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Are you looking for a UK-based specialized travel insurance company that covers people of all ages with pre-existing medical conditions? If yes, then AllClear Travel Insurance is for you. We shall cover all about them in this post. To do this, we shall cover; About AllClear Travel Insurance, AllClear Travel Insurance covers, AllClear Travel Insurance cruise cover, AllClear Travel Insurance reviews, AllClear Travel Insurance claims, AllClear Travel Insurance customer services, and much more.

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About AllClear Travel Insurance

Our goal is to assist everyone who has pre-existing medical issues in obtaining the desired and necessary insurance. We are dedicated to providing value to clients of every age and health status. We assist clients in traveling anywhere in the globe thanks to our history in travel insurance.
AllClear Travel Insurance was voted UK’s No.1 for Customer Care. We offer up to £25K cancellation cover and up to £15M emergency medical and repatriation cover for all medical conditions with a 24/7 helpline
Get Travel Insurance with AllClear’s holiday insurance coverage. All medical conditions are considered with no upper age limits and covid coverage.

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AllClear Travel Insurance covers

Single Trip Travel Insurance

Single-trip coverage is available from AllClear Travel Insurance for travelers who don’t travel often but still want top-notch travel insurance. Single-trip insurance coverage only covers one vacation or trip and expires along with it. With AllClear, you can choose the single trip insurance that is ideal for you. Simply give one of our knowledgeable advisors a call or launch the quotation online.
Freephone to get your quote on:
0808 281 3675

Looking for travel insurance for a single trip?

Travel insurance for one trip can shield you against unexpected medical costs, property loss or damage, and vacation cancellation. This form of insurance is appropriate and can also provide you peace of mind when traveling if you only take a single trip every year.
Use AllClear Travel Insurance to organize your vacation. Our single-trip branded plans also come with Covid protection with a Superior2 rating for FREE.

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Single-trip Travel Insurance for medical conditions

54% of travelers had two or more medical conditions and 3. 27% of people (more than one in four) have three or more medical conditions. Therefore, you must get Specialist Medical Travel insurance to protect yourself.
You must also disclose any pre-existing medical issues when purchasing single-trip travel insurance.
The most typical pre-existing medical conditions that we cover are listed below:
High Blood Pressure
AllClear Travel Insurance has covered over 1300 diverse conditions over the years. With our single-trip policy, we’ve assisted a lot of folks in taking their ideal vacation. Impressive enabled Nicole, a heart transplant recipient, to visit Disneyland.
Keep your travel insurance in mind. It’s just as crucial as being aware of your travel schedule and having a current passport.
Meanwhile, you can check out Group Travel Insurance if you’re going on a trip with a bunch of friends or relatives.

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Group Travel Insurance

Taking a group trip? With our specialized coverage, you can protect everyone under single insurance. Compare costs, choose the best medical coverage, and get complete group travel insurance in minutes.
Freephone to get your quote on:
0808 281 9977

What is Group Travel Insurance?

Group travel can be enjoyable, however, planning can be a bit more challenging. A vacation is a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with loved ones. The purpose of their summer vacation this year, according to 32% of those polled, was in order spend time with loved ones they hadn’t seen in a while. You’ll have a blast wherever you and your party decide to go this summer. However, there are extra things to consider when a larger group of individuals is traveling together.
Group travel insurance coverage range in size from 2 to 10 travelers. An AllClear Group Insurance policy can protect you as long as everyone is traveling together. If all of the travelers are related, family travel insurance could be something to think about.

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How does Group Travel Insurance work?

Similar to single trip Travel Insurance or yearly Travel Insurance, you may get vacation insurance for groups over the phone or online. Simply choose the Group option and provide the information for the whole group as well as your trip. All travelers must answer a series of medical questions as part of the quotation process. After purchasing group travel insurance, all listed travelers are protected for the trip under a single policy number.

Why is group travel insurance necessary?

With our specialized group travel insurance, you can protect everyone without wasting time attempting to acquire individual coverage. A group vacation insurance coverage can cover up to 10 individuals. Also, if one traveler has to shorten their stay, the whole group is protected from cancellation and curtailment.
One family or friend may accompany a member who has to be repatriated due to medical advice or if the member is a minor, provided that both individuals have the same level of coverage from the same provider.
Notwithstanding your age or location, AllClear Travel Insurance can assist you in finding the best group vacation insurance for any pre-existing illnesses.

