Arsenal F.C. Arteta on Old Trafford holding no fears

In the process of witnessing what being a champion is at Old Trafford as our coach, Mikel Arteta has faith that any obstacleswhen playing against Manchester United even at their own home are past.

Arteta managed us back in November 2020 when we witnesseda 1-0 victory on the red side of the city to shutdown and secure a win on the first league victory at the square since 2006, havingwon them and become victors out of the FA Cup in 2015.

Although, while the stadium didn’t express much joy and chanting for us during the Premier League era, we have tasted defeat just once to the Red Devils in our last eight meetings with them- albeit last season in Manchester. 

Arteta has advised his players not to bother themselves with the past, and put their full energy and strength and determination in the coming games, which puts them on en route to the north-west with a higher advantage start to the campaign.

“My players are the best and they should have faith in themselves as well, because they are the best I have managedand more than good to win the match,” he said. “We will be at the best advantage if their morale is high. If not, then we will lag behind in this tournament.

“Lack of focus in our players, not having enough faith and confidence as individuals and as a team, resulted in a defeat in the Stamford Bridge many years ago, but we have to our best. If we can explore different technique which is fit for the team rather than adopting just one way you want to play, then we will be champions.  

“We have always won at [Old Trafford] and we will continue doing it, like it’s nothing new, our goal and mission is to always win, when we arrive there, we will show them how the best plays.” 01:59 Perfect penalty | Man Utd 0-1 Arsenal | 2020/21

Whenever we clash with our opposition it’s always nostalgic and everyone loves to witness these matches for fans of both teams, including non supporters of both teams.

Arteta expresses that as a youth he always loves seeing the games from Spain and United was always a great contender for the top awards, and he says he’s going to take things to the next level.

“As a kid I was always glue to the TV, whenever these teams clashes and it’s always lovely to see,” he said. “As a player, winning is the ultimate goal, passion driven, Watching the crowd cheer, it’s a great scene to behold and experience. 

“it has always been a moment captured by many public outletand always the passion drive to be the best amongst players gives an aura of champion. But in England it’s at the peak.

” Having won five wins in a row, United have always defeated and broken Brighton and Brentford since the campaign kicked off to secure the wining points, Arteta believes Eric ten Haag wants to turn things around from the scratch and build a strong team. 

“They have spent a lot to get hold of the best players in the transfer window, it is no surprise – they are ready to win not just today but always,” Arteta added.

“In the beginning Manchester United tells you they are sure of this. They are big opposition, we are aware and we won’t relent again.”

Man-City F.C. News 

Pep Guardiola made aware to the media that after City’s 1-1 draw that Aston Villa isn’t an easy team to win as they try their best to block our chances against them.

Guardiola on Walker injury and City’s early-season fitness

As soon as the first half ended, City became the early winners of the second half as at the 50th minute when Kevin De Bruyne gave an amazing ball to Erling Haaland at the back post. The Norwegian went for his tenth goal in six Premier League appearances.

That gave us our win in the match, an we weren’t good enough as Villa Player Leon Bailey equalized the match. 

And the manager said they are going to do their best n the next match.

“We we performed at the low in our first half to win, during the final third with Kyle and a performance from Phil,” said Guardiola.

“We learnt today and we will do more next time. 

“We didn’t underperform and they only gave just one shot in 90 minutes which we weren’t lucky with and it resulted in a goal, but we became at advantage at the opportunity we had, thus putting us in control and we made sure we acted well although the defence was poor and they made a surprising goal.

” Antonio Conte was amzed as we won in our 2-1 win against Fulham in the Premier League on Saturday, but taken unaware by our the visitors when we should have prepared to do the best. 

“This is our consequence,” he said, remembering theirperformance where at the early start of the second half, Richarlison took the spotlight from making it 3-0 and the next, Aleksandar Mitrovic had turned it for 2-1. Hugo Lloris then charged and dominated, saved another Mitrovic effort that was defended, went for corner. Richarlison, was amazed, then had a goal cancelled in the final minute.

Mitrovic’s goal, on 83 minutes, put Fulham’s in a great spirit, We gave a lot of efforts, 10 on target, hit the woodork twice, our two goals were cancelled and Heung-Min Son and Ryan Sessegnon is amazed at the way Bernd Leno kept disrupted their chances- two of his eight saves. 

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