Aviva Canada: Car, Life and Home Insurance Company

In this article titled “Aviva Canada”, we shall study all about its mode of operation, origin and mode of operation. Therefore, in the course of reading this article you will come across some subtopics like: Overview Of Aviva Canada, Partnerships Of Aviva Canada, Products And Services Of Aviva Canada, Awards Won By Aviva Canada, Aviva Insurance Phone Number, Aviva Car Insurance, Aviva Login, Aviva Plc, Aviva Life Insurance, Aviva Life Insurance Customer Care and Aviva Home Insurance.

We shall commence with the overview of Aviva Canada.

Overview Of Aviva Canada

The Aviva Canada Inc. emanates from the UK company, Aviva plc. Meanwhile, Aviva Canada is a Canadian property and casualty insurance company. It specializes in offering varieties of insurance services to a large number of insured individuals.

This insurance company company came into existence in 1999 with its headquarters at Markham, Ontario. Meanwhile, the CEO of the company is Jason Storah. As of 2016, Aviva Canada had approximately 4,000 workers and millions of customers.

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Partnerships Of Aviva Canada

Aviva Canada and Tennis Canada have been partners since 2015. Also, it sponsors the Rogers Cup tournament. Also, this insurance company and Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE) have been partners since 2017. This partnership gave rise to Toronto Raptors Insurance and Toronto Maple Leafs Insurance. They both deal on home and auto insurance.

Products And Services Of Aviva Canada

There are basic products and services that are unique to Aviva Canada. It comprises of the Vehicle Insurance and Property insurance. Meanwhile, there are other make-shift products that they offer. Those products include: Equine/Horse Insurance, Hole-in-One, and Prize Indemnity.

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Awards Won By Aviva Canada

  • 2017 – Red Cross – Partners in Humanity Award
  • 2018 – CPRS ACE Award – Government Relations Campaign of the Year: Aviva Fight Fraud Report
  • 2019 – CPRS ACE Award – Government Relations Campaign of the Year: Project Bumper
  • 2019 – CPRS National Award: Undistracted Driving Campaign
  • 2019 – IMCA Showcase Award – Media Relations Campaign of the Year: Project Bumper
  • 2019 – Insurance Business Canada Awards – Best Advertising Campaign of the Year: Ovation

Aviva Insurance Phone Number

The Aviva insurance phone number is provided so you can reach out to the company to get support, assistance or make inquiries. If you wish to get in touch with the company, call this number: 1-800-387-4518.

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Aviva Car Insurance

If you are under the Aviva Car Insurance, you are sure that you and your car are covered in a case of accidents and damage. The company will take care of every cost during this damage. There are various options available for you. There are the comprehensive or third party, fire and theft insurance. Note that, those having an electric and hybrid vehicles are not left out.

If you wish to drive in the UK, the least type of car insurance you need is ‘third party’. Impressively, in Aviva Canada, its ‘third party, fire and theft insurance’ covers more than this basic level. Meanwhile, the company’s ‘comprehensive’ level also covers damage to your vehicle. Apparently, the comprehensive level appears costlier than the third party level.

Aviva Login

You ought to create a MyAviva account so you can easily log in to your account. By logging into your MyAviva account, you can manage and observe your Aviva insurance, savings and investment policies with ease.

Your location will not have an effect on when to check or log in. Also, it is safe, secure and stress-free to use on all devices.

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Aviva Plc

When you hear about Aviva plc, what should come to your mind is a British multinational insurance company. It has its head office at London, England. In terms of work force, it has over 22,000 workers and in terms of customers, it has approximately 18 million customers. Aviva plc has a strong markets at United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada.

It is in the United Kingdom that Aviva stands as the biggest general insurer and number one life and pensions provider. It also dominates in Canada as a general insurer. Its markets across China and South East Asia are also developing gradually via investments and joint ventures with other firms.

Aviva Life Insurance

The Aviva Life insurance gives your family and your dear ones financial security when you pass away. As long as you are insured, your family will benefit financially from the company and won’t lack.

However, in this segment, there are 2 main types. They are:

  • Term life insurance: Here, they policies made here doesn’t last for long. Also, what the party involved stands to gain is only death benefits.
  • Permanent life insurance: This type is different from the term life insurance in the sense that the policies ensure the instant death benefit coverage. Also, it ensures the build up cash value within a long while. An example of permanent life insurance is the Universal life insurance.

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Aviva Life Insurance Customer Care

The Aviva Life Insurance toll free customer care helpline number is 1800-103-7766 or 0124-2709046.

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Aviva Home Insurance

The Aviva Home Insurance gives your home total coverage in the case of damage, fire outbreak or burglary. Therefore, if you are under the Aviva home insurance, be rest assured that your home, building and belongings are protected.

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Is Aviva Canada A Good Company?

Yes, it is. Aviva Canada has an overall rating of 3.8 out of 5 and this is via 540 reviews by employees. The good remarks of Aviva Canada keeps improving yearly.

Is Aviva A Big Insurance Company?

Apparently, it is a big insurance company. It is the number one insurer in both the UK and Ireland general insurance (GI) markets. Also, it is among the top providers of insurance services to various people.

How Big Is Aviva Canada?

It is one of the top property and casualty insurance companies in the Canada. Also, it is popular for its insurance services like: home, automobile, lifestyle and business insurance.

How Much Does Aviva Canada Inc. Pay?

The company’s salary ranges from C$43,302 to C$90,623 annually. Meanwhile, the company’s Senior Underwriter earn the most at C$69,373, then, the Junior Underwriter earn the least at C$50,837.

What Is The Number Of Employees At Aviva Canada?

Aviva Canada has 2,273 employees.

When Was Aviva Canada Founded?

This Canadian based insurance company came into existence in 1999.

Where Is The Headquarters Of Aviva Canada?

The headquarters of this insurance company is at Markham, Ontario.

Who Is The CEO Of Aviva Canada?

The CEO of the company is Jason Storah.


We hope that, we have provided you with the necessary informations of Aviva Canada in this article. To read more about this insurance company, please visit: https://www.aviva.ca/

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