Aqua Charge Windshield Washer Reviews and Assessments

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Purchase a bottle of Sanco Industries Aqua Charge if you intend to drive long distances in an RV. Or if you have many cars to drive. However, 55 gallons of windshield washer fluid can be produced from one 32-ounce container of the concentrated mix. Out of all the products we tested, the super concentrate offers the best value for the dollar per gallon. One spoonful is needed to make a gallon of efficient and full-strength washer fluid.

Aqua Charge concentrate is incredibly powerful for its size, but power also comes with a huge responsibility. Also, it is crucial to keep the chemical away from any surfaces and also put on some gloves. Before taking off your gloves, wipe the container down and make sure the cap is securely tight. Furthermore, the Aqua Charge product is approved for use in hot weather conditions. And If the temperature falls into the freezing zones, add some methanol as advised by the manufacturers. 

Aqua Charge produces a well-liked concentration on Amazon. One of the most economical solutions is the solution, which yields 55 gallons of finished washer fluid from one quart of it. Because of its unique chemicals, which get rid of insect smudges, road grime, bird droppings, and tree sap. It wipes to a shine without leaving any traces. The solution doesn’t contain methanol. But you’ll need to add it to get it to freeze at -20°F (-29°C) if you want it to work in the cold. Additionally, the fluid in Aqua Charge normally freezes at 32°F (0°C).

Always remember that since this is a concentrated solution it cannot be applied directly from the bottle. However, If you don’t require sophisticated windshield washer fluid and don’t mind taking the time to adequately mix the solution, Aqua Charge is relatively affordable.

About this product 

Here are some of the things you need to know about this product:

1 Aqua Charge creates 55 gallons of quality washer fluid from one bottle.

2 Aqua charge is affordable and you can get it for a few cents.

3 It’s production is according to manufacturing standards, quality, and color. It wipes and brings Shines without stains.

4 unique chemicals are used in the production of this item. The chemicals help clean road grime, bird droppings, bug residue, and tree sap from windshields.

5 This product freezes at 32°F. Also, it adds 13 gallons of Methanol per 55 gallons of Aqua Charge for a -20°F freezing point.

Product Description 

Methanol is absent from Aqua Charge Windshield Washer Ultra Concentrate. Simple dye and cleaning agents make up this product.

For a freezing point of -20 °F, add methanol which is 13 gallons of Methanol per 55-gallon mixture. Aqua Charge’s typical freezing point is 32°F. Be aware that this is not ready to use. It is ultra-concentrated and intends to produce a finished product that will fill 55 Gallons.

Some of the descriptions are as follows;

1 A bottle of washer fluid yields 55 gallons.

2 The products deliver a streak-free finish and consistent quality and color.

3 Removal of bugs, road sludge, bird poop, and tree sap is part of what this product can do.


1 This product is less expensive 

2 This product works well when you apply it right.

3 It last long at least for a few years.


1 It must be adequately diluted otherwise it could stain your paint blue.

2 For cold conditions, it must be combined with methanol.

Customers’ Questions and Answers 

What is the freezing point?

Aqua Charge alone has a freezing point of 32F. Simply said, Aqua Charge is known for its dye and cleaning solution. To avoid freezing in temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, this substance must be combined with methanol. To reach a freeze point of -20°F, use these rates: 13 gallons of methanol, 1 quart of aqua charge, and 55 gallons of water, topped off.

Am I correct that this does not provide anti-freeze? I think I have to add methanol to get the anti-freeze property that is in ready to use…

You’re right but to keep it from freezing, you would need to add something. You might search for different products as this one didn’t seem all that much better than water and blue dye.

I was mixing the product and got some on my hands, How do you wash it off? is like blue ink. Would stain the car’s paint???

Using hot soapy water to remove the color is the easiest method. Additionally, bleach can also be diluted with water, and that will work much more quickly. when you do this Your car’s paint won’t get stained. If you have any more queries or worries, please let us know.

Would isopropyl alcohol work to combat freezing?

Yeah, it works. In my most recent batch, I added 1 bottle of 70% by the gallon, and it is still effective at temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees. Next time, I’ll either find some 90% or add a few bottles.

Top reviews 


Use the appropriate quantity before I start.

Convert.5 oz to ml if necessary (14.7ml). Use that to create a gallon, and you won’t experience the problem with the person who uploaded all the images.

I noticed everyone was doubtful about this product. So I wasn’t sure if I should go for it but I’m glad I showed interest. I simply use a regular syringe to draw 15ml of concentrated aqua charge. which I poured into a large gallon container. After that, I added Water slowly because if I don’t, it will bubble up and I’ll have to leave it. when I was done I dispensed it.

To be honest, you are aware that the concentrated nature of the substance will cause temporary hand stains. The stain on my hands only lasted two days at most, but that was only because I accidentally spilled it. 

For all four of my automobiles, I’ve already made more than 6 gallons.


I work as a car repairer so I frequently use it in my business. This is a very economical method of controlling washer fluid costs.

I used to mix 55 gallons of water with one container. Even though it’s blue, mixing one of these with 110 gallons of water won’t make it any less effective at cleaning.

Also, One bottle of summer blend is mixed with 110 liters of water. To avoid freezing, we use the same ratio for the winter blend but add alcohol to the liquid.

After using this product I will say it’s a great one. I recommend it!

Mc Jones 

One spray with this product cleans the windshield. it is Simple to combine. I simply pour the proper quantity into a cup that was once used for cough syrup before pouring it into the water jugs. It blends seamlessly and has a beautiful blue color.

Due to the tiny size and ease of holding and pouring the bottle. I have not spilled and I don’t anticipate doing so. I park next to a bird tree that leaves sticky debris all over my windshield every morning. but my windshield cleans off with a single spray of cleaner and I will always purchase this. Although it does leave a slight film on the outside of the windshield. However, the dirt is cleaned off by rain or when I wash it myself. For 32 years have been driving and this is different from other products!


I admire this product a lot. What do people anticipate from a concentrate in regards to the blue dye? Do you expect it to be unconcentrated? I don’t so. I didn’t experience any dye staining issues. and I’m happy that the blue hue of the mixed-up bottles makes it simple for me to spot them. When you blend it, all it needs is a little consideration and care.


I once experienced a low windshield fluid due to the cold weather conditions in Chicago, Illinois. However, I found a concentration on Amazon and conducted a 72-hour test. I did this to see if 150 ccs for a gallon of water did not freeze at -7°Farenheit. This made me discover I could save a lot of money. You can create 55 gallons of windshield fluid for about $19! 55 gallons times two dollars equals 110 dollars you save 90 dollars. 



I don’t find it interesting to err my view on products I bought on this site. Weather good or bad. but I felt that this product required a review so that others could learn the real story.

This is among the worst goods I’ve ever bought from this website. This item should never be in existence again. Using water works more effectively than this product. It appears that there is water and color dye in this. The blue dye will leave stains on the car glass everywhere, just as other reviews have stated. My pictures will serve as proof. This product is on the verge of being a scam and ought to be prohibited.

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