Bayern Munich Football Academy Scholarships/ Trials

Bayern Munich Football Academy Scholarships/ Trials. On this web page, we have provided the way most players get tested in the academy trials to get qualified in the scholarships. Bayern Munich Football Academy is one of the best teams in the world, your team playing at the end of a youth tournament or playing a famous game, it’s possible that the players will watch you. Most top players in previous generations got the first chance this way. However, there are several factors that determine if a scout sees you or not. That depends on where you play, the level of your team and your age are very important.

FC Bayern has opened its new academy with the aim of promoting youth development at prestigious clubs, building on its tradition and emphasis on local players and global development. Bayern Munich Football Academy Scholarships/ Trials

Bayern FC has eight stadiums (two of which are artificial), a multi-purpose sports hall, a youth academy, and a clubhouse with a 74-acre plot. Over the last few years, the results of the teamwork have been good. The Bayern Munich president ensures that new candidates are provided with the necessary requirements to attain a great height in the youth academy. The new FC Bayern Campus will also provide Scholarships for all the new intake.

Bayern Munich Youth Academy trials

Like many big clubs around the world, youth academy has been something the Club has wanted for many years. The achievement you made will go a long way in promoting your carrier as a Bayern Munich player. The Clubs staff has more facilities than any other. The project, which cost the German powerhouse about $ 81 (70 million), is located near the Allianz Arena in northern Munich. Former players and managers will oversee the athletic side of the performance and education. They have played a key role in developing players at Bayern, Philipp Lahm, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Thomas Muller, David Alaba, Holger Badstuber, and Owen Hargreaves.

This big club Bayern Munich needs very strong talent to build the youth academy which will eventually form the senior team. I can promise you this if you give it everything you will eventually be part of the academy through the scholarship. All the people who don’t give it everything have no business with Bayern Munich Youth Academy trials

The academy is amazing, Candidates have a great opportunity here and it is a great place to work in the future of FC Bayern.”

How to Apply for Bayern Munich Football Academy Scholarships/ Trials

Candidates who wish to join Bayern Munich Youth Academy through tye ongoing scholarship can now Click here to apply

The FC Bayern Munich Junior Team is a youth academy for German football players Bayern Munich, drafted by the Junior Team in 1902 and reorganized in 1995. The vision for the Junior Team is to educate young players so that they can start FCB keeping the world in football in the next decade with the aim of having the best youth development in club football. Bayern Munich will test you before the school accepts you and you can study for free until you graduate if you have the skills.

Bayern Munich Football Academy Scholarships/ Trials

Select any Club of your choice below and Apply for Football/Soccer Academy. (Application is Free)

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  2. Real Madrid Youth Academy
  3. Juventus FC Academy
  4. Liverpool Football Academy
  5. Chelsea FC Youth Academy
  6. Barcelona FC Youth Academy
  7. Manchester City Football Academy
  8. Bayern Munich Football Academy
  9. AC Milan Football Academy
  10. Leicester City FC Academy
  11. Arsenal Football Academy
  12. Zenit FC Academy
  13. Ajax Football Academy
  14. Everton Football Academy
  15. Southampton Football Academy
  16. Feyenoord  Football Academy
  17. Stoke City Football Academy
  18. Football Scholarships in Australia
  19. FCV Football Academy UK

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    • Hi!am called Christopher,from DRCongo,but a refugee in Uganda. Am a footballer and iam a winger (7),Iam ready to sacrifice all needed to become a professional footballer.

      Thanks for the opportunity!!.

    • Hello
      I’m Terry from Ghana and I want to be a professional footballer because I have passion for football
      I play as a Central midfielder but I can also play as a defensive midfielder
      I will be very glad if I get the opportunity to play in your team and show what I’m capable of doing to help the team move forward . Thank you
      Contact : 0540409796

  1. Le football se ma passion je vais devenir un grand joueur mais je pas de financement je suis en Afrique pays la Guinée mon contact et le +224610010534
    Je suis prêt à être testé je confience mais talent

  2. Bonsoir je me nomme yaya Tandian je suis sénégalais âgée de 16ans je suis défenseur central je peux aussi jouer au poste de latéral gauche j’ai déjà eu un passeport international s’il vous plaît accepté moi j’aime beaucoup le foot❤⚽✊

  3. Pls I need your help I’m a very well and left footed talented player living in West Africa and is dream I play in the senior of my dream football club ‘Bayern Munich’

  4. I want to be a professional player but no anyone can help me because my father was death we are poor people now please sir I need your help thank you so much

  5. I am a young right footed talented player and my dream is to became a professional footballer and I always hope one day I will became so I need help from your side and I from kenya(a country from eastern side of Africa.

