Basketball Academies in Idaho

Are you a young player looking for an Academy to join? Why not consider “Basketball Academies in Idaho”. You can also see their locations, fees and Schedule.

HSB Academy

HSB Academy jumped onto the scene in October of 2011 as one of America’s premier destinations for player development and basketball skill training. Located in the heart of Idaho’s Treasure Valley, HSB Academy has trained, mentored, and encouraged more than 50,000 aspiring amateur and professional athletes from around the globe.


The expertise, knowledge, and game preparation athletes experience each and every day is unmatched by virtually any program in the country. With state-of the-art training facilities, accommodations to fit any budget, and a world class staff of professional trainers and coaches, come see for yourself why thousands have made HSB Academy the only solution for all of their training and development needs.


HSBCAMPS, (Hard Work, Sacrifice, Believe) is America’s fastest growing youth

basketball initiative and leader in bringing kids of all ages face-to-face with actual pros. Officially founded in December 2008 by Director Carson Sofro, HSBCAMPS has provided a world-class basketball training experience to more than 50,000 young student athletes in various locations throughout the United States.

TV80 & JR.TV80

The TV80 & jr.TV80 are the Treasure Valley’s ONLY premier youth leagues for boys and girls in the 1st-12th grade. Seasons run 6-8 weeks in length which includes one week of evaluations, games, and a double elimination post-season tournament. Games feature live player stats, professional coaches, and an Idaho first 35-second shot clock. League availability is always limited.

Idaho Hoops in the Southeast

A non-profit company called Southeast Idaho Hoops Academy is committed to teaching Southeast Idaho’s youngsters better basketball fundamentals, discipline, and life skills.

We also assist young people in our neighborhood in enhancing their physical abilities in any sport. The skills of teamwork, loyalty, hard effort, goal-setting, and sportsmanship will be taught to the participants. They will become more physically fit and feel better about themselves. We have a separate facility set up for training, team practices, and league play.

Company: Culture Shock

Basketball is played by the CULTURE SHOCK BASKETBALL CLUB.

They take part in local and regional basketball competitions, as well as AAU Basketball and other nationally regulated competitions. Although we have our headquarters in Meridian, Idaho, we serve the whole Treasure Valley as well as its neighboring cities and counties.

Our mission is to help student-athletes reach their basketball goals by focusing on their development both on and off the court. We work hard to ensure that every athlete leaves a better player and develops leadership qualities that will serve them in other facets of their lives.

Basketball Academies in Idaho

Our Principles

The three major objectives of the Culture Shock Basketball Club are as follows:

  • To equip our athletes with the knowledge and abilities they need to succeed in both life and basketball.
  • The competitive sporting experience can improve social development, physical health, and teach life values like respect and teamwork to students in all grades.
  • For athletes who have the ambition, physical talent, and academic status to play at the university level, to pursue athletic scholarships

Sandpoint High School Basketball

There are people and things in Sandpoint that you won’t find in any other tiny town in our wonderful nation! But like many small communities, it could not have all the advantages that big cities enjoy. As I participated in pick-up games and spoke with parents in the community, I soon realized the importance of promoting the wonderful game of basketball with families and directly enhancing the talents of our children.

I observed young players who clearly enjoyed the sport but perhaps weren’t exposed to certain techniques that could have heightened their enthusiasm. The BSS is where I believe young people will develop a passion for basketball! Every session will be intensely labor-intensive, leaving the players sore and unable of falling asleep. But we’ll also have a blast, I promise! There will be games, music, films, contests, and awards!

Our closest allies will be the School Teams and other initiatives. Once they see the benefits of our efforts, BSS will assist them and they will want to assist us. Although we are all working toward the same objectives, those coaches are constrained by time… At BSS, our sole goal is to find each player’s weaknesses and repeatedly exploit them until they vanish.

BSS will make your player enjoy this fantastic game! All throughout the year, we will provide them with exercises and games to repeat. if they are participating in our workouts twice a week. Then, for the following five days, kids must practice the drills for at least 10 minutes each day. Basketball is a straightforward math equation, I usually say. How hard did you work on your game for how many hours? Your level of competence is the solution. We are all aware that the same equation applies to the majority of situations in life. Try us out at BSS.

Basketball Camps & Training at Breakthrough – Nampa

Breakthrough Basketball offers numerous tools and resources for basketball players, parents, coaches, and trainers. The following resources incorporate learning resources like DVDs, eBooks, camps, applications, newsletters, and forums.

You may learn almost everything about basketball on this website, with a focus on basics, coaching with a good influence, and “doing the right thing”! Thanks to our talented staff of coaches, which includes both youth coaches and NBA players. You will discover fresh and incredibly useful details for all ages and levels of coaches, parents, and athletes.