What if a member of the group already has a health issue?

We take into account all pre-existing medical conditions at AllClear Travel Insurance. We’ve discussed more than 1300 different medical issues over the last 20 years, including issues with mental health. 97%3 of our clients give us an “Excellent” or “Great” rating. On plans with the AllClear brand, travel insurance with Covid coverage is included as standard.
Also, for any member of your group who has a medical condition, we are pleased to provide a quotation. Declare any pre-existing conditions when requesting a quotation, and we’ll then evaluate costs to get the right coverage for you.

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Travel Insurance for Medical Conditions

With our travel insurance for pre-existing conditions, you can venture forth with confidence. Over 1300 distinct medical ailments are covered by us. For overseas medical crises, we provide complete coverage. Covid-19 coverage is automatically a part of all of our AllClear plans.
Freephone to get your quote on:
0808 281 2161

Why do you need Travel Insurance for pre-existing conditions?

Up to £15 million in medical emergencies are covered by our comprehensive medical travel insurance. All of your medical issues that you have disclosed and that Covid covers are included in this also. If you must cancel your trip due to a medical emergency, you will also be covered up to £15K. You’ll also have access to medical emergency help around the clock when you’re gone.
You will still be protected for other common advantages like lost baggage (up to £3K) in addition to the Travel Insurance with Medical Coverage. Also, you will be protected from international travel as long as there are no FCDO limitations, such as those related to the Covid-19 epidemic.
On the other side, if you don’t have comprehensive insurance, you can be responsible for extremely high medical costs. According to the Association of British Insurers, emergency medical care may cost more than £250,000 in certain parts of Europe.
In the event of a medical emergency, transportation home will be at your expense. For instance, an air ambulance from the USA may cost you between £80K and £100K.
Kay Greveson, a clinical nurse specialist, elaborates: “People often are unaware of the expense of medical crises overseas. People naturally think it won’t happen to them, however, the best-managed circumstances need to be insured in case anything unforeseen occurs.
We are the top provider of travel insurance in the UK. All medical issues are covered by AllClear Travel Insurance for every age. You may travel with confidence knowing that we will be there just in case you have the appropriate travel medical insurance.

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Why is medical travel insurance necessary?

40% of you responded to our 2021 AllClear Annual Travel Survey by saying that the coronavirus outbreak has made travel insurance even more crucial.
According to 36% of respondents, getting the finest travel insurance that will cover Covid is a high priority
Our Covid-19 coverage, which is included with AllClear insurance at no additional cost, has received a Superior rating from a reputable independent UK Consumer Champion. This implies that if you are diagnosed with COVID and need to cancel your trip or if you catch COVID while traveling, you will be compensated for those costs.

An existing medical problem already?

Any sickness or injury for which you have recently had therapy, research, surgery, or other medical procedures is considered a pre-existing medical condition. Diabetes, COPD, heart disease, and cancer are a few of them.
You can also ensure that you are covered if you need medical attention while traveling by disclosing all pre-existing illnesses on your health travel insurance policy. We would classify the following as a medical condition when you get a quotation from AllClear:
whatever ailment you’ve been treated for, including
respiratory difficulties (relating to the lungs or breathing)
any injury or illness to the heart, kidneys, liver, blood vessels, or brain
significant mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression
strokes or conditions of the central nervous system
malignant lesion (cancerous)
Terminal conditions
Any medical problem for which you’ve recently had surgery, in- or out-patient care, testing, or investigations at a hospital, clinic, or general practitioner’s office
any ailment for which you received a prescription for medicine in the last five years.
Whether you choose to get a quote over the phone or online, you can opt to let us know about any current medical conditions you may have.
The risk that you may need medical care when traveling overseas is determined by a series of straightforward questions in the medical screening procedure. Here are just a few of the ailments for which we provide coverage:
High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Clinical Nurse Specialist, Kay Greveson, says: “Everyone has the right to travel and a medical condition should not be a barrier to taking a trip or holiday. However, a pre-existing medical condition can be affected by changes in temperature and climate and should always be declared, even if it is being controlled by medication.

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Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

If you travel more than once a year, you could save time and money with an Annual multi-trip Travel Insurance policy. Your Annual Multi-trip Travel Insurance will give you peace of mind no matter how many trips you have booked
Freephone to get your quote on:
0808 168 7582

Why is Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Required?

