Basketball Academies Iowa

If you’re seeking to find an Academy in Iowa, check out this post “Basketball Academies Iowa”. Also see it’s fees, programs and schedule as well as how to apply.

DC Basketball Academy

Basketball is played all year round at the Dubuque County Basketball Academy. It focuses on acquiring the necessary skill sets to succeed as a basketball player both on and off the court.



In addition to being a top basketball academy, Dubuque County Basketball Academy works to develop young people. All of the coaches, employees, and contributors of the DCBA passionately believe that basketball can be used as a tool for fostering leadership and teamwork. Along with overcoming obstacles, dealing with success and failure, making goals, and much more.

Our group does not exist to give your son or daughter an immediate high. We learn in life and in sports by putting ourselves in challenging situations. That is where the development of young people into successful adults in our community and the work we do as a basketball academy coincide.

Even though we try to be successful on the court, DCBA does not value a trophy, medal, or t-shirt in the long run. We value players that work hard to accomplish team objectives. Practice after practice and event after tournament, we search for improvements. At the end of the season, we don’t evaluate our performance based on the number of trophies we have (or don’t have). We assess our season by the growth we have observed from the first practice to the last tournament. We want to know that our athletes are applying the concepts we teach them to their studies, families, and jobs in addition to their success on the court. With DCBA, your child will have the opportunity to learn these life lessons in a competitive, fast-paced, and enjoyable environment. Basketball is a great life teacher.


In and around Dubuque County, we presently work with more over 100 children, ranging in age from kindergarten to high school. We are grateful for the chance to travel throughout the Midwest and expose our kids to new locations, teams, and competition. We are proud to be primarily made up of children from this region.

Basketball Academies Iowa

Center for Sports Education

With the aim of fostering teamwork, character development, and community enrichment via the values of athletics, the arena sports academy works to physically and intellectually mature young athletes from the Siouxland area.

We work hard to provide top-notch training through top-notch facilities, coaches, and trainers. With the aim of fostering character, developing team players, and enhancing our community through the values of athletics, the Arena Sports Academy works to physically and psychologically develop young athletes from the Siouxland region.

Basketball Ambush in Iowa

Changing the Situation!

Ben Klapperich and Garrett Callahan founded Iowa Ambush to increase the number of youth basketball options in North Iowa and Southern Minnesota. Jeremy Winters, who did a terrific job while he was with the program, has also directed the show.

Preston Kyles, who has been with the Ambush Program for more than 5 years, is now in charge of the Program.

AAU basketball’s elite Iowa Ambush program offers young people from all socioeconomic levels the chance to compete against the best in the sport. Our intention is to provide them the opportunity to interact with new people and visit new places, hopefully improving their prospects of playing college football.

We are a youth basketball academy dedicated to fostering the social, interpersonal, and life skills of our young players.

Basketball Academies Iowa

Joens Basketball Academy

Founder/ Coach: Courtney Joens

  • 2016 graduate Courtney Joens attended Iowa City High School.
  • Courtney continued her basketball career in college at the University of Illinois, where she double-majored in leadership and sports management.
  • She relocated back to Iowa City after completing her career at Illinois in order to pursue a career as a youth basketball coach.
  • Following her graduation in May 2020, Courtney obtained her coaching certificate for Iowa High School in the following summer.
  • Courtney enjoys working out with young athletes and teaching them techniques that will help them advance and compete at a higher level.
  • Along with camps and seminars, Courtney also provides private and small group instruction.

Kingdom Hoops Basketball

Instead of being known as a premier basketball program, we want to be known as Iowa’s premier youth development organization. In our opinion, basketball may give young people a platform to practice leadership, teamwork, failure, success, dedication, loyalty, goal-setting, and delayed gratification—all of which are essential for succeeding in life’s most crucial game, the game of life.

At Kingdom Hoops, we’ll put your child in circumstances that are uncomfortable for them. Our responsibility is to continually identify what your child is unable to achieve and assist them in coming up with solutions. The approach may cover basketball -specific topics as well as the development of interpersonal skills including speaking out, getting in front of the crowd, being enthusiastic, and keeping cool under pressure.


As coaches, we will celebrate team and individual successes, but our objective is to assist develop your child, which does need a constant emphasis on their limitations. From there, we will provide them with direction and a strategy for converting their weaknesses into strengths.

We will win our fair number of championships due to the organizational culture at Kingdom Hoops, but it is NOT our #1 priority. It is our intention to watch as your child develops into the school’s leader. Watching shy kids become into leaders is what we hope to achieve. Our objective is to see enthusiastic children develop the skills necessary for effective leadership. All we want is to see our students head on to college as successful adults not just players.

Iowa Battlers Basketball Club


The basketball club and team that competes in tournaments is called Iowa Battlers. We offer the ambiance and instruction that players and families are seeking for! The Battlers is a club dedicated to the growth of athletes in general as well as basketball players. It was founded in 2011. The athlete has the best chances of succeeding when their athletic development is combined with their skill set.


Our coaching staff looks at each child as a whole person, not just as a basketball player. We create teams who play well on a fundamental level and exhibit true sportsmanship and teamwork.


With our 365 day challenge and program schedule, let us help you take your exercise regimen to the next level. Look for lessons that best suit your requirements.


Each session lasts 45 minutes, and we work with each student to create a training program that is suitable for their needs.

Basketball Academies Iowa


The Iowa Battlers Camps will assist young basketball players in acquiring the ESSENTIAL skills required to excel on the court.


