

There are many uncertainties filled with traveling but with just, you are assured of you and your family is protected. JustGO serves as an ideal choice for travelers, quite affordable and covers means of transportation by land or air. African Unity Insurance South Africa provides these innovative insurance products to offer cover for your entire family at an affordable price. This product is designed to specifically meet the needs of all travelers as it covers you for as little as R9 000. The travel protection covers you for a continuous period of 30 days from the day you depart in case of accidental death. With just R6, children up to the age of 14 can enjoy the cover of R7 500.

Note that the premium of this policy is a once-off payment made in advance and confirmation is immediate. Comparative options and alternatives to and from all intercity bus stations and airports in South Africa are offered to users. Also, the policy offers flights to and from the rest of the world and all major forms of payment are accepted online.

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How to contact African Unity Insurance South Africa

There are different branches of African Unity that you can visit to make your inquiries or lay down your complaints. Their head office is located at 109 Jip de Jager Drive, Springfield Office Park, Cape Town 7350, South Africa. Another branch is located at Fairview Office Park, 2nd floor Fairview House, 66 Ring Road, Port Elizabeth 6057, South Africa. The next one is located at Braampark Office Park, Forum 3, First floor, 33 Hoofd Street, Johannesburg 2001, South Africa. You can also reach them by contacting 086 1234 555 or 021 180 4725 or emailing them at


We have learned a lot about African Unity Insurance South Africa and the various insurance products that they offer. However, you can carry out your personal research if you want extensive information on African Unity Insurance South Africa.

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