AstroAI 47-inch 3-in-1 Extendable Ice Scraper

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Even if it’s only a multipurpose ice scraper, it’s difficult not to get enthused about gadgets and gizmos. With this extendable scraper/brush, AstroAI upped the ante. Its aluminum alloy frame extends from 36.4 inches to 47.2 inches. However, what makes this extensible frame unique are the 10 different length options that let you reach every area of your windshield. It can be difficult to hold on when scraping, which is why the grip is built of thick foam for added control. Additionally, since the brush head can rotate 360 degrees, you won’t have any trouble cleaning snow and debris off of your car or truck.

It is simple to store because it separates into three pieces that fit within the handy carrying bag that is included. Once you’ve chipped all of the thick ice with the ice chipper and swept it away, you’ll be able to see plainly.


  • Model 2655
  • Frame made of aluminum alloy measuring 47.2 inches
  • Scraper blade, 4.5 inches
  • Thick foam handle


  • Includes a carrying case
  • Excellent extra-long reach for huge cars
  • A year-long warranty
  • Each component of the AstroAI snow brush and ice scraper can be removed.
  • The use of an ice shovel and a snow brush at the same time is permitted.
  • The processes for assembly and disassembly are quite straightforward and user-friendly.
  • The brush is tiny and incredibly simple to stow in your car, truck, or garage thanks to its removable components.


  • Somewhat high pricing range

Merchandise Description

Ice Scraper Snow Brush

The four rows of broad bristles on this brush make it easy to quickly clear snow from your car’s windows and windshield. Tough ice chippers on a 4.5-inch-wide scraper blade are designed to cut through and remove thick ice. They may have freedom.

The smooth, multi-position aluminum alloy tie rod may be extended from 36.4″ to 47.2″

It has many length limits. As a result, the center of your windshield or the roof of your automobile can be readily reached. Adapt the length to your needs.

Rotatable brush head can pivot 360 degrees to clear snow from various angles.

For convenience of usage, locks in a horizontal, vertical, and diagonal direction. Make snow removal considerably simpler.

Non-Slip, Comfortable EVA Grip

The handle has a warm, cushy, thick foam grip. Simple to put together and take apart. conveniently kept in the trunk or automobile.

One Year Only

The snow brush, ice scraper, and aluminum alloy pole of the snow removal broom are all simply detachable. Any inquiries? Contact us, and we’ll get back to you within a day.

Ice scraper with several angles snow brush

Pivoting Head 360°

With the help of the innovative snow brush’s 360° revolving head, you can remove snow from any angle. Depending on your demands for cleaning snow, you can lock the brush at a horizontal, vertical, or even diagonal angle (a special feature).

Stackable Bristles

You can use the precisely coated bristles to remove the snow from your automobile without worrying about scratching it. It can withstand temperatures as low as -40 degrees and is constructed with the highest-grade ABS and PVC filaments to provide you with thousands of hours of trouble-free snow clearing.

Convenient Foam Grip

Your ice and snow cleaning duties will be as comfortable as possible thanks to the cozy and warm foam grip. The grip is of the highest quality and provides a high level of comfort because it was particularly developed and built from a soft and elastic EVA sponge.

Design of Patented Joint Buckles

The device may be easily disassembled while still having your tool securely fastened thanks to the innovative joint buckle design. This tool will last for thousands of usage as it is made of durable materials.

Break and scrape away ice quickly.

Even the thickest windshield ice is assured to be moved by the anti-scratch ice knuckles. Use on car windows and windshields is secure. great for automobiles and SUVs.

Simple to Store

It is quite simple to store the AstroAI Ice Scraper and Snow Windshield Brush. This is due to the fact that it separates into 3 smaller pieces, allowing it to fit perfectly into the accompanying storage bag.

Top Ratings


Over the years, we’ve owned a number of snow brushes and ice scrapers in combination, but this one is by far the best. Once completed, it is quite strong and comes together quickly. Additionally, it is simple to disassemble and may be kept in its relatively tiny bag. In comparison to previous snow brushes we have had, this storage is far more practical.

I’m happy I chose to purchase this from Amazon rather than attempting to locate one at a nearby store. Just in time for the upcoming snowstorm, Amazon mailed this VERY swiftly, and I received it within a couple of days. Since I have been using it solely, I can assure you that both my wife and I are satisfied with it.

It is adaptable. The brush and scraper are quite durable, and the adjustments are simple to make. This snow brush has extremely excellent craftsmanship. This AstroAI 62.4″ Ice Scraper with Snow Brush comes with my VERY HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION. I think you’ll be as happy with it as we are.

Theodore Ezerman

I have to park outside because I live in Vermont, and despite my best efforts to prepare for bad weather, it catches me off guard multiple times each year. Like yesterday, when I had a COVID-19 shot #1 appointment in the morning and discovered that my car had an inch of frozen paint. Due to stronger than anticipated rain, it became frozen. This was because of active precipitation that began as heavy snow and dropped the temperature in the evening. Thank god, my new brush/scraper arrived yesterday and did an excellent job. I made it, and I’ve always been a lucky guy.


My Jeep Cherokee is raised. I can remove ALL of the snow with this snow brush, including the roof. We have a lot of snow, therefore the last thing I want is for my Jeep to blow snow or ice that could cause an accident or other problem. The 62.4″ AstroAI Ice Scraper with Extendable Snow Brush is incredibly powerful and makes moving snow a breeze. I’m so glad I found it. It has my unanimous 5-star recommendation. There are some very poor ones available. NOT ONE OF THOSE, THIS! At a great price, complete quality and thoughtful craftsmanship are offered. Grab one now!

Camacho, N.

As a result, this item has a few pieces that aren’t the most durable, as several reviews have noted. The ice scraper component broke after its first use during the storm last Saturday, as seen in my photo. I used the scraper as carefully as I could despite the Boston storm and the heavy snowfall. After contacting their customer support, I received a replacement in the mail right away. Absolutely the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. Other than that, the product is very nicely designed.

The ergonomic, padded handles make it very easy and comfortable to use, and the length is excellent. The brush is beautifully made and has a feature you didn’t know you needed—the capacity to be broken into different parts. Additionally, the bag they include with it makes storing really simple and prevents moisture from entering the back of my truck. I believe that given the price and the nature of the product, these items can only be so durable. In either case, you can be sure that if something does happen to it, assistance is just an email away. I hope this aids you in making a wise purchase!

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