Inside Sportsplex West is a facility called D1 Training that aids in the development of athletes’ athletic prowess. There are 12 D1 Sports training sessions available for each Battler.

Basketball Camps & Training for Breakthrough Players in Cedar Rapids

For basketball coaches, trainers, players, parents, and supporters, Breakthrough Basketball offers a variety of tools and resources. Instructional DVDs, eBooks, camps, applications, newsletters, online videos, online articles, and discussion forums are just a few of the materials available.

You may learn almost everything about basketball on this website, with a focus on basics, coaching with a good influence, and “doing the right thing”! Thanks to our talented staff of coaches, which includes both youth coaches and NBA players. For players, parents, and coaches of all ages and skill levels, you will discover fresh and incredibly useful material.

We are extremely passionate about coaching basketball and firmly believe that coaches have tremendous opportunities to positively affect the lives of their players. Too many coaches become fixated on winning and neglect to see the wider picture. Don’t get us wrong, we’re fiercely competitive, but we never allow it override what’s most important.

Basketball Academies Iowa


We are here to give you basketball IQ tips and to serve as a friendly reminder of the essentials.

Our main goal is divided into two parts…

  • Provide you with almost all of the materials and information you require for basketball.
  • Make a difference in the lives of players, either directly or by educating coaches and parents worldwide.

Coach Moe Athletics LLC

Our renowned child basketball training program, Basketball Academy. Coach Moe adapts many of the techniques he used while working with collegiate basketball players to fit the experience and ability levels of his younger students.

Are you a CMA Alumnus visiting the area for a few weeks and seeking for employment? Drop-in prices are offered here! You can attend any session for a month for $99 on the cheap.


One of the few Certified Speed and Agility Coaches in the area is Coach Moe. Over the course of a 15-year coaching career, he has improved outcomes for hundreds of athletes. Additionally, he proudly serves on the coaching staff of the Bellevue West T-Birds, the 2020 Boys State Champion team.

As the only Certified Speed and Agility Coach in Omaha, Coach Moe Athletics is the result of my journey from College Athlete to Father of a Gifted Athlete to Dad Coaching Kids. Whether you are a student in one of our Basketball Skills Clinics, a player on one of our Basketball Programs, a participant in one of our hallmark Speed and Agility Camps, or a participant in a MOVE Class, my objective is to deliver the finest quality Coaching to further our athletes’ growth. For personalised delivery, our services are highly customized, so if you have any questions, please get in touch with us.

About Coach Moe

  • Began his coaching career as a volunteer basketball coach for second grade for two years.
  • For three years, the CW Boxing Club Basketball Team’s head coach.
  • At Life Gym/Edge Sports, where he developed and oversaw various basketball camps as well as one-on-one or small group training, he coached and trained young basketball players.
  • Establisher and CEO of Coach Moe Athletics LLC
  • His certification in agility and speed as well as his instructor certification for resistance bands
  • Creates and continues to coach his own basketball teams, trains and develops a large number of athletes of all ages and skills.
  • Assistant Freshman Boys Basketball Coach at Omaha, Nebraska’s Bellevue West High School
  • The U17 Boys Basketball AAU Team Factory in Nebraska’s assistant coach
  • Works with over 25 athletes who received scholarships to play various sports in college.
  • Has more than 100 kids playing high school varsity right now.

Beyond Ball

A nonprofit organization called Beyond Ball uses basketball as a vehicle for change. The Des Moines metro area’s youth. Our aim is to use the abilities and basketball discipline helps develop young people’s sense of responsibility and discipline adults.

Young people from all economic and racial backgrounds can gather at Beyond Ball. Together, they work toward a common objective. This is a place where talent, They learn the value of hard work and dedication, which opens doors for them that they might not otherwise have had.

We care about each and every child who enters our doors and offer them mentorship, meals, opportunities for tutoring, and athletic scholarships. Our mentors and trainers walk alongside our student-athletes and encourage self-care and education first, followed by basketball and athletics.

Basketball Academies Iowa


JUNIOR HOOPS IS A CHANCE TO LEARN THE GAME OF BASKETBALL WITH EXPERIENCED COACHES IN AN EXCITING ENVIRONMENT. The emphasis on skill development during practice sessions and games will help kids enjoy basketball and develop as players. ADDITIONAL FEATURES INCLUDE


CY Select Wolves

With a roster of 11 boys, Charles Young launched the CY Select Wolves program in Ames, Iowa, in 2005. The Wolves have grown into one of the largest AAU girls basketball organizations over the past 15 years. serves families from more than 35 school districts as well as athletes from third grade through high school.

The program’s progress has welcomed important people who are responsible for the Wolves experience’ success. Ashley Adams, the program director, began working with the Wolves in 2015 as a coach. She has been in her current position since 2018. Tiana Ziegler, Kaleb Dammeier, Charity Ransom, and Emma Ray are the coaches. Along with Xary Nunez-Hiraldo, the court is enriched by the contributions of Kari Sullivan, Kadence Williams, and Cassidy Thompson.


The Wolves program, a genuine player development initiative, emphasizes the complete athlete. The Wolves frequently hold “Wolfpack” occasions for participants and families and include a chance for more experienced players to serve as mentor helping younger players inside the program; actively involved.

“True success at the end of a player’s tenure with us is determined by the full attribute they have as a member of the Wolves. Not just on the court, but also off it. Also Through basketball, we try to empower young women”

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If you’re seeking to find an Academy in Iowa, check out this post “Basketball Academies Iowa”. Also see it’s fees, programs and schedule as well as how to apply.

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