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Overview Of STACK Basketball NJ/NY

STACK Sports, located in Mahwah, New Jersey, has a fantastic basketball program for kids in grades kindergarten through third.

Also, STACK Biddy Basketball is designed to teach both boys and girls the fundamentals of the game and to instill good practice habits by providing them with precise routines.

STACK’s basketball programs are designed to help young athletes improve their skills while also having a great time.

Meanwhile, for those in 3rd grade, we offer a basketball program that emphasizes developing basics, honing individual talents, and having a good time while making new friends.

However, six to eight students make up a typical class, and we never have more than 12 students. We offer a versatile timetable, so that parents can pick and choose from among the three available classes.

Most importantly, our goal at STACK Sports is to give our youngest basketball players a solid foundation in the game so that they can keep on playing and enjoying it for many years to come.


Proper Footwork

Defensive & Offensive Stance

How to Pass, Dribble & Shoot

To Focus on Fundamentals


Proper Approach to Basketball

To be a Good Teammate

Basketball IQ

Basketball Terminology

Details Of Back 2 Basics Academy

The founding of Back 2 Basics Academy was motivated solely by a desire to help the youth of our communities feel good about themselves.

In particular, this is for students who have been rejected from “elite” sports teams or other such after-school activities.

Therefore, our goal is to give kids in impoverished areas access to strong role models and enriching activities that promote health and development.

However, we hope that kids and teens would internalize their interactions and rely less on muscle memory, which will enable them:

  • learn to pay closer attention to their immediate environments;
  • get a deeper comprehension of the influence their choices will have on their unique selves;
  • learn to actively participate in decision-making processes.

What We See For The Future

With the goal of becoming a world-class basketball, academic training, and community activities organization, we hope to better the lives of kids and their families in every way possible.

About The Academy’s Training

We hope to improve the basketball skills of our youngsters, by the use of drills and clinics.

Also, we encourage those with poor self-esteem and undeveloped skills to join us, as well as those who are eager to join a community but have been rejected by school or AAU sports teams.

Details Of Our Practice and Player Growth Strategy

We welcome kids of all ability levels to join in on our training and playtime.


Our coaches and staff design basketball clinics and exercise sessions to help players improve their skills.

In order to provide our players more experience with our competitive B2B basketball travel squad, we provide scrimmages at the coaches’ discretion.

All ages are welcome in our growth clinics for both sexes.

The Academy’s Method Of Instruction

The academy staff, plays a role in the classroom that exemplifies the fruition of effort and encourages a young student that education and effort go hand in hand by showing them the rewards of their own efforts.

Also, the academy kids examine the processes that lead to the emergence of effective leaders through the mediums of group discussion, workshops, and lectures.

However, we aim to isolate approaches that provide evidence of a persistent:

  • leadership framework, with participants serving as role models (coaches, parents and adult volunteers).
  • help to adults which is available through several growth-oriented programs.
  • involvement of young people.
  • participation in one’s environment.

An Overview Of Our Background

Our founder, Jermaine Lloyd – Coach J – got inspired to start Back 2 Basics after realizing that many talented children in his community lacked focus, proper training, and an understanding of the possibilities that basketball offered.

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Roy Allen, a close buddy of Coach J’s, wanted to do the same thing.

They joined together to organize after-school clinics in the community, and the students who attended those clinics went on to create traveling teams and routinely update each other on their academic progress.

More Information

After a couple years of leading “Yes 2 L.I.F.E.,” Roy went to Charlotte, North Carolina, and Coach J took over.

Meanwhile, when they conceived the Back 2 Basics Basketball Program in 2001, they asked Coach J to join forces with three other coaches.

Many Bronx inner-city children’s social, athletic, and educational needs were met by B2B for seven years.

In 2008, the coaches made a decision to change course, and Coach J carried on with a nonprofit organization backed by parents and volunteers, now known as Back 2 Basics Academy.

Back 2 Basics has been serving the North Bronx and its surrounding communities for many years, and its efforts to reach out to the local community and neighboring boroughs have been met with nothing but acclaim, respect, and acknowledgment.

We’re learning to appreciate them even more as we work to find new methods to connect with the adults in today’s youth’s lives.

More than a hundred young people now take part in the program each year.

With their dedication to the youngsters of their community, Jermaine Lloyd, four elected trustees, parents, and volunteers all make a strong showing.

