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Overview Of The Sacramento Bee

If you are staying in Sacramento, California, United States, you should be conversant with “The Sacramento Bee”. It is a daily, local newspaper for those in Sacramento, California, in the United States. Also, it came into existence in 1857.

No other newspaper in Sacramento has more circulation than it. Then in California and United States as a whole, it has a wonderful performance. It has an average of 12,000 square miles in circulation area.

The McClatchy Company has the ownership rights of The Sacramento Bee. It has a “Scoopy Bee” mascot, that came into existence in 1943 through Walt Disney. The Bee newspapers in Sacramento, Modesto, and Fresno have all used it.

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Background Details Of The Sacramento Bee

The initial name that the newspaper bore was ”The Daily Bee” and its pioneer publication came in February 3, 1857. Its biggest rival as at then was the Sacramento Union.

However, it couldn’t dominate and gain more popularity than The Sacramento Bee and as such folded in 1994. As a result of this, no other newspaper in the city of Sacramento has existed longer than “The Sacramento Bee”.

The pioneer editor of the paper was John Rollin Ridge and later on, James McClatchy replaced him. A remarkable incident in the early days of The Bee was when its publication helped to reveal a state crime, as a result, resulted to the Henry Bates. He was the California State Treasurer.

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Another remarkable moment in the history of the newspaper was in March 13, 2006. The owner of The Bee made a public statement that it will acquire ”Knight Ridder”, which is below The Sacramento Bee newspaper. The deal was worth $4.5 billion.

In the next year, the Bee newspaper held its 150th year of existence and a copy of the original issue was included in every newspaper. Also, they newspaper added their history details of 120 pages in their paper. In 2008, The Sacramento Bee modified its designs and form.

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Awards And Recognitions Of The Sacramento Bee

Due to the outstanding service and mode of operation of The Sacramento Bee, it has received the Pulitzer Prizes, six times. Also, due to its influence on public service campaigns promoting free speech, it got numerous awards.

People know The Bee for frequently pointing out bad government policies, scandals, racism, violation of human rights, etc.

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Prominent Staff Of The Sacramento Bee

  • Deborah Blum – science writer
  • Renée C. Byer – photojournalist
  • Gil Duran – California opinion editor and former Press Secretary for California governor Jerry Brown.
  • Jack Ohman – cartoonist
  • Nick Peters – baseball writer
  • Paul Avery – journalist who reported on the Zodiac killer
  • Nancy Weaver Teichert – former reporter

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Tabular Details Of The Sacramento Bee

TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)The McClatchy Company
EditorColleen McCain Nelson
Founded1857 (as The Daily Bee)
Headquarters2100 Q Street
Sacramento, California 95816
Circulation122,600 Daily
225,343 Sunday (as of 2017)
OCLC number37706143

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What Inspired The Newspaper’s name ”Sacramento Bee”?

It is due to its uniqueness from other paper in the state and as also being emblematic of the industry which is to prevail in its every department.

How Much Is The Annual Subscription Of The Bee?

The annual subscription of the Sacramento Bee is $159.99.

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When Was The Sacramento Bee Established?

The Sacramento Bee was established in 1857 and is 165 years now.

What Is The Customer Service Of The Sacramento Bee?

You can reach out to the Sacramento Bee’s customer service at 1-800-284-3233.

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What Is The Circulation Number Of The Sacramento Bee?

The Sacramento Bee’s daily circulation is 122,600 and 225,343 for Sunday circulation. However, this is their 2017 statistics.

Where Is The Printing Office Of The Sacramento Bee?

The Sacramento Bee’s printing office is a 409,720 square foot office, situated in the Midtown submarket of Sacramento, California.

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Who Is Responsible For Funding The Sacramento Bee?

The Sacramento Bee is funded by Meta.

Who Is The Sacramento Bee’s Publisher?

McClatchy Company is incharge of publishing for The Sacramento Bee and its first publication was in 1857.

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In this article, we studied all about ”Bee (Sacramento, Calif.)🇺🇸🗞”. We also studied some subtopics like: Overview Of The Sacramento Bee, Background Details Of The Sacramento Bee, Awards And Recognitions Of The Sacramento Bee and Prominent Staff Of The Sacramento Bee.

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