A yearly vacation insurance plan can be more affordable and practical for you if you travel more often than once per year. If you also need to postpone a vacation or incur unforeseen medical expenses while traveling, this form of coverage will shield you from such costs for a whole year.
All of our AllClear branded insurance come with a FREE Superior2 rated Covid cover.

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Are you looking for travel insurance for many annual trips?

Of those we polled, more than 7 in 10 (79%) want to travel twice or more this year. Four or more journeys are anticipated by one in five people (20%).
If you anticipate taking two or more travels in a year, an annual multi-trip coverage can be a more affordable choice. The Evening Standard conducted independent research that found that annual travel insurance coverage might be more cost-effective the more you travel each year.
You can also maximize your vacation chances by purchasing multi-trip travel insurance, from several overseas beach vacations to regular city getaways. Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance can enable you to save both time and money.
The medical screening procedure is only necessary once with Yearly Travel Insurance, and you can simply renew for the following year. After that, you can then travel without issue for a whole year.

What is a pre-existing medical condition?

Our Annual Multi-trip Travel Insurance, which we provide as a specialist in Medical Travel Insurance, covers any existing medical problems. Over 1300 distinct ailments have been addressed thus far, and we can also assist with yours.
You must reveal all pre-existing medical conditions. This covers any medical conditions for which you have sought treatment or obtained a diagnosis in the last five years.
Here are a few instances of pre-existing medical issues we’ve discussed:
High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol
Heart Disease

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Over 70s Travel Insurance

AllClear offers tailored, comprehensive Travel Insurance for those over 70’s. We cover all pre-existing medical conditions and include Superior Covid coverage in all our policies. Our 5-star policies will give you peace of mind, so you can relax and enjoy your holiday.
Freephone to get your quote on:
0808 281 3761

For those over 70, AllClear Travel Insurance provides specialized, all-inclusive travel insurance. Any of our plans feature Superior Covid protection and also cover all pre-existing medical problems. Your mind will be at ease thanks to our 5-star policies, allowing you to relax and enjoy your vacation.
Over 70? Our over-70s travel insurance is intended to provide you peace of mind while you’re away. Superior Covid cover2 is a FREE perk of our coverage.

Travel insurance for those over 70 with medical issues

In our study of those aged 71 to 75, more than one in four (29%) expressed a desire to take at least three vacations in 2023. You require Over 70s Travel Insurance to take full use of your travel options, particularly if you suffer from a medical condition.
If you have an unanticipated medical emergency while traveling, it will also cover you. We provide customized travel insurance to fit you and your medical requirements as an expert in medical travel insurance.
Meanwhile, when being screened, be careful to disclose any and every existing medical issues.

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A pre-existing medical condition is defined as?

Any medical ailment for which you have received a diagnosis or prescription medicine during the last five years constitutes a pre-existing medical condition.

Some examples of pre-existing medical conditions we can cover are:
High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol
Atrial Fibrillation

AllClear Travel Insurance cruise cover

Cruise Travel Insurance

Our Cruise Travel Insurance covers missed port departure, cabin confinement, cruise interruption, and confinement. Get your quote online or call our UK Contact Centre now at 0808 281 0677.

What Is Cruise Travel Insurance?

Cruise-specific travel insurance offers additional benefits designed for certain issues that can occur on a cruise vacation in addition to all the advantages included in our basic travel insurance policy. When purchasing Platinum Travel Insurance, which comes standard with FREE cruise coverage, you have the option of adding cruise coverage as an additional extra to the Gold Plus level of coverage.
Cruise travel insurance offers coverage for events that can only occur on a cruise, such as becoming ill and being confined to your stateroom or skipping any unutilized excursions. We also provide protection in case the cruise’s schedule changes or you miss a port departure. Both individual and group travel insurance contracts can be supplemented with cruise coverage.
Your pre-existing medical issues are also covered by travel insurance, allowing you to relax and fully appreciate your trip.

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What is covered by travel insurance for cruises?

