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This article contains detailed information about Bank of America prepaid. You will learn About Bank of America prepaid card, Characteristics of the Bank of America Prepaid Card, Advantages and disadvantages of Bank of America prepaid cards, How to load a Bank of America prepaid card with funds and much more.

About Bank of America prepaid card

The Bank of America Prepaid Card is not a credit card; rather, it is a prepaid card that does not provide a line of credit that you can draw from. Instead, a “sponsor,” who might be your employer, loads this specific form of prepaid card with money in advance.

If Bank of America issues you a Consumer Payments Prepaid Card for personal use, you are free to utilize the funds in your account anyway you see fit. In rare cases, though, you may be issued a prepaid card for business that is only to be used to purchase products or services designated by your sponsor.

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Characteristics of the Bank of America Prepaid Card

The Bank of America Consumer Payments Prepaid Card doesn’t offer many benefits or consumer protections because it’s not a credit card. Yet there are numerous advantages to be aware of, such as the following:

Worldwide use of ATMs

The Bank of America Consumer Payments Prepaid Card is preloaded with money that you can access at ATMs all over the world if your sponsor chooses this option. You can use your card to withdraw cash from ATMs that display the Visa or Cirrus logo, according to Bank of America. Be aware that you can ask for cash back at the point of sale when you use your card to make purchases at businesses that display the Maestro logo.

Extensive acceptance of Visa cards

You can use your card for both in-person and online transactions in addition to earning cash back. You can use your prepaid debit card anyplace Visa cards are accepted (which is virtually everywhere).

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Alerts through emails and texts

You can register for email or text notifications to notify you when an account deposit is made or your account balance is about to expire. You can use these alerts to keep track of how much money is still in your prepaid account.

Rates and fees

Although Bank of America’s Consumer Payments Prepaid Card doesn’t have an interest rate because it’s not a credit card, there could be transaction or annual fees associated with your account. The small print also makes it appear possible that there would be an account closure fee when an account is closed.

Is it worth it to get a Bank of America Prepaid Card?

Use a Bank of America Consumer Payments Prepaid Card if your employer or another sponsor provides one for your personal or professional costs. Following all, your sponsor loads money onto these prepaid cards, which you can use for authorized purchases and expenses in stores, online, or even to withdraw cash from an ATM if that option is chosen.

On the other hand, if you have the option to choose any prepaid card, you should compare all the top prepaid cards available before making a choice. You’ll never know unless you look, but you might find that one prepaid card offers a better cost structure or more nearby ATM access locations.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Bank of America prepaid cards


1. There is no need for cash to be carried around. A single card may be safer to use instead of a stack of money and may also be easier to carry.

2. You desire an additional level of safety. Although while a stolen prepaid card may be simple to use, the thief will only be able to access the card’s balance, as opposed to a debit card, which may allow them to overdraw an account.

3. You should keep your spending in check. A prepaid card can assist you in staying within the limits of your card’s available balance.

4. You require an alternative to a checking account. Prepaid cards are an option if you don’t have a bank account but would like to use a card instead of cash for convenience.

5. Avoid having an adverse effect on your credit score. Prepaid cards can be a useful short-term credit card substitute because they can be bought without a credit check.

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1. Before selecting a prepaid card, it’s crucial to examine any potential fees connected to a variety of different acts. You might be charged fees for a variety of activities, such as cash withdrawals, purchases, checking card balances, money transfers between cards, etc., according to the CFPB.

2.You will not receive bonuses for your purchases.

3. Moreover, prepaid cards could have fewer security features than a regular credit or debit card.

How to load a Bank of America prepaid card with funds

If you wish to keep using a prepaid card after you’ve used the money on it, you must add new funds to it. There are various methods for doing this:

1. Directly transfer funds from a bank account or another prepaid card to the card.

2. Money from paychecks or other reliable sources should be deposited onto the card.

3. Use cash to reload the card at a store or bank.

4. To add a certain amount of money to your card, buy a reload pack.

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The difference between Prepaid cards and debit/credit cards

Prepaid cards are distinguished by the fact that they aren’t connected to a bank account like a debit card or a line of credit like a credit card. You only use a prepaid card with the funds deposited onto it. The card doesn’t use any of your other financial accounts, and you aren’t borrowing any money.

Because of this, if you wish to keep using an empty card, you must add additional money to it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the app from Bank of America prepaid?

You can easily manage your Prepaid accounts on the road with our free to download application! Our top priority is keeping you safe. Like when you access your Prepaid accounts online, mobile data communications and account information become safeguarded by the same high-security SSL Standards.

Can I take money out of my Bank of America prepaid card?

 You can use the Card to make cash withdrawals at any ATM sporting the Visa® or Cirrus® logo, as appropriate to your sponsor’s program. For information on potential fees, please refer to the Schedule of Bank Fees that you received with the Card.

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How can I view the balance of my Bank of America prepaid card?

To check the Card’s balance, log on to Alternately, you can always reach Cardholders Services by phone at 1.866.213.8564.

How much can be taken out of a Bank of America prepaid account?

 The most money that can be taken out of an ATM at once is $1,000, which translates to a limit of 60 notes. Depending on the type of account and the amount of available funds, further limits can apply. When scheduling a withdrawal in advance with the Mobile Banking app, the maximum ATM cash limit is $80.

How do I send money from my Bank of America prepaid card?

Make a transfer after selecting Transfer | Send. Choose the account you wish to transfer funds from, followed by the account you wish to send funds to. Enter the desired transfer amount. Tap Proceed after entering the date on which you wish the transaction to take place.

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How much money may be loaded onto a prepaid card?

You can load up to $15,000 into the majority of Visa prepaid card alternatives. After you use portion of your available amount on a reloadable prepaid card, you can keep adding funds to your account. But, you don’t have permission to exceed the $15,000 account balance cap in either circumstance.

How do Bank of America prepaid cards operate?

You may pay bills, make online purchases, and buy goods and services with the Bank of America Business Prepaid Card. Enjoy immediate access to your money everywhere they accept Visa or Mastercard, day or night, seven days a week. There’s no need to carry a lot of cash with you.

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How may a Bank of America prepaid card be registered?

How can I set up my prepaid card? By dialing 1.866.213.8564 or visiting, you can register the Card. Provide the Card number, your name, address, and the last four digits of your Social Security Number in all of the relevant spaces.

Does Bank of America prepaid make use of Zelle?

You can utilize Zelle® directly with Bank of America®. You must utilize Zelle® within the Bank of America mobile app or online banking as of October 5 in order to send and receive money.


Like credit or debit cards, prepaid cards function similarly. Prepaid cards don’t have a connection to a bank account or a line of credit, which is the main distinction. So, you need to load funds onto the card in order to use one. Remember that using prepaid cards frequently entails a variety of costs.

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