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Building basketball skills

The basketball instructors at Arizona Athletics take the time to get to know your child and TEACH the sport. To identify the most effective and efficient ways to TEACH, our coaches continually invest in growing and expanding their knowledge. We employ a variety of tools to foster your child’s development in both basketball and overall health. Shot tracking video feedback, digital progress tracking, player assessments, curriculum-based learning, film reviews, goal-setting, and HOMEWORK to specifically strengthen deficiencies are a few of these resources. We’d be thrilled to have the chance to work with your kid to help them play basketball with more aggression, self-assurance, and success.


Currently, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Arcadia, Central Phoenix, and Chandler serve as the bases of operations for our basketball coaches. To work with your child on their basketball abilities, coordination, speed, conditioning, and core strength, we come to your home. This choice is not only incredibly practical, but also quite powerful. Your child can feel entirely at ease in their distraction-free environment.


Greetings from Arizona Pride Basketball of the AZA!

Pride Teams will participate in the top competitions. For both boys and girls, we are a great AAU/Club program.

To be a part of our program, we are looking for excellent families and motivated young players. We are prepared and will provide you and your family a fantastic experience while under-promising and over-delivering.

Our 16U and 17U girls teams will be able to compete on the Gold Gauntlet, according to Adidas.

What You Receive From Us

1. There is a lot of competition

2. Local and international travel

3. Varsity Degree of Dedication

4. Attention to College Exposure

5. Every game is filmed

6. Certified USA Basketball Coaches

7. Elite Basketball Instruction

8. Strength and conditioning exercises

9. Accountability and high integrity Along with us, you’ll improve.

Club Basketball Teams in Phoenix

Boys in fifth grade, sixth grade, eighth grade, eighth grade girls, and high school

To learn more about tryouts, email Arizona Athletics (Arizona Pride) is dominating in the Southwest thanks to Elijah Knox. A rapidly developing team that can put on a show quickly and made an impression at West Coast Elite Basketball competitions this past year. I’m glad to see them moving forward- Basketball West Coast Elite

Elijah has assisted many scholarships and a program in Iowa in reaching Adidas 3SSB level. We believe that his Arizona initiative will experience the same issues. I’m eager to see the talent Arizona has to offer with this group. – Basketball by Adidas


Our club runs at gyms around Phoenix.



Basketball tryouts for our club are listed on the flyers below.


Any student in grades 4 through 12 who wants to study basketball while also honing their talents and having fun. Nobody is above the team, and we have skilled coaches that can create exceptional athletes. Every player grows with us.

Beginners should sign up for our weekly skills sessions, camps, and private lessons. Only experienced players are allowed in our club.



Basketball Camp Throughout the Summer



Basketball players in grades 2 through 8 are welcome in our camps. Players of all skill levels are welcome. During camp, you will be in groups according to your age and skill level. Our curriculum and coaching staff are equipped to meet athletes where they are and then challenge them to move forward from there. Boys and girls!




Papago School 2013 N 36th St 85008

Although it’s not complicated, new users occasionally have trouble with our enrollment process. Send Coach Hannah an email at if you have any questions or want to be registered. Simply add your contact information, your child’s name, school, and the date of birth. Additionally, specify the dates you’re interested in, and we’ll register you.

For any camp-related questions, get in touch with Trevor personally! (404) 434-7434

The camp’s directors are Trevor the coach and Elijah.

League of Basketball


League Are Not Operating Right Now


Team assignments and tryouts in August


Girls and boys from 1st -7th grades are both encouraged!



Clinics in Skills:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday

To sign up for the following season, email Coach Elijah at Initially in August.

