Aon Medical and Travel Insurance: Contact Phone number

Aon insurance is a global professional services firm that provides a wide range of risk, reinsurance, retirement, and health solutions in the UK. We’re going to bring you everything you need to know about them in this article. To do this, we shall then cover relevant subtopics like; About Aon insurance, Aon medical insurance, Aon travel insurance, Aon Insurance Login, Aon insurance Phone number, Aon insurance claim, Aon insurance plans, Aon insurance customer service, and much more.

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About AON insurance

In the UK, a comprehensive variety of risk, reinsurance, retirement, and health solutions are offered by Aon Insurance, a multinational professional services company. Aon PLC is a worldwide financial services company with British and American roots that offers a variety of risk-reduction products, such as Commercial Risk, Investment, Wealth, Health, and Reinsurance solutions. The company also offers strategy consulting via Aon Inpoint, data, and analytics services through Aon Securities, and investment banking advisory services. In 120 countries, Aon employs over 50,000 people.
When the Ryan Insurance Group and the Combined Insurance Company of America combined in 1982, Aon was born. That business was then renamed to Aon in 1987 from the Gaelic term Aon, which means “one.” The corporation has its headquarters in the UK, was founded in Ireland, and has its US listing.

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Aon medical insurance

Aon provides you with a service platform for national collective health care insurance programs and also the handling of health and accident insurance claims as the third-largest health insurance provider in the world (per diem sickness benefits and medical costs).
The healthcare systems in the Middle East’s diverse regions are always evolving and changing. Hospital and care facility administrators are therefore compelled to balance rising governmental pressure to lower expenses with being more efficient. Additionally, they are coming across more and more individuals who simply have minimal health insurance. Decision-makers are being compelled by these and several other variables to exercise extraordinary caution when evaluating risks and expenses.

Why choose Aon as a partner?

You get the security you desire on the best available conditions from Aon, a renowned supplier of expert risk management and insurance services to the medical and care industry. You can then focus solely on your main business in this manner.
The experts at Aon collaborate closely with you to make your risk landscape visible and understandable. They also demonstrate to you useful techniques for lowering risk and administrative expenditures. Additionally, they provide you with useful information on which to make your choices and from which you may get a long-term advantage by identifying weak places in your risk transfer, developing organizational measures, and suggesting remedies.

Examples of our comprehensive range of services:
Risk management
Liability insurance
Property insurance
Technical insurance
Marine insurance
Personal insurance incl. supplementary services
Special terms for insurance for employees
Workplace safety
Directors’ and officers’ (D&O) liability insurance
Alternative risk finance solutions
Premium reductions by bundling purchasing power
Aon supports you in the event of a claim
In the event of a claim, Aon’s specialists can be at your disposal at your request. Being an Aon client gives you access to extensive expertise, years of experience and the entire Aon network.

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Aon travel insurance

Aon Affinity’s Travel Practice

For many of the most well-known travel agencies in the world, Aon Affinity’s Travel Practice is a pioneer in the provision of specialized travel insurance and protection packages. Aon Affinity equips customers to maximize the efficacy of bespoke programs by concentrating on their design, delivery, and administration.
We provide program administration, brokerage, and advisory services as well as data-driven marketing, analytics, and merchandising know-how for:
Online Travel Agency (OTA) Flight Insurance, Car Rental Insurance, Cruise and Package Travel Insurance plans
Cruise Line Insurance and Cruise Protection Plans
Tour Operator Guest Protection Programs
Retail Travel Agency Travel Protection Programs

Our travel, tour, flight, and cruise insurance plans can include benefits such as:
Trip Cancellation
Trip Interruption
Travel Delay
Emergency Medical, Assistance, Evacuation
Baggage (loss, damage, theft, and/or delay of travel belongings)
CareFree Travel AssistanceTM
Aon Affinity’s Travel Practice is an active member of prestigious travel industry organizations such as the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), the United States Tour Operator Association (USTOA), and the United States Travel Insurance Association (UStiA).

Have a question on travel insurance or need to file a claim?

Travelers or Travel Agents who need to file a claim through one of our travel insurance programs or passenger protection plans, please visit

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Need to purchase insurance for leisure or business travel?

Get a quote on a trip up to the day before departure! Information and the ability to purchase plans offering a broad range of robust travel protection benefits are available here.

Insurance for Travel Agencies and Tour Operators

If you represent a travel agency or tour operator looking for Professional Liability, and E&O Insurance, please visit

Aon insurance login


please visit

The Aon Commercial Risk customers and their Aon account teams can access tools and services via AonLine, Aon’s worldwide client-facing site.
The way you log into AonLine is being improved!
Aon is using Okta to manage your login while also enhancing the security of the AonLine login process.
To make sure that only you can access your data, Okta employs a two-step authentication procedure. Okta provides three options for login authentication:
Utilize the Okta app on your smartphone.
SMS messaging can be used to get a security code.
You’ll receive a phone number to get a security code.