We are genuinely committed to coaching basketball. We fully think that coaches have incredible potential to positively affect the lives of their players as well as extremely significant obligations. Too many coaches become fixated on winning and neglect to see the wider picture. Don’t get us wrong, we’re fiercely competitive, but we never allow it override what’s most important.

Basketball Academies in Idaho


We are here to give you basketball IQ tips and to serve as a friendly reminder of the essentials. Our main goal is divided into two parts…

  • Provide you with almost all of the materials as well as information you require for basketball.
  • Make a difference in the lives of athletes, either directly or through educating coaches and parents worldwide.

Next Level Basketball Academy

All driven student-athletes who wanted to compete at the highest level formed the Next Level Basketball Academy with their best interests in mind. The most crucial thing we do at The Next Level Basketball Academy is to meet people where they are in terms of talent, confidence, and skill before developing them further. Since we genuinely care about each participant’s progress both on and off the court, we thoroughly love developing meaningful relationships with each one of them. Although most student-athletes share a same objective, The Next Level Basketball Academy differs from comparable programs in that we respect this fact. Through sports-specific I.Q. development and individual skill breakdown, we meet each person where they are in order to help them reach THE NEXT LEVEL as student-athletes.

Jump Start Sports Academy

“Youth aged 4 to 16 are taught weekly skill training by Jump Start Sports Academy. We also have Scrimmage open gym classes where the students have organized scrimmage games. The coaches act as refs and call fouls and activity teach defense and put to use the skill Lessons the students are learning in class. We run leagues throughout the year for different age groups from elementary all the way to adult leagues. See our website or social media for dates.”

Jump Sport Academy LLC creates, oversees, and provides elite sports programming, schools, clubs, and academies. Our distinctive sports curriculums are used by JSA’s skilled, trained, and enthusiastic coaches to foster good social habits. Students are challenged to grow mentally and physically. s well as develop their unique skills in order to achieve their full potential in both sport and life.

Jump Sports works to avoid the beginnings of serious illnesses in the area, raise the standard of sports training in the UAE, and overcome cultural divides through local, regional, and international efforts. We can strengthen Abu Dhabi’s sports culture thanks to these measures.

Ignite Sports

The advent of Ignite Basketball and Ignite Volleyball has caused Ignite Sports to electrify the Treasure Valley. Ignite is the ideal setting if your athlete is prepared for a welcoming atmosphere, top-notch coaches, advanced athletic performance, and character development.

Our coaches are dedicated to helping kids grow into fine young people. The majority of their time will be spent in the gym studying lifelong lessons and values. For example respect, discipline, integrity, readiness, accountability, and perseverance. At Ignite, we have high standards and welcome players who enjoy a mental and physical challenge.

We think it’s important for each of us to develop as followers of Christ as well as athletes and coaches. All throughout our programs, we place a strong emphasis on the value of character and teamwork. Fostering the competitive growth of players and coaches in their athletic, spiritual, and social lives.

Basketball Academies in Idaho

T3 Sport

The Academy provides the most in-depth instruction that T3 has to offer. Each of our players will receive the tools they need to develop into their absolute best selves. Do we want them to win the game with flying colors? Absolutely. Players devote five months to developing their talents, comprehending the game, and, most importantly, developing confidence in their ability.

More than this, we want to see our players embrace the strength of who they are and learn how to do so on a regular basis. Our greatest honor is to travel this adventure alongside them. They will also have the ability to walk with honor, hope, and humility in every situation as they go…

Association for High School Activities in Idaho

The Idaho High School Activities Association’s goal is to plan, oversee, and manage extracurricular activities. These benefit and safeguard each student participant’s overall educational experience.

Every program and activity must be designed to advance both the school’s academic objective as well as its commitment to good conduct. The Idaho High School Activities Association’s history is very similar to that of similar organizations in other states. Because there were no established teams in the high schools, the students who wanted to compete in sports formed their own teams. Numerous issues existed prior to the school’s involvement in the programs.

Sports Mettle Nampa

In the summer of 2020, Nampa’s first indoor sports complex devoted exclusively to youth sports opens. With the construction of this 33,000 square foot, four court complex, we hope to give the youngsters of Nampa a place to train and compete to show off their prowess.

Baller Crash the Boards

We take great pride in hosting the Crash the Boards basketball competitions. Having been established in 2010, they organize year-round weekend tournaments with an average of 50 to 110 local and regional teams, making them the largest youth basketball tournament program in Idaho.

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Are you a young player looking for an Academy to join? Why not consider “Basketball Academies in Idaho”. You can also see their locations, fees and Schedule.

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