  6. I’m interested please I need your help I’m from Liberia precisely the western part of Liberia the border between Liberia, Sierra Leone & guinea.i’m a high school graduate with diploma and also playing on Bo-ranger FC in my home town to these are my contacts+231088088116/0778143137/+2310555761666

  7. Hey!My name is Khalil I am From Pakistan And i am Attacking Midfielder and i want to become a best Professional footballer .

    • My name is hamza abdullahi,iam from Nigeria. I want play for bayern Munich as attacking midfielder. I score 5 goals and 15 assist, please help parent dont have money to take me into any club.please help me.

  8. Hi my name is bonolo sepeng from
    South Africa. Here in south africa there is no opportunities for others because every thing in here is expensive we pay too much money every month just to play football

    Am a Defence Midfielder
    15 years old
    Still in grade 9
    I will really like to make my country pround and also my parents be proud of me i come from a very poor family i onced dropped school to help my parents to take care of my lil brother i managed to recover from poverty by football to make things easier i just want to be given an opportunity to show case my talent

  9. Good day my name George Raymond am 19 I play midfield I put all my best in all what I do and love the most ….I believe am the future brunoo😍😍😍

  10. Am a very good midfielder. And I like playing football and that my aim to be come a profession player am from Gambia football is not much strong in our country that why am need sponsor how can i play in Europe.if i continue playing i will make it i always follow football and i always go to field .i need help i want to take poverty from my family and friend not long ago My father passed away and he is always encourage me in football he wants me to be a very big player in world and am trying to do it right now if I have scholarship that will be very good for me I like football even my friend where encourage and pushing me to play football. Because they see something that I can that my WhatsApp number +2205198299 anything just link me or you can link this number +2202258947 that my uncle number i have play many tournament in our village i have seven trophy’s i take three best player in our league so I don’t want to see my self playing the same place

  11. Hello !!
    My name’s are CYAMUGABO EMERY from Rwanda I am the youngest mildfielder .I am ready to work hard and harder inorder to become who I want to be in future. Thank you for listening to me 🙏 I appreciate , WhatsApp number is+250781053944

  12. Hello,my name is Brian mugambi from kenya ,I am a right winger (RW) I can also play on the left wing.I would really what to become a professional footballer .from the moment I saw this opportunity I knew this was my chance since I believe this foundation is capable and able .please help me .Thank you for your time,if I get an opportunity I promise I won’t disappoint.Maybe GOD be with you.

    • Hello manager,coach, technical adviser and technical trainer Am Bismark Annor from Ghana,am young talented footballer from Ghana , football is my hobby and I have passion in football please I need assistance in your highly respected team to achieve my dream,am a left position is 10,11,3 ,and 4 or 5 .Am from a broken home so no one to help to achieve my goal in football,I will be very glad to hear from you and I promise I will work hard by the help of other colleagues to bring good name to the team. I have been supporting this big team since I was born because I love Bayern munich so please help me.Thank you 0544087267/0241701962

  13. I’m Nsonyameye Samuel from Ghana .I’m a young talented football player .my aim and ambition is to become a professional player and also to become one of the top football player .I’m very ingenious and decisive player with great techniques .I need someone to support my great dream to become reality .whatsapp number 0554613864.

  14. Please please this very big opportunity for me even me am trying to do so but i can’t without your help please i want to join the club because even here i always support Bayern Munich even not that i want to play bundesligue even here My fellows people use to called me Toni kroos because i play like him because he is my player so please i want to join the club with your name is Ebrima Camara from Gambia West Africa lower river region kiang West jali village i play many tournament in my village and my district

  15. Hi,am Gambo destiny simon from nigeria,I am footballer but not professional,and i hope to play with Lawandoski and play for Bayern Munich as my first team,j will be glad if choosen,I hope to play one day with lawandoski and his team meat making them proud I prayed my request will be granted and turn in to reality.tanxs for ready my request,contact 0913276578/also my whApps number to 09132765782,am 18 years old.