Aon’s official website is

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Aon insurance Contact Phone number

For immediate assistance, call 800-797-4514 Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET.

Aon insurance claim

When you need a broker most, we’ll be there to help get things back to normal.
As your insurance broker, Aon is your advocate in the event of a claim. We know you need to get back to normal as soon as possible, and we’ll help you every step of the way. We’ll provide the answers to your questions and the advice you need to make the right decisions.

Should you make a claim or not?

Give us a call and let’s talk. We can help you decide your course of action by providing unbiased advice and simple direction. The final decision is always yours.
Once we receive your home or auto claim, we’ll make it a priority to expedite the process and make it as simple as possible. Our claim specialists are trained to handle various incidents with quality of service in mind. We’ll be there every step of the way, so you can get on your way.

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Make an insurance claim 24/7

Call 1.800.448.2539
When calling in your claim, have as much information available such as your policy number, details of the incident, and/or a police or fire report if one was made. The more information we receive, the sooner we can begin to help.

How an insurance claim works

Regardless of the type of claim, our claims specialists will guide you through the process, simplify things as much as possible, and of course, act as your advocate.
The claim process begins when something happens to your home or vehicle. Although often compared to one another, every incident is unique and the claim is different, because of your coverage and situation.
You can submit vehicle claims for windshield and window repair, collision repair due to an accident, fire, or theft, and for multiple other occurrences including water damage, animal collision, environmental incident, or vandalism.
Much like auto claims, there are various reasons for submitting a claim. In most instances, your home or garage will require repairs or rebuilds because of theft or vandalism, a major loss due to water damage, minor losses due to weather or sewer back-up, and lastly fire.
Remember, assistance is available 24/7. Claims contact information varies depending on your policy insurer. Please refer to your insurance documentation for the correct claims contact number or call 1.800.448.2539 and speak to your Aon broker.

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Aon insurance plans

Various risks, various types of insurance
Wherever you are, you could be overcome by unforeseen events. Such as:

Civil unrest and civil war
Traffic accidents
Medical risks
Stolen property
Damaged household contents
There are numerous risks against which you want to be adequately insured, anywhere in the world.

Expat Insurance Package

The Expat Insurance Package offers you comprehensive, but not double, insurance. At a competitive price, with a single point of address. The Aon Expat Insurance Package can be divided into:

  1. Health insurance
  2. Personal insurance, such as liability, legal, travel, accident, or air travel insurance
    The best global insurance for you depends on your situation when you are working abroad. So Aon offers a range of options to match your precise needs in the world’s most challenging businesses and regions.

Aon insurance customer service

For the fastest service with regard to a claim, please visit
General question? Email us at
Prefer to talk? Call us: 1. 800.453.0567, Mon-Fri 8 am-10 pm EST, Sat 9 am-5 pm EST
For all other inquiries:
Phone: 800.842.4084

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FAQs on Aon insurance

What kind of insurance is Aon?

Aon Insurance Services is the exclusive administrator of member insurance benefits for the personal and business insurance needs of AICPA members, offering life and health coverages, auto and homeowners plans, personal liability, and umbrella insurance.

What does Aon stand for in Aon Insurance?

Aon was created in 1982 when the Ryan Insurance Group merged with the Combined Insurance Company of America. In 1987, that company was renamed Aon from Aon, a Gaelic word meaning “one”. The company is headquartered in the UK and incorporated in Ireland, with its listing based in the US.

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Who owns Aon?

Aon (NYSE: AON) is owned by 86.21% institutional shareholders, 14.84% Aon insiders, and 0.00% retail investors. Patrick G. Ryan is the largest individual Aon shareholder, owning 16.70M shares representing 8.07% of the company.

Is Aon a broker or insurer?

Aon is the only insurance broker with a unified global team dedicated solely to providing specialized insurance brokerage and risk advisory services to consulting and other professional service firms.

What is Aon famous for?

Aon plc (NYSE: AON) is a leading global professional services firm providing a broad range of risk, retirement, and health solutions. Our 50,000 colleagues in 120 countries empower results for clients by using proprietary data and analytics to deliver insights that reduce volatility and improve performance.

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What does Aon offer?

We provide retirement, investment, and human capital solutions that help employers, fiduciaries, and investment officers manage risk and optimize results in a volatile market environment.

Where is Aon headquarters?

London, United Kingdom.

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