Basketball Instructors

Head Coach for the Varsity, Pierre Rivera

Pierre Rivera is my name. For the past ten years, I have been coaching throughout the US and South America. At the American School of Asuncion, I invested more than 5 years in creating a world-class curriculum that resulted in 4 international titles. I had the good fortune to collaborate with a few seasoned coaches and their club teams while I was in South America. Prior to the commencement of the 2018–19 academic year, I relocated back to the U5. I was hired to teach at Ingleside Middle School that year, where I also spent two seasons coaching basketball for both the boys and the girls. With the boys, we had consecutive seasons without a loss. in addition to instructing at Ingleside. Arizona Athletics’ 16U team has been coached by me.

Precision, a strong work ethic, accountability, respect, and teamwork are the cornerstones of my coaching philosophy. Students in our curriculum will discover that these principles extend well beyond the basketball court. During the game’s instruction, I put a lot of attention on teaching the “dos.” I firmly believe in instructing gamers on how to think strategically. Through developing thriving habits, players will discover how to flourish under pressure and hardship. Finally, I think that the key to a program’s success is positive energy. I intend to create a culture that greatly enhances and energises our basketball program.

I’m thrilled to be a part of the Chaparral crew. My goal is to improve this already-promising school. Working with the coaching staff, school administration, professors student-athletes, and the community is something I’m looking forward to.

Elijah Knox, a coach for basketball

Elijah Knox is a renowned basketball coach in the country. Following his graduation from college, Elijah established himself as a top basketball coach for numerous AAU teams, educational institutions, and professional basketball players. During that period, he developed a thorough curriculum that serves as the foundation for all of his training, placing a strong focus on doing things correctly.

Elijah spends a lot of time working on his coordination, ball handling, scoring skills, and shooting mechanics. He works with basketball players in the NBA, FIBA, NCAA, high schools, and kids leagues. Elijah participated in basketball at Simpson College in the NCAA, Cactus Shadows High School, and his training with McDonald’s All-American Glendon Alexander. He has served as the director of the skill and cactus shadows high school summer camps, Peter Jok’s (Phoenix Suns/NAZ Suns) trainer, the owner and land skill coach of Arizona Athletics Basketball, the Madison School District’s basketball coach, and the skill coach for the reach Basketball, hoop code Basketball, and future star Basketball programs, among other positions.

Our CST, Coach Trevor Hemmons, is our skills trainer. Beginning in the fifth grade, he primarily works one-on-one with players.

We have a Certified Skills Trainer in Coach Eric Miller. He primarily works one-on-one with players starting at age 5.

Our CST, Coach Trevor Hemmons, is our skills trainer. He begins working with players in the fourth grade.

Our Director of East Valley Basketball operations is Coach Scott Nicholson. He is a licensed basketball and skills coach. Contact Coach Scott for any needs relating to Chandler and Gilbert.

Athletes Basketball Club of Arizona

Arizona basketball fans are known for being devoted, so it should come as no surprise that they pack the McKale Center for every home game to support the Wildcats even when the team isn’t winning championships or going far in the NCAA tournament. However, this year’s team might well be even better than the great teams of years past with former stars like Sean Miller, Allonzo Trier, and Deandre Ayton lighting up the court once again, coupled with a strong freshman class of players including Brandon Randolph and Luguentz Dort.

Why is it so excellent?

Arizona has unequaled dominance in collegiate basketball, having won four straight NCAA Championships. They’ve enjoyed two unbeaten seasons along the road, and since 2003, they have never been ranked lower than third. The fact that Lute Olson, their coach, has won more games than any other coach in the history of college basketball, is no accident. Why are they so powerful? Just one word: planning. They seize the initiative by outperforming their opponents on offense, defense, and free throws.

Regarding Arizona Basketball

The Wildcats have won 2,462 games overall and 23 NCAA team titles since its foundation in 1893. They won their two most recent NCAA titles in 1994 and 1997. Arizona joined a select group of only six universities that can boast titles in baseball, football (1938), the NCAA women’s basketball championship from 1994, and men’s basketball (2001). (2006). Head coach Sean Miller, one of the most renowned figures in college sports, guided the Wildcats to their first Pac-12 Tournament victory in 17 years during the 2012–2013 season. Regarding the present squad, Lauri Markkanen, who is regarded as one of America’s top 5 players, is expected to contribute significantly.

