Technical Analysis Courses For Trading Success

Technical Analysis Courses For Trading Success. In this article, we place our focus on the best technical analysis courses for trading success. This courses in their different categories are : Udemy, Travis Rose, Bullish Bears, StockCharts and Chart Guys. Now, let us discuss the topic properly.

Technical analysis courses for trading success, enables you to analyse and  understand the price movements in order to identify potentially profitable trading opportunities. Studying technical analysis can be stressful.  It involves price trend lines, chart patterns, and calculated indicators that needs to be interpreted. It will enable you to know the best time to enter and exit a trade.

You cant make use of technical analysis, of you have no knowledge of it. Its not all about learning technical analysis, you also  need to learn behavioral economics and risk management. The more knowledge and practice you have, the more confidence you gain. That is why you need technical analysis courses for trading success.

The more people trade on stocks, the more they need technical analysis. This is to enable them maximize their investment. The major issue is that most technical analysis course doesn’t contain enough information.

Below are the best technical analysis courses in 2022.

Top Technical Analysis Courses in 2022

  • The Best Overall: Udemy
  • Good for Beginners: Travis Rose
  • Ideal for Learning While Trading: Bullish Bears
  • Good for Charting Services: StockCharts
  • Best for Comprehensive Offering: Chart Guys
  • Best for Learning From One of the Greats: Charting School


With, Udemy Technical Analysis Masterclass, both beginners and intermediate traders are educationally covered. Its membership fee is $17.99.


  • It is a world-class provider of educational courses
  • Experts and experienced traders lecture the beginner.
  • Lifetime access to materials


  • No opportunity for practical application

Anyone searching for a place to study any investment related course, should choose Udemy. The offer good articles for educational purposes. Udemy Technical Analysis Masterclass is headed by technical analyst Jyoti Bansal

Outstanding experts come and lecture beginners on educational flatform

In Udemy, there is a seven on-demand video classes, but you also get access to seven articles, eight downloadable resources, two practice tests, and four assignments with in-depth explanations. All these for a low price of $17.99.

Udemy receives a rating of 9.8 out of 10. This was done by Counter masks. Also helps students find the best classes based on student feedback.

Travis Rose

Travis Rose is the owner of Ultimate Candlestick Trading & Analysis Masterclass Bundle. This masterclass bundle is packed with courses, enriched with current information. Information that enable beginners learn fast. That is why we picked Travis Rose as the best technical analysis course.


  • It is beginner specific.  
  • Comprehensive course
  • Beginners have unlimited  access to materials
  • It is highly rated.
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  • No coaching or mentoring

The sole purpose of this particular course, is to guide novice traders through the gradual ways of analyzing candle stick charts. An extensive has been put out by Travis Rose. This will enable beginners to avoid mistakes while analyzing candlestick charts.

Travis Rose Ultimate Candlestick Trading & Analysis Masterclass Bundle is widely regarded as the best technical analysis course for novice traders.

This technical analysis course, contains 136 lessons, 40 lectures, on-demand videos, 14 multiple-choice quizzes and a free stock trading e-book. Beginners have the opportunity to view trade actions with trade tips and strategies.

To access this course and its materials, you pay $1,000. Despite not having coaches and mentors, it is still very informative. In no due time, novice traders will move to another trading level.

It is interesting to note that this courses were rated 4.5 out of a 5 star. This was on the Store.

Bullish Bears

This technical analysis course is mainly for beginners that wants to take action while learning. Novice are given free articles like e-book and ten free courses. The may also enjoy free 7 days access to trading rooms and articles. All this benefits make us regard bullish bears as the best technical analysis course for taking action while learning.  


  • The offer free beginner course and e-book
  • Members are given a 7-day free trial with complete access
  • Cost of accessing the comprehensive training resources is low.
  • 24/7 access to chat rooms
  • Beginners enjoy a Live-stream screen share and other tools for better their trading lesson.


  • Few online reviews

Bullish bears offer free course articles to novice traders that wishes to take action while learning. The also offer a free 7-day trial to its members, with exclusive access to learning tools. We highly regard bullish bears as the best technical analysis course for learning while doing trade.

The popularity of Bullish Bears has earned them a good reputation as a stock trading service that assists people learn trading. It provides members with good educational resources that will assist learn how to be a successful trader. Accessing this resources cost a low price of $49 monthly.  

When you visit the toolkit of Bullish Bears, you will notice that,  ten free technical analysis courses and an e-book has been added.  All this educational resources will enable you learn with other traders. That way, you can access their commentary. This can motivate you and better your learning. to its extensive learning toolkit.

