Roma suffered their first loss of the new season on Sunday evening as they fell to Udinese 4-0.

Following the game, Jose Mourinho had the following to say:

What’s your rationale for tonight’s defeat?

“It was a difficult contest, exactly as we expected the opponents to make things difficult for us. Generally speaking, you can’t allow yourself fall behind early in games like these. They are adept at running down the time and defending tightly and compactly. They have athletic, intelligent players. You are already in serious jeopardy if you fall behind them.”

“Despite the final score, I thought Dybala was the best player on the field. We began off well and gave him that early opportunity. We were somewhat in their hands after [they scored]; every time they had the ball, it either resulted in a counterattack or a goal.”

“We failed to seize the chances we were given. Although there may have been an offside previously, when we struck the post, it may have altered the outcome of the match just as it could have if we had been awarded a penalty. But when you’re down 4-0, you can’t criticize the referees. That’s one of my rules.”

“I’d rather lose one game 4-0 than four 1-0,” the coach said. “That much is true. We’ve dropped three points, while you lose 12 if you lose three more games. Both us and the fans find it difficult to accept, but that is just how life is. We have another game on Thursday, and we have another training session tomorrow. We continue.”

Was your team incapable of winning this game?

“A certain opponent was being played by my team. It all relies on your opponent and the results of the games. We had opportunities to re-enter the competition, but we passed them up. They did, in part due to certain particular errors we had made.

But any individual faults made by my teams are magnified into group errors. During crucial moments of the game, when everything was still up for grabs, we committed blunders. We now have 10 points, so even if it’s difficult, we are still in the lead.”

What message did you give your team after the game?

I explained to them that losing one game 4-0 is preferable than losing four games 1-0. We have another game on Thursday, and we are extremely familiar with them. You can’t criticize the referee when you lose, but when we learned he would be in charge of the match, we had the impression that he would be a fantastic choice for a club like Udinese. A hint of what was to come in the game was given by the first yellow card. But enough, I must take responsibility as always.

Have you ever had a horrible sensation before?

“I had a gut instinct that it would be a difficult game, and the players were aware of it. Every time you go behind, things become really challenging. It was also last year, however it seems like we only really got going for about 20 minutes.

I sometimes wish I had ballboys like them back at my stadium since even the young men here who are meant to be taught fair play perform well. We are not like that; we are unique.

Congratulations to them still; this is a fantastic outcome for them. The game went just as they had hoped since they played to their strengths. They performed so well. We will see them in the Olimpico again this season. This is the Latest News/ Updates on Italian Serie A side AS Roma.

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