  16. I’m 24yrs old iam playing at third division. Iam glad to join Bayern Munich to become great footballer in the world. I’m from Burkina Faso thanks you so much

  17. Hy am Mali from south Sudan age 19 am footballer playing for national team under 17 so I would like to get this opportunity to play in Munich cos football is ma talent.. Please if you are there just inbox me for more details or watsup me on +211921254228

  18. Moi ce bienvenu kayumbi suis en RDC je suis un défenseur central je suis intéressé mais je pas le moyen aider moi stp suis fou de football stp +243820238115

  19. Moi ce bienvenu kayumbi suis en RDC je suis un défenseur central je veux joué mais je pas de moyens aider moi stp je 19ans +243820238115

  20. I am Arrey Forlan Bisong a Cameroonian by nationality and I am 22 years amateur footballer . I am very skillful, use both feet’s, high speed and good ball control and I am an attacking midfielder but very versatile in order to suits the formation of any team to help win games. I am passionate about football and I have sacrificed everything I hv got to play here in my country while waiting for an opportunity to come for me to breakthrough. It’s not easy for us the English speaking Cameroonians here and I pray and thank Bayern Munich football club for this opportunity and I am certain they will come for me. Attached here is my email address and telephone number +237679601346

  21. Hi, am Kiri from South Sudan.
    It’s a honour to recognise your academy as one of the best football academy in the world and i would really sacrifice all I have to be one of the family.
    +256775713307 is my what’s app number, am ready to offer all I have.

  22. Hello BMFC
    MY name is ABDULRAHMAN KAMARA,but friends call me RAHMAN when we play games together.I am in WEST AFRICA SIERRA LEONE.We love to play the game,I am not talking for myself I am talking for all of my Brother in Sierra Leone.I am interested in playing for the club, all do we are too much the apply I pray that I will be among top play that play football.i will not say I am 100% good on playing football because every one has a wicking point.The club will make me 100% good.

  23. Please sir help,am a strike
    I play very well is my dream to become a professional footballer to help my club Chelsea and country Nigeria win trophy

  24. I am a stricker..I play no. 9 and even i play both wingers..i can maintain and adapt any formation fast from the manager and coaching staff

  25. Hello i am Brown..I am 18 years old..all the way from Tanzania…I love football…I am a stricker..I play no. 9 and even i play both wingers..i can maintain and adapt any formation fast from the manager and coaching staff and i would love to play in any clubs and one day become a professional player..Thank you

  26. Hello Dr coach i great you all my name is Rayan feka I’m from Cameroon I’m a footballer in Cameroon I have been trained for 7 years in youpwe FC académie and I which to join you people in Europe football is my life I love ⚽⚽ with all my heart and I’m 15 year old I’m very interested in joining Bayern Munich football Académie thanks you people for giving me this opportunity my contact 670498617

  27. I’m Farojoye Oladimeji from Nigeria I love football and I can also play very well I wish one day i will play for Bayern Munich becos since small it has be my passion to become a footballer but no help. If some can help me I will be very happy please

  28. My dream is to be a footballer and play for a club like Bayern Munich
    Am from Western Africa, Nigeria
    Position: 8(Attacking Mid fielder)
    Clubs played: Alpha FC Ukwulu and BigT Global FC Umunya.
    Current club: Non(Free Agent)
    Contact/WhatsApp +2348120273084

  29. Hello I’m Marcus Domah from west Africa Liberia. I’m a young teleted goalkeeper and my dream is to become a sussful goalkeeper. Please I am looking for a scholarship to reach my destiny I am 18 year old this is my WhatsApp number+2310775467999 I hope you can reply me soon, please help me.

    • Hello I’m yabsira birhanu I’m a young teleted Midfielder and my dream is to become a sussful Midfielder. Please I am looking for a scholarship to reach my destiny I am 19 year old . And i am from ETHIOPIA 🇪🇹🇪🇹

  30. Hello my name is Elias Tangeni i am a teenager born in16/05/2007 i am from Namibia.

    I am soccer player with good love,respect and disciplined
    My Position Is Wing Or Strike My current team is Ekuku Terrific Tigers Development Football Academy.
    I want my dream To become true as a Professional Soccer Player following my idols like Alphanso Davies and Leroy Sane. I need a Scholarship to Take care my family’s Problems.
    Pls contact
    Numbers: 0812424556MOM,0812727869DAD
    Social media:@TangeniElias11

  31. Excellent team, I Wish to be part of this team, I’m a midfielder and I can also control the wings of both side.


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