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F.A.S.T stands for fundamental athletic skills training. This academy serves as a training company that services areas like New Orleans, Mandeville, and surrounding areas. They make available individual, group, and team training services. In addition, they carry out college planning and recruiting. Furthermore, sports performance that enhance strength, conditioning, power, flexibility, speed, and agility are performed. Also, they provide holiday camps and clinics throughout the year.

Our focus is on the fundamentals of shooting, dribbling, defense, and finishing at the rim during our camps. Proper spacing and moving without the ball is concentrated on by playing competitive games. Right from beginners to Elite level players, all skill levels are welcomed. Though, grouping of campers are done according to their age and skill set.

Louisiana Kings Basketball

Teaching, organizing, and offering youthful basket ball players the learning of the game’s fundamental is done by Louisiana basketball kings. In addition, inculcate virtues such as character, discipline, teamwork, respect, and sportsmanship in them. Our experienced and talented coaches have worked with Youth Basketball Of America and Youth Academy Of Basketball for the past 10 years. You can make out time for our workouts and convenient classes plus skills training and fundamentals.

Jimmy Treigle- Owner and Trainer

Trainer Jimmy was born and raised in New Orleans, LA, and for Kenner All-Stars he played biddy Basketball 9-12. In 1985, he won the Coach Gernon Brown Memorial Award for Best All-Round Athlete for junior teams. In 1987, he graduated from Jesuit high school and won the Larry Gilbert Family Memorial Award on varsity teams. The 1987 LSU SEC Co-Champions and Gator Bowl Champions, he was a member of.

For the past 25 years, he has been in pharmaceutical sales. Furthermore, he has been a volunteer coach in New Orleans and Jefferson Parish Recreation programs for ten years now. Twice, he coached the Pontiff Biddy Basketball teams to the Final Four tournament. Jimmy and his two sons, Jacob and Harry reside in River Ridge currently.

Sports Academy

Connection of people to parks and nature in the East Baton Rouge parish is performed by BREC. An agency that has over 170 parks with unique facilities which portrays the history of south Louisiana. Includes things such as state-of-the-art observatory, equestrian parks, zoos, swamp nature center and many others. The responsibility to improve the health, environment, and quality of citizens has been incredibly taken care of by BREC. Community parks, fishing ponds, larger playing grounds and others has been created by BREC since 2004.

The prestigious Gold Medal Award has been won twice by BREC for excellence and recreation administration in 1975 and 1991. More than 13 other times, it has been a national finalist for this award. Also, it stands as one of the agencies that has been accredited across the country. At BREC, every facilities and services is accessible regardless of race, gender and social classes. We work to respect differences, eliminate barriers, and create opportunities by diversity, equity, and inclusion. False assumptions, prejudices, discrimination, and stereotyping are common in the society so we take steps to vigorously promote equality and combat this.

Complaints of discrimination or harassment against employees are taken seriously and investigated. Furthermore, treating people with dignity and finding value in each one’s uniqueness is what we endeavor to do.

Our Mission

BREC strives to make available exceptional parks, and recreational opportunities for all of East Baton Rouge Parish. Therefore, BREC contributes to a healthier and vibrant community by providing this.

Our Vision

Making available facilities that engages the Parish’s natural and cultural landscape. In addition, we provide diverse and memorable recreational opportunities which enrich Parish life.

NorthShore Sportsplex

A full basketball training facility which provides training, teams, leagues, camps, speed, and agility conditioning. For 10 years now, we stand as the largest basketball training facility in the state. Overall, we deal with everything basketball and all its components.

Our Functions

For those that are still developing and not playing professionally yet, we are a training facility. Currently, we have 150+ players competing and training with us and they come from far and wide. There’s no player favoritism in our professional coaches and we teach techniques no other organization can copy. Training the player as an individual while playing in competitive teams is our priority. In addition, I can help advance to their basketball goals as I have expertise in basketball training/ development.

Size and athleticism as a factor in success is determined by the player as hard work and dedication can overcome anything. I also have the ability of helping your child’s goal though parents do more to ruin a player’s chances in success. As a parent, you should be your child’s biggest supporter and where your child learns is your choice. The big, mean, athletic, fast, intelligent, and hardworking ones are easy to make great. Then, the vast majority are normal which aimed at greatness and became so.

However, myself and my trainers don’t take them in 8/9 grade and throw our name on them. We mentor, train, counsel, and build them from the scratch.

Skyhawks and SuperTots Sports Academy

Purpose Of The Academy

We believed that every child should have to experience the joy and benefits of sports 40 years ago. Many didn’t have the opportunity to learn, have fun, and apply the lessons to their everyday lives though they strived for greatness. Therefore, the purpose of “teaching life skills through sports” was created by Jeff. Skyhawks Sports Academy was now born with this purpose and vision. Focused in the Pacific Northwest, we began as a regional soccer program.

