AZ Alkmaar: Young AZ turns the backlog and wins from Dordrecht

AZ Alkmaar News: Young AZ turns the backlog and wins from Dordrecht

FC Dordrecht lost to ZAANSTAD- Young AZ in their AFAS Training Complex. The Manger Maarten Martens showed confidence and aggressiveness turning a deficit into a 3-1 victory after half time Joshua Pynadath and Dave Kwakman made their debut.

Young AZ weren’t confident in their turf. Samuele Longo was in right position to score. He gave the lead on 0-1.

On the turn of event,

Jong AZ went right inside the attacking position. Briefly after a through ball from Soulyman Allouch was blocked, Ricuenio Kewal had the first opportunity. He didn’t hesitate to shoot at FC Dordrecht goalkeeper Liam Cathal Bossin.

A wonderful Save

Westerveld made a wonderful save. On the other hand, Dordrecht exhibited aggressiveness multiple times in the first half. Young AZ goalkeeper Sem Westerveld didn’t relent as he also performed well with a lot of saves.

Convincing shot Reverson

Second half into the game Reverson made a quick shot; AZ went for a clean sweep. With Joshua Pynadath on his debut too, Damienus Reverson equalized immediately to a  1-1. Bossin was amazed at the shot of the striker. Reverson felt so happy when celebrating the goal with his mother watching him play.

Engel from a corner

After the match equalisation, Jong AZ registered a second goal. After a superb shot by Jayden Addai  who came in from the substitute who tapped in the goal. Misha Engel was in the right position making sure the corner was utilized into a 2-1.

Allouch moves in

 In the sixtieth minute, Jong AZ sent the lead to a 3-1. Soulyman Allouch went into the attack himself from the left to score. The wing tip was humble and fit in.


Jong AZ and Dordrecht were less aggressive. A score from Allouch’s turned the match into a win. Kwakman and the fans expressed so much happiness on his debut in the eightieth minute.


 ‘She is means a lot to me’ Reverson told afterwards about his cheerfulness as he was celebratring his goal. “I went straight to my mother. She means a lot to me. When I scored the goal, My thought were: Mom, this is for you. Your mother is the world to you, of course. She is always cares for you, even in tough times. She was there and it mattered. My mother doesn’t really entertain the noise. Like I said: I will always score, if you’re present.”


 Young AZ – FC Dordrecht 3-1 (0-1)

Kitchen Champion Division

Line- up Young AZ:  Sem Westerveld, Robin Lathouwers (46. Joshua Pynadath),

 Loek Postma, Finn Stam, Misha Engel; Nick Twisk, Lewis Schouten (39. Sem Dekkers),

 Iman Griffith; Ricuenio Kewal (59. Jayden Addai), Damienus Reverson (80. Nick Koster), Soulyman Allouch (80. Dave Kwakman).

FC Dordrecht line-up:  Liam Cathal Bossin; Elso Brito, Jop van der Avert, Toine van Huizen, Anouar El Azzouzi; Benjamin Reemst, Vincent Schippers, Jari Schuurman; Mathis Suray, Samuele Longo, Alou Badara Balde.

Score:  5. Longo 0-1, 52. Reverson 1-1, 57. Engel 2-1, 60. Allouch 3-1. Yellow cards:   Lathouwers, Allouch (Jong AZ), Van der Avert, Brito, Schippers (FC Dordrecht)

Red card:  -.  Referee: Nick Smith. Derrick Luckassen left PSV after five seasons. Maccabi Tel Aviv took in the 27-year-old defender  on a permanent deal. Luckassen was last called up to the PSV squad on Sunday 28 August on there match against Excelsior

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