Both longtime and newer members of Back 2 Basics are driven by a desire to effect positive change in their communities.

Overview Of Force Basketball NYC

Basketball with FORCE is the most popular youth sports program in New York City.

We provide a venue for young athletes to learn from and work with some of the AAU circuit’s most accomplished former players and coaches.

Supported by the professional trainers at SuperMe Performance, FORCE Basketball has access to a complete strength and conditioning program designed for young basketball players.

They are concerned with enhancing general athleticism and decreasing the possibility of injury.

The rigorous requirements of high school, college, and professional basketball are something we help our student-athletes get ready for.

About The Brooklyn Basketball Academy Program

The mission of the academy is to use the life lessons taught by basketball to inspire people to lead healthier lives and become contributing members of society.

The students at Brooklyn Basketball Academy have access to both travel team basketball and skill development training.


Address: FIAO- 8711 18th Avenue, Brooklyn New York, Bensonhurst.

BBA s Training Center– 152 6th Street, Brooklyn, New York, GOWANUS.


The goals of the academy include providing a stimulating, enjoyable, and risk-free setting in which kids can learn the foundations of the game of basketball.

Also, you can have fun while picking up basketball fundamentals. Our objective is to help them develop a lifelong passion for the game while also maximizing their potential as young players.

Finally, each student’s sense of pride in themselves benefits from this, and that boost carries over into other areas of their lives.


As before, our primary goal is to provide excellent training opportunities for our staff. Once a player has mastered the fundamentals of the game, the coach’s focus shifts to teaching them strategy (both individual and team tactics).

The primary objective is for them to accumulate as much actual gaming time as possible.

This was achieved by establishing a local league for pupils of intermediate skill and forming away teams for those with more advanced skills.


Basketball skills are stressed, but players are also given the best possible physical preparation, with an emphasis on developing their own unique abilities and those required for their specialized positions.

Each player may start planning for their future in the sport of basketball knowing that they will have the best possible chance to develop their talents and performance thanks to this program.

Overview Of The First Shot Basketball School

The kids come first at First Shot, a basketball academy that prioritizes development over competition.

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What We Constantly Strive For:

We strive to see all students, feel more confident in themselves and work together as a team via the sport of basketball.

As a result, we demonstrate to kids that they are strong and capable, and that they can accomplish anything, no matter how daunting it may appear at first.

First Shot Basketball was made to give youngsters the thorough coaching and supportive environment they need.

As educators, we make it a point to highlight each student’s strengths and celebrate even the tiniest of victories.

Our Unique Feature:

The First Shot curriculum is built around age-appropriate courses that introduce fundamentals and more advanced techniques, as well as the value of working together as a team.

We focus on helping each player feel like a winner on the inside, where it means the most.

Our trainers are paid professionals. Teachers that are compensated and have received formal basketball instruction will be instructing your children, rather than a random man’s dad or a high schooler.

Every one of our coaches is well-versed in encouraging and inspiring young athletes. Plus, they have a firm grasp on the art of instructing. Other features are:

  • Most classes have a maximum of 20 students.
  • There are four or five basketball instructors for every full-time classroom.
  • With such a small number of players, each coach can focus on each child individually, allowing them to learn and grow at their own pace while having a great time.
  • We instruct them on the fundamentals of the game, including shooting, passing, dribbling, and sportsmanship. We don’t put any pressure on them as we explain their place on the team.
  • Every kid always has fun because they play. Nobody takes a pass.

We teach our pupils how to have a healthy mental attitude, how to be gracious losers, and grateful winners, among other lessons.



In 1997, Joel Mansbach established First Shot with the intention of developing a novel method of teaching basketball.

First Shot doesn’t simply hand a kid a jersey and tell them to “go play;” rather, they emphasize instruction before competition.

As an alternative, the First Shot approach gives kids a solid footing in the sport from the get-go.

An Overview Of Fastbreak Sports

Youth in New York City may have fun while developing their athletic talents and sense of collaboration at Fastbreak Sports.

We focus our one-of-a-kind approach to mentoring and developing a long-term confidence and leadership potential.

In order to help children develop their passing and shooting skills, as well as their throwing and catching, as well as their general appreciation for the fantastic world of sports, we offer classes, teams, and leagues.

We’ve worked with over 2,000 budding athletes so far.

