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Overview Of Amazon Prime Senior Discount

You may have wondered if there is a senior discount available for Amazon Prime. Fortunately, gives exclusive discounts as part of their Prime benefits to people whole are advanced in age. However, Amazon Prime is an annual membership program under the company Amazon, that comes with various advantages. These include perks like free one-day delivery, access to Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Music, unlimited e-books on Kindle, and unlimited photo storage on Prime.

Meanwhile, the Amazon Prime membership is available for $119 per year, and you have the option to try it out for the first month. Citizens, who are advanced in age and receive Food stamps and Medicaid, are eligible for a discounted Amazon Prime membership. On the other hand, if you have an EBT card or Medicaid card, you can obtain an Amazon Prime membership for $71.88 per year.

Additionally, if you receive other government assistance programs like TANF, WIC, or SNAP, you can enjoy a special discount.

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Details Of Amazon Prime Senior Discount

At present, Amazon Prime provides a discount specifically to advanced citizens who possess valid EBT cards. Also, individuals who have Medicaid benefits are also eligible to take advantage of this opportunity. With the Amazon Prime EBT Signup option, you can make some acquisitions. The most important acquisition is a membership for Amazon Prime at a monthly cost of $5.99.

Also, by making use of the discount for advanced citizens, you can receive complimentary shipping for eligible items offered on Amazon. Furthermore, Amazon extends several benefits to its Prime members. They include: exclusive discounts, early access to deals, birthday discounts, discounts on minimum purchases. Other benefits include: access to Prime Pantry, and the option for two-hour delivery.

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Eligibility Requirements For Amazon Prime Senior Discount

As an advanced citizen, you have the privilege to obtain government assistance programs. All you need is to be in possession of any of the cards below:

  1. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP or Food Stamps)
  2. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  3. Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

On the other hand, those with the Medicaid card, will have the privilege to claim this offer for 48 months. Also, they will be able to claim the Amazon Prime membership at $5.99 annually. If you want to renew your membership plan, you will have to put up your valid Medicaid card on Amazon. Apparently, you need to do this every 12 months.

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Why Amazon Prime Discount For Advanced Citizens?

There are various reasons for advanced citizens to bear the Amazon Prime membership. It gives you the freedom to save with any difficulty. However, it isn’t news that Amazon makes various provisions for citizens that has advanced in age. Such provisions include: appliances, gadgets, apparel, and jewelry. Also, they provide electronics, furniture, office appliances, grocery delivery, medical aids, etc.

Nevertheless, the operational expenses associated with online stores are more economical compared to physical stores, and Amazon consistently leverages this benefit to benefit their customers. They provide the most competitive prices, enabling you to reduce costs by paying less than the standard price for an item.

Furthermore, you can achieve additional savings during designated Amazon Prime senior discount days. Also, you can enjoy the convenience of two-day shipping offered by Amazon. Whenever you make a purchase on Amazon, Amazon Prime ensures your coverage. This service is particularly convenient for older citizens as it allows them to have their items delivered swiftly to their doorstep, catering to their convenience, especially if they face mobility or other related challenges.

Individuals typically verify the shipping fees prior to making a purchase on the Amazon platform. This is as a result of a $10 charge for shipping on an item valued at $5. Nevertheless, if someone is a prime member, they are exempted from paying any shipping fees. On Amazon, prime members can make numerous orders and get it within 48 hours without incurring any delivery or shipping expenses.

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Benefits Of Amazon Prime Discount For Older Citizen

  • Selected items are eligible for free shipping within one day.
  • Whole Foods offers the option of shipping the same day or delivering within 2 hours.
  • Amazon Fresh provides grocery delivery, with options for same-day or next-day delivery for Prime members.
  • Amazon Prime Video offers a wide selection of movies and TV shows for streaming.
  • Prime members of Amazon have the option to subscribe to certain TV channels.
  • You have the option to watch film festival picks on Amazon Video through streaming.
  • You can enjoy limitless, ad-free music on the Amazon Music App.
  • Twitch Games offers Prime members an exclusive discount.
  • You can access and read an unlimited number of books on Kindle at no cost.
  • Members who have subscribed to Amazon Prime are entitled to a complimentary six-month trial of The Washington Post.
  • Amazon Prime members have the opportunity to receive discounts through the use of Amazon Pay, with the added benefit of receiving up to 5% cashback.
  • Additionally, Amazon offers its members unlimited photo storage and an extra 5GB of storage space.

