Amsoil Signature Series synthetic motor oil Reviews/ Assessment

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In comparison to regular motor oils, this premium synthetic oil from Amsoil offers 75% greater engine safety and 50% more cleansing ability. Additionally, turbocharger protection is improved by 72%. This Signature Series synthetic motor oil, which was designed for thermal resilience, prevents deterioration and regulates heat to prolong engine life and enhance general effectiveness for up to 25,000 miles.


  • Increases Drain Intervals
  • Increases Fuel Efficiency
  • Lowers wear on engines
  • Lowers emissions and oil usage
  • Performs well in high temperatures

Item Details

The synthetic motor oil of the AMSOIL Signature Series is designed to outperform other types of motor oil. In a special composition, it mixes AMSOIL premium additives with industry-leading synthetic technology to surpass the greater efficiency requirements of contemporary engines. The AMSOIL Signature Series offers the quality and value on which the company’s reputation is based. Its unique recipe, the product of more than 40 years of experience, elevates the bar for motor oil efficiency.

Advantages of the Product

Safeguards against engine

Put on the Signature Series Metal surfaces are kept apart by a solid fluid coating created by synthetic motor oil. For optimal engine life, its strong anti-wear ingredients additionally decrease wear in metal-to-metal contact areas. The API SN PLUS specification’s Sequence IVA Engine Test, which must be performed to be compliant, replicates protracted periods of stop-and-go driving. The test engine alternates between fifty minutes of sitting and ten minutes of high rpm for hundred hours, which promotes engine wear.

The camshaft is then scored on average for wear in 84 different areas. To further up the difficulty of the test, we chose Signature Series 0W-20, the line’s lightest viscosity.

In comparison to the industry standard, AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil offered 75% better engine protection against horsepower loss and wear1, prolonging the lifespan of crucial parts like pistons and cams.

Defends against Low Speed Pre-Ignition for Pistons

We outfitted the Signature Series with a cutting-edge detergent system to defend against damaging deposits and slow pre-ignition (LSPI). The majority of modern engines use gasoline direct injection (GDI), which is frequently paired with a turbocharger to increase power and boost fuel efficiency. These modern innovations encourage LSPI and jeopardize engine performance when accompanied with subpar motor oil. Before the spark-triggered ignition, the fuel/air combination ignites spontaneously (LSPI). It happens in modern, high-tech engines and is significantly more harmful than standard pre-ignition. Your engine has to be protected with an oil that has been appropriately prepared.

Safeguards turbochargers

Our special synthetic formulation has an innate stability that allows it to withstand oxidation and neutralize acids. Excellent prevention against deposits is provided by Signature Series Motor Oil in high-temperature engine conditions. Through a procedure termed as turbo coking, the extreme heat and stress that turbos produce can lead some oils to degrade and build hazardous bearing deposits. Turbos can lose efficiency or stop working entirely over time.

Powerful Cleaning to Combat Sludge

To aid in maintaining the cleanliness of oil passageways and fostering oil circulation, AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil contains 50% more detergents3. Sludge-related engine problems are frequently brought on by clogged oil pick-up tube screens, which essentially deprive the engine of oil.

The Series The VG Engine Test gauges an oil’s resistance to sludge. A Ford* 4.6L engine is put through 216 hours of settings that cause sludge during the test. The engine oil can be blocked up to 10% according to the industry benchmark before failing the test. The screen created by the Signature Series was essentially sludge-free.

Supported by Expert Engine Builders

Devoted technicians and engine builders spend a lot of time perfecting their trade.
These designers of potent, high-performance engines rely on the Signature Series to safeguard their enthusiasm.

Top Ratings


Using this on my 2017 Camaro with the V6 GDI, I’m expecting it will last 25000 miles. We shall see. You can tell that AMSOIL is really confident of their product by the cost!

Cincinnati, Ohio’s Susan E.

This motor oil is excellent. I would rate this motor oil as having excellent value for money at a cost of roughly $10 per US quart. However because it costs $33 a quart, which is roughly three times what it does from an Amsoil distributor, I can only give it a single star in this regard.


This oil is perfect for use in vehicles, so why in the world is it so pricey on Amazon? I don’t know… It is currently sold on Amazon for 33 dollars per quart, which is funny.

Straight from the Amsoil website, you can get it for $13 per quart, and you might be able to find it on sale at an auto parts shop nearby for even less. However, if the cost drops to $13 or less on Amazon, be certain to stock up as soon as possible on enough for your subsequent changing the oil!

aseem Agarwal

I ordered 4 quarts of Amsoil after conducting a lot of internet research. What I discovered about synthetic oils is that the majority of businesses don’t sell just synthetic oils. They market their product as fully synthetic, however it is actually a mixture of synthetic and mineral oils and is not a pure kind of synthetic oil. The only company selling pure synthetic is Amsoil. The phrase “fully synthetic” is only a marketing ploy! They demand the price of synthetics, however do they provide a comparable product in quality? NO!.

I’ll notify this page after using this oil in my Grand i10 tomorrow.

the first impression

I conducted a cold flow test at home and discovered AMSOIL to be far better than Castrol GTX.


Without a doubt the best oil available. Others are simply partially synthetic oils, however this one is actually 100% synthetic. For any of your gadgets that you need the finest protection for, I strongly endorse it!

mania pulsar

Effective in a Honda Dio. due to the dry clutch. smooth as butter and with greater acceleration. however quite expensive. The following time, I’m going to attempt using a mixture of Motul 5100 and Liqui Moly motorbike mos2 oil additive. This offers the same features at a significantly lower cost.

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