Fastbreak Sports

Age: Kindergarten to 12th grade.
Our innovative program introduces youngsters to the principles of basketball and flag football in a supportive and encouraging environment, fostering a lifelong appreciation for physical activity and preparing them to excel in a variety of sports.

We’ve devised training approaches and procedures that give kids a blast as they learn and grow in important ways while they play.

Fastbreak Kids

Age: Children ages 2-5
We call our multi-sport program for younger kids, ”Fastbreak Kids”. They designed it to introduce kids to a wide variety of activities and sports that are developmentally appropriate.

Our one-of-a-kind training plans aim to boost quickness and encourage a spirit of teamwork.

They rotate through different sports like baseball, basketball, soccer, flag football, and floor hockey every two to three weeks.

Reasons Why Both Kids and Their Parents Enjoy Fastbreak Sports

Fastbreak Sports offers young athletes a positive environment in which to hone their abilities while also learning the values of competition, sportsmanship, and collaboration.

Our high-caliber coaching staff maintain positive and enjoyable environment as they instill our players with fundamental principles both on and off the field. We pay attention to the nitty-gritty details that most other sports shows ignore.

Our innovative take on kid-friendly sports ensures that both participants and spectators have a blast.

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All of these things make our facility the premier sports center for kids in New York City.

About Our Location

A state-of-the-art basketball court, separate training area, comfortable parent viewing area, and separate party room all make up our brand new main offices.

This 8,000-square-foot space, once the United Artists Movie Theater, is centrally located and easily accessible from the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, and all points in between via nearby subway and bus lines.

Throughout Manhattan, including the Upper East Side and Upper West Side, we host a variety of indoor and outdoor sports programs and sessions at our main offices and at other convenient locations.

Overview Of Elite Skills

We are a camp and training program that teaches young people basketball principles and life lessons like personal accountability and teamwork in addition to the talents they learn there.

Whether on or off the court, we work hard to mold our players into well-rounded people at Elite Skills.

Our coaches have years of expertise, competed at the collegiate level, and are highly qualified to instruct your child.

About The Training

In addition to honing the player’s fundamental abilities, we work to improve his or her basketball IQ. The secret to success is constant repetition.

Youngsters will repeat drills often until they are second nature, at which point they will make improvements.

Details Of The Camps

Our summer camp runs for a day, a week, or the full nine weeks.

Also, we believe that our full-day camps provide the best environment for kids to learn, have fun, and develop positive relationships with their coaches.

Mentors guide young basketball players as they develop their skills.

The Aspect Of Safety

Given the current climate, we have increased security measures to ensure the wellbeing of our employees and customers.

There will be a mandatory mask policy in place for all personnel and participants.

Overview Of NYC Basketball League

New York City’s Young Basketball Stars

It’s no exaggeration to say that NYC Basketball Kids is the best basketball academy for kids in the Big Apple.

Also, we practice small-group lessons, individualized coaching, and advanced training. We focus on passing on the game’s foundations in every way possible.

Age Brackets

K-2nd Grade

Among our youngest athletes, those in grades K-2, we place special emphasis on instilling a love of sports and teaching the fundamentals.

3rd Through 5th Grade

Our third through fifth graders learn the value of respecting one another as a team and maintaining a positive outlook.

6th Through 8th Grade

The sixth- through eighth-grade athletes shift the focus to competition and continuous progress.

The Act Of Giving Back

NYC Basketball Kids works closely with outstanding educational institutions and charitable organizations to ensure that low-income families have access to its many summer camp and clinic opportunities.

Collaborating With Us

New York City Basketball Kids is always on the lookout for top-tier talent. We’d love to hear from you if that’s the case.

Overview Of Dribbl Basketball

Dribbl has been an outstanding recreational program since 1995, providing young athletes with a safe and encouraging space to develop their basketball talents.

Meanwhile, they designed Dribbl to help users improve fundamentals including shooting, passing, footwork, and ball-handling.

Also, Dribbl targets the youngest athletes, helping them feel at ease on the court while honing fundamental movement abilities including jumping, running, and sliding.

Lastly, Dribbl also provides older children with the opportunity to use their newly acquired abilities in competitive league games against the clock.

Families from New York City keep coming back to Dribbl year after year because of the quality instruction and small player-to-coach ratio.

Featured in New York magazine’s “Best of New York” issue, Dribbl has grown to serve over a thousand households annually and was just crowned the city’s best basketball clinic.


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