Absent from port departure:
Without your fault, you could be unable to leave the port on time. We are aware that incidents of this kind may occur. To enable you to “catch up” with your trip, our specialized cruise travel insurance coverage may pay for any lodging and transport costs you could spend to get to your cruise ship at its next docking point.

confined to a cabin:
The ship’s medical officer may require you to isolate yourself in your cabin until the disease has gone if you get unwell while at sea in order to avoid infecting other passengers or crew members. For every full day that you are cooped up in your cabin, you will be paid if you get cruise travel insurance. Please be aware that Covid-19 instances do not fall under this.

Ineffective excursions:
Being restricted to your stateroom’s four walls might be annoying and put you at risk of skipping pre-arranged excursions. If you are unable to utilize any pre-arranged excursions as a direct consequence of being confined to your own stateroom due to an accident or sickness, cruise-specific travel insurance can be able to provide payment.

Change of plans:
Due to bad weather or scheduling constraints, you can miss or need to postpone a port departure. Do not fret. For each missed port, we will pay up to £500 (up to £100 for each port).

Break-in in the cruise:
Everyone dreads becoming sick when traveling, however, because there are so many people in such close quarters, diseases are more prone to spread. Cruise travel insurance will provide coverage for the costs needed so that you can rejoin your cruise if you need medical care on dry ground.

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Why is specialized cruise travel insurance necessary?

A cruise may be a particular vacation; specialty cruises Travel insurance protects you against certain cruise-related occurrences that may take place but aren’t always covered by a typical policy.

Insurance for pre-existing conditions for cruise travelers

Your disclosed ailment is covered by AllClear, even if you’re on a cruise. To make sure you are covered by your medical travel insurance coverage, it is crucial to disclose any pre-existing medical issues.
If you need medical attention while on your trip and do not have comprehensive coverage that includes your pre-existing condition, it might be quite expensive.

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AllClear Travel Insurance reviews

I have been trying to sort travel insurance for the past couple of weeks for our cruise and have finally been successful today with your company. I have forwarded your number to a friend in Scotland who is also looking for holiday insurance at this time.
Date of experience: February 14, 2023

I booked travel insurance for a cruise with Demi. We are an elderly couple with some medical history including cancer. The process was quite lengthy but obviously necessary. Demi was very good. The 3 stars I have given are because I have not had reason, as yet, to claim so am unable to offer more as I do not know what the company is like if you claim.
Date of experience: February 14, 2023

AllClear Travel Insurance claims

Need to make a claim?
If something’s gone wrong and you need to make a claim, we’ve made it as simple as possible.

How to make your claim depends on when you bought your Travel Insurance.
If you’re unsure who to contact when making a claim, please review your policy documents.

For AllClear policies bought AFTER 1st November 2021
Making a claim online is the quickest and easiest way to have your claim processed.

  1. 1. Submit a claim online anytime 24/7
    2. Need to take a break? Just save and resume your claim anytime.

To submit your claim online, go to:

Please make sure you notify us within 30 days of your trip ending of any occurrence likely to give rise to a claim.
If you would like to discuss your claim, please call 01702 427268, quoting AllClear Travel Insurance. Phone lines are open Monday to Friday 9 am to 5.30 pm (excluding bank holidays).

For AllClear policies bought ON OR BEFORE 1st November 2021

Please submit your claim online anytime at

Submitting a claim online is the quickest way to have your claim processed.

If you would like to discuss your claim, please call 01420 383014, quoting AllClear Travel Insurance. Phone lines are open Monday to Friday 9 am to 5.30 pm (excluding bank holidays).

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AllClear Travel Insurance customer services

Freephone Our UK Call Centre
0808 281 9966 or Quote online

If you need to speak to a member of our customer care team, you can speak to an agent on our Live Chat or leave a message and we will be in touch with a response as soon as possible.

To obtain a quote through our UK call center for an AllClear Gold, AllClear Gold Plus, or AllClear Platinum policy please call 0808 281 9966.

For all other inquiries, please call 01708 339026.

If you require another copy of your policy, have lost, or have not received your documentation, please email

If you need help using our website or have any feedback please email

For journalist and PR inquiries, please email

To find out more about AllClear, careers, and our partners please visit About AllClear.
Opening hours
Mon-Fri: 8:30am – 8pm
Sat: 9 am – 5:30 pm
Sun: 10 am – 5 pm

Our address
AllClear Insurance Services Limited
AllClear House
1 Redwing Court
Ashton Road

For further inquiries or general questions, contact AllCare Travel Insurance: +44 800 848 8608

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