After your membership time has expired, you can wish to renew and access additional courses. Now yearly fee is $249.

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Stock Charts

When it comes to providers of chart services, StockCharts is a premier and best. It provides a lot of library articles to enable members analyze charts. We chose them as the best technical analysis course for charting services.


  • Members have free access to extensive learning library
  • Beginners have free access to charting services
  • The offer chart analysis lessons
  • Cost of membership is low


  • Limited charting services
  • Free chart data is not dynamic

It could be stressful and frustrating, learning technical analysis. Access the articles and resources isn’t a problem, but reading it is. StocksCharts will teach you how to read this charts after providing you a range of free articles. This is why we chose them as the best technical analysis course for charting services.  

StocksCharts is a good charting service that gives to its members, the best analysis tools and important chart to study. It is also very user friendly.  It has sections, one of which you could learn how to use charting tools and resources. Also, you learn chart analysis tools.

It is interesting to know that its charting school is free. When you become a member, you are provided with the charting services. The only challenge of the free service is that is reduces access to data. It also limits access to other tools such as intraday charts and scanners.

There are three levels which StockCharts offers per month. The are : Basic ($14.95), Extra ($24.95), and Pro ($39.95). This has  varying rates of data. With every level offering a month free trial, the more you increase in level, the quicker data is refreshed.

Chart Guys

It is advisable that, novice traders begin with the Chart Guys’ excellent beginner’s course which is free. However, at the point where you pay as a member, you get the full educational resources. Chart Guys is regarded as the best technical analysis course for a comprehensive offering.


  • It has a simplified beginner’s course offering
  • Extensive trading community
  • A conducive learning environment
  • Cost of membership is only $99


  • Lack of trading room

The beginner’s course contains 7 modules and 40 lessons of on-demand video content. This has earned it the rank as one of the best free course offerings. Membership fee cost $99 a month and $899 a year.  It doesn’t lack educational materials, as it is stacked with comprehensive articles.  

In the year 2015, Chart Guys was established as an educational resource for traders. Mentoring, group learning and assistance forms its strength and improves learning experience.

Chart Guys doesn’t lack educational resources, as its library is loaded with courses, reference materials, and educational videos. Its interactive section, made up of friendly conference calls, Q&A, live webinar etc. facilitates learning.

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Charting School 

A lot of novice traders wouldn’t mind paying much, just to learn from great traders. One of the notable great course designer and instructor, JC Parets is widely known for his trading process. He is good in transferring knowledge to novice traders. 


  • World-renowned technical analyst anchors it.
  • Extensive study of critical technical analysis topics
  • Obtaining the course at a fair price


  • The course is mainly for beginners
  • No coaching or mentoring

Due to the stress in learning technical analysis, its only ideal to learn from the best. One of the reasons people choose to learn from J.C Parets is, he breaks down complex articles to simple form.  

Obtaining the course is worth $495. Charting School offers seven courses for beginners. It comprises of quality videos and quizzes. These courses aim at teaching critical technical analysis, giving students the knowledge to make consistently profitable trades.   

Beginners can combine JC Paret’s Charting School course with another beginner’s course to obtain more information.  


I believe we have brought to your knowledge the best technical analysis courses for trading success. Courses like Udemy are the best overall. Some may want to acquire the knowledge these courses give from books or online. However, it’s certainly not going to be as effective as when you take the course and learn. An edge that taking a course possesses is, that it adds visual display and experts can come and lecture. Isn’t that worth your money?   


What Is Technical Analysis?

Technical analysis is different from fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis looks at a company’s financials and market position while focuses on the price action. Technical Analysis is just for predicting price action movement.  

Uses Of Technical Analysis?

It predicts the movement of a trade, so you can make better trading decisions without emotions

Obtainable Skills in a Technical Analysis Course?

Aside from gaining a fundamental understanding of the critical concepts, you learn how to analyze a stock chart. Also, you learn how to use support and resistance. Most importantly, you learn behavioral economics and risk management.  

Qualities Of A Great Technical Analysis Course?

The criteria for accessing technical analysis courses are different. However, a great technical analysis course must have an expert’s instruction and then access to tools and resources to improve the learning capacity.

How Much Do Technical Analysis Courses Cost?

Although some courses are free, the prices range from $15 to $100.

Who Should Take a Technical Analysis Course?

Anyone can take a technical analysis course. The important factor is the ambition of generating profits through trading.

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