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Ways To Get Amazon Prime Senior Discount

In order to qualify for the Amazon Senior Discount, it is necessary to possess a legitimate Medicaid or EBT card. If you are currently receiving any form of temporary government assistance, you can utilize your EBT card to enroll in the program. Only older people are eligible for the Amazon Prime senior discount as they can apply for a Prime membership using their EBT card.

Enjoy Amazon Prime Benefits

To access the advantages of your Prime membership, you should go to Once there, you can sign in to your Amazon account and begin enjoying the benefits of Prime. If you already have an account, you can easily log in using your username and password.

Choose the items you wish to purchase, add them to your Cart, proceed to Checkout, and provide your billing information. Lastly, complete the payment process, and you’re done!

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Guidelines To Create Amazon Prime Account

In a situation whereby you do not have an active account, you will have to make one by selecting the ‘Start Here’ option. It will come up when you navigate on the Sign-in option. Then, follow the process of verifying your eligibility, enrolling in Amazon Prime, and commencing the experience of enjoying the benefits of Prime.

Steps To Make A Senior Discount Account For EBT And Medicaid

Step 1: Enter the Senior Discount Sign-up Page or  Amazon Prime Discount website.  

Step 2: The account sign-up page pop up. Click on ‘EBT card’ or ‘Medicaid’ below the ‘Choose how you want to qualify’ option. 

Step 3: After that, input your EBT or Medicaid card number and upload the image of the same card. You can use your phone to click your card’s picture. Also, you need to specify that you have a valid EBT or Medicaid.

Step 4: At this point, you can click on ‘Continue’ button to finish up your Prime application. It is only when you are done inputing all the necessary details that you will see the Continue button.

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Is It Possible To Buy Groceries With Amazon Prime? 

It is possible to purchase groceries using Amazon Prime, and you’ll have the option for quick delivery on the same day or the next day. However, Amazon Fresh is the service responsible for delivering groceries, and it is only available in select cities. If you reside in any of the following locations, you can take advantage of this service: Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, Northern Virginia, Philadelphia, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.

What Materials Can One Find On Amazon Fresh? 

With an Amazon Prime membership, you have access to Prime delivery, which allows you to receive fast shipping for your purchases. In addition, by using Amazon Fresh, you can enjoy extra savings on everyday necessities. Amazon Fresh offers a wide range of items including groceries, household products, health and beauty items. Moreover, you can also find local products like baked goods and pre-made meals on Amazon Fresh.

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Is There A Senior Discount Available For Amazon Prime?

Actually, there is no special discount on Amazon Prime available for older people. However, you can obtain a discount on your Prime membership. To do this, you need either EBT or Medicaid cards.

Are There Any Alternative Ways For Older People To Save On Amazon Prime Membership?

While there may not be a dedicated older people’s discount. However, Amazon occasionally offers promotional deals and discounts on Prime membership for various groups. This includes students, Medicaid recipients, and EBT cardholders. Older people can take advantage of these discounts if they qualify for any of the eligible groups.


Are There Any Other Benefits For Older People On Amazon Prime?

While not specific to older people but Amazon Prime offers a range of benefits that can be valuable to users of all ages. Some of the notable benefits include free two-day shipping on eligible items, access to Amazon Prime Video streaming service, Prime Music, Prime Reading, and exclusive deals and discounts on select products.

Can I Share My Amazon Prime Benefits With An Older Person’s Family Member?

Yes, Amazon Prime allows you to share your membership benefits with one adult household member, including a senior family member. Through Amazon Household, you can share Prime shipping benefits, Prime Video, and other select Prime benefits. This can be a convenient way to extend the benefits of your membership to your senior family member.

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Does Amazon Prime Offer Any Discounts Or Benefits For AARP Members?

Amazon Prime does not have a specific discount or partnership with AARP (American Association of Retired Persons). However, it’s worth noting that AARP occasionally offers its members discounts or promotional deals on various products and services, so it’s worth checking with AARP directly for any potential offers related to Amazon Prime.


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