Ally Financial Bank Credit and Debit Card

This article on Ally financial bank credit and debit card is to enlighten you on the necessary information about this card. In order for you to understand fully, we will discuss on Ally debit card visa or mastercard, Ally financial bank debit card limit, Ally virtual debit card. Furthermore, Ally bank debit card fees, Ally bank checks, Ally card controls app.

Ally Debit Card Visa or Mastercard

In any online merchants and in-person shopping establishments that accept Mastercard, you can use the Ally bank card to make purchases. Also, you can use this card to withdraw at any ATM, make fund transfers. In addition, you can check your balances on your Ally mobile app. All over the United States, Ally bank card has access to more than 43,000 Allpoint ATMs. Furthermore, it is favorably fee-free.

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Ally Financial Bank Debit Card Limit

In a day, you can withdraw or make purchases using your Ally debit card up to $5,000. Indeed, this is put in place for your own protection. Although, the first time Ally bank customers will have a limit as low as $500 to their daily purchase and ATM withdrawal. This will occur each day during the first 90 days of being an Ally bank customer.

Ally Financial Bank Virtual Debit Card

If you want to convert your physical debit card into a virtual one, it is possible. You can do so by downloading the app of the card representative and entering the card details. Moreover, you have the capacity of using the card both virtually and in real life. Though they function similar to your physical bank card, they are live in your digital wallet on your phone. In short, they offer a safe and convenient way to pay online and in-store as they are secured by encryption. Indeed, they save you the inconvenience of always carrying your wallet around.

For all your recurring subscriptions, you can use a virtual card and easily lock it without losing access to your main bank card. Your virtual card can easily be locked from your phone at any time. Unlike the physical card, you can start using it immediately its created as you dont have to wait its arrival in the mail.

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Ally Financial Bank Debit Card Fees

No minimum opening deposit and no monthly fees are fixed to money market accounts. Also, customers have access to a debit card and the Allpoint ATM network for free. Furthermore, Ally even reimburses charges from out-of-network ATMs up to $10 per statement cycle. Though ATM withdrawals have no limits, there is a six additional monthly transactions with a $10 fee for each transaction over the limit.

Ally Financial Bank Checks

When you set up a money market account, Ally provides you with both checks and a card. Therefore, a money market account is more convenient to store your emergency fund than a savings account. This is because you might be tempted to tap into your savings if you are in dire need of money. Ally helps you access your funds by sending you a debit card and paper checks when you set up your account.

Ally Financial Bank Card Controls App

Full control of your Ally bank debit card is offered to you through our Card Control app. Therefore, you can choose when, where, and how your card is used. Your Ally bank debit card preferences can be set up and managed right from your phone. You will have the ability to track specific transactions, customize your settings, manage notification preferences and so much more once it`s downloaded. Purchases or withdrawals would not be allowed if you turn off the card until you turn it back on. To track spending and prevent fraud, you can allow transactions up to a certain amount by establishing spending limits. With it, you can also restrict purchases made in a specific region and deny international transactions.

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FAQs on Ally Financial Bank Credit and Debit cards

What Do I Do If My Card is Misplaced or Stolen?

In instances of misplaced or stolen card, quickly call Ally bank at 1-877-247-2559 for card cancellation. Hence, a new Ally card will be issued as replacement. However, you can turn off your debit card from your Card Controls app.

How to Get Cash Back Using My Ally Bank Card?

The amount of money added to the total value of your transaction is the cash back. Once you swipe your Ally debit card to pay for a purchase, the card reader will prompt you if you prefer to receive a cash back. Then, you will enter the amount of your desired cash back and your card PIN number.

How Do I Activate My Ally Financial Bank Card?

By calling 1-770-248-5774 or 1-866-633-5293, you can speed up activation of your card. To access this numbers, you can check out the sticker on your card as they are printed on them. The automated answering system will provide a prompt after you call to enter certain information. Such information include; the last 4 digits of your Ally card number, expiration date of your card, and last 4 digits of your Social Security number. Furthermore, you will be required to enter a PIN for the first time activation. Remove the activation sticker and sign the back of your Ally card once you are done. For further questions, you can reach out to Ally 24/7 at 1-877-247-2559.


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