Fun Information

Did you know that belt is the meaning of the Spanish word Zona? It alludes to the 40-mile-long cactus belt in Arizona. With all humor aside, the Valley of the Sun is known as Zona and is regarded as the best location in America for conducting business. The sunsets in this state are insane! There are a ton of fossils simply waiting to be discovered because the geology in this area is 2 billion years old. Additionally, the average summer temperature is 86 degrees Fahrenheit, or 29 degrees Celsius, and the average winter temperature is 44 degrees Fahrenheit, or 7 degrees Celsius. Overall, it’s a pretty nice spot to live with lots of options for adventure around.

What to do first in the morning at McKale Center

Photos of legendary athletes like Terry Dischinger, Rodd Tatum, and Steve Kerr may be found in the lobby. It’s a modest homage to those who came before and altered the course of basketball in Arizona athletics.

Along with this exhibition, there are paintings recognizing five Pac-12 championships with the Desert Sky in the background. Even while this is spectacular, it is nothing compared to what is waiting for you on the concourse level, just past the concession kiosks serving hamburgers and other food from locations like Short Leash Hot Dogs and Chili’s regional brand, Sonoran Chicken Soup.

The tour Operator

The Wildcats enter this area to warm up before the game. He pointed to the top of the staircase and remarked. They were all formerly purple, but they are now all blue and crimson. The man resumed his conversation with a group of enthusiastic high school kids who appeared to be experts on the structure. I couldn’t help but worry if these youngsters would ever have the opportunity to experience what it was like inside a real game as the trip went through other areas. I doubt it given how aggressive these young people are.

Arizona Athletics Basketball Programs

Undergraduate degrees in Applied Kinesiology, Journalism & Communication, and Athletic Training are offered by Arizona Athletics Basketball. There are also some post-graduate programs available for students who want to focus even further on their area of interest. Certificate, Minor, and Major degrees are the three different sorts of degrees. A joint doctoral degree program with the UA College of Medicine is also available.

Basketball for Arizona Athletics has won four NCAA Division I Women’s

victories, including the 2006 victory. Their men’s team competes in the renowned challenging Pac-12 Conference, which includes many established powerhouse institutions including UCLA, California, Oregon State, and Washington.

More than just basketball exists.

Basketball at Arizona Athletics has been played for more than a century and is still going strong. The powerful program makes it a priority to develop the best athletes in the state and perfect their abilities through arduous competition, long drills, and hard workouts. The school’s athletics legacy keeps growing thanks to conference victories, regional triumphs, national honors, NCAA invitations, and national championships.

The NCAA Division I College Basketball’s top men’s basketball teams include Arizona Athletics. From head coach Sean Miller down to walk-ons, every player on the roster who has committed to play for the University of Arizona makes it their top priority to represent their families, peers, coaches, and state with class on the court or in the classroom every day.

How to play basketball with Arizona Athletics

Arizona Athletics Basketball is a dominant power in the sport, with a storied past and a winning track record. It is your responsibility to learn everything there is to know about this legendary program as an aspiring athlete or fan. The following advice will help you join the Wildcat community:

-Be there early to support the Wildcats with your loved ones during McKale Center games! Follow them on social media or download their radio app if you’re too far from Tucson. -Watch women’s basketball matches against opponents from Division I as they begin conference play in December. -Watch Men’s basketball games at McKale Center all season long, and prepare for a road trip when crucial games are played away from home. -Subscribe to Wildcatmax for insider access to all UA athletics news.

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This article contains detailed information about Arizona Athletics Youth Basketball Sports. You will also find information about Arizona Youth Sports Athletics, Basketball Camps, Arizona Athletics Basketball Club, Arizona Athletics Basketball Club Information and Arizona Athletics Youth Basketball Sports.

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