As the years went by, the camp’s popularity grew and amazing athletes emerged. Critical lessons in life such as sportsmanship, teamwork, winning and losing with grace was emphasized in this camps. Although it remained true to its purpose and vision, additional games were added as the year goes by. Presently, camps, clinics, and leagues in more than 10 various sports, and programs is offered by Skyhawks. Vibrant memories have been created in the minds of many over the last 40 years.

Festival-like atmosphere is provided by our best camps and fun is provided for everyone. The lessons are well integrated in with friendly and delightful play and this is an incredible feature. As a result, children tend to forget that they are learning valuable sport and life skills. However, our main focus still remains teaching life skills through sports.

SkillZDr Sports Private Basketball Lessons and Training

A person can achieve variety of things with latent talent, but won’t unleash their full potential without a mentor’s guidance. Though there are talented athletes, there’s no platform to connect them to the right mentors. Therefore, SkillZDr came into existence after years of pondering on a solution.

The History of SkillZDr

Proud to call Tennessee our home as we are a company based in beautiful Williamson County. A Vanderbilt MBA, and lifetime sports fan named Chris Plumley who understands mentorship, created us in 2014. Chris turned his attention to helping younger players improve after a collegiate playing career and international soccer player. His soccer playing days was ended in the early 2000s, when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis(MS). So he used this opportunity to become a private trainer and coach to help younger athletes.

Eventually, the concept of SkillZDr was born as he was committed to his quest. He wanted to make the process of linking young players to right mentors easy and safe. Hence, SkillZDr Sports was developed for this reason.

LGR Basketball

Louisiana girls rankings

A platform for our girls to be known and have a media outlet is the goal of LGR. Furthermore, opportunities of our girls seen playing basketball and given a chance to play at the next level is our aim. Top players will be ranked and services will be free of charge for the public. Everyone’s assistance is needed to put our girls on the map.

Director of LGR- Kris Goff

Coach Goff is serving as Ursuline’s Head Basketball Coach for the second season. Previously, he was an assistant coach of Nicholas State University and Southeastern Louisiana University women’s basketball. At Nicholls, he participated in the first Southland Conference Championship and NCAA Tournament birth. Married to Catie Ragusa Goff and blessed with a son named Lucas.

“Decided to quit college training so as to spend more time with my family. Currently, my son attends school with me and I meet him at practice everyday. After I resumed coaching, I have considered ways to put our girls on the map. It will require everyone’s help to give this girls the coverage they deserve.”

Teams Of Tomorrow

An array of creative ball handling skills are taught to the kids every week by a TOT instructor. Improving your child’s physical and mental growth through movement and music is the focus of our classes. This is done by employing the perfect mixture of physical movement, hand eye coordination, and brain use. There’s no stress of transporting them as classes comes to your schools.

We give room and leave the court and training for individual accomplishments. At halftime, and end of season event, students are allowed to display their skills. For the basic TOT, the end of season event is the TOT tournament. This allows your child participate in an exciting competition and also exhibit skills mastered over the last five months. There’s so much fun in competing and everyone goes home with a medal.

Elevate Next Basketball Training

Shooting Guru- “The skills you need to excel happen when no one is around and that’s why I train.”

Post Master- “The skill preparation required not just for greatness but to also flourish on and off the basketball court is my focus for young athletes”.

Big Easy Sportsplex

Our focus is to develop each child to be an individual and fair competitor in a team environment. To instill values such as humility, sacrifice, and teamwork. Concentrating on the process with joy and being at our best than focusing on the outcome. Allowing the processes to take priority over winning/losing by creating a “No fail” environment. To impact an ownership attitude that helps them take responsibility for their actions rather than blaming others or making excuses. Also, creating an open climate to enhance players confidence. Before being coaches, we strive to be mentors first of all.

Louisiana Youth Sports

We believe it’s time for the good deeds and achievements of the youth to be reported than bad things. Therefore, locating and reporting the accomplishments of our youths is our utmost priority. More showcasing of our kids passions and interests are encouraged by the staff of LAYOUTHSPORTS.COM. For their future development, positive and encouraging coverage of young athletes can lead to good things.

Our Digital Publication

There are many stories of courage and perseverance waiting to be told. Stories that develops and better our communities. Even stories of failure and how the lessons build us. We can’t be everywhere though we have the desire and platform to publish.

Who we are

We are a dedicated group comprising of former coaches, league officials, and photographers concerned with youth media coverage. Therefore, we are ready to start reports on the accomplishments of our youths. Furthermore, we implore you to join us in promoting our local athletes.

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