Best Insurance for a Fashion Business in Canada

For those into the clothing store in Canada, this article is perfect as it shows you the best insurance for a fashion business in Canada. As a matter of fact, it is essential to cover your business with necessary insurance coverage. Indeed, it will be a great mistake to think less of the fashion business and as such not insure it. In short, any Canadian fashion retailer will concur with the fact that there are a lot of risks in the industry.

Therefore, it will really be negligent of you to jeopardize the financial stability of your business by not insuring it. In order to operate your fashion business efficiently in Canada, we will be discussing the essential insurance policies.

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Insurance policies best for a fashion business in Canada

Business Owner’s Policy and General Liability Insurance

As a fashion retailer, vendors, partners, customers and even government officials can pose a threat to your business. Whenever someone enters or leaves the premises of your business, risks of slipping and falling is bound to happen. You might not be found guilty in the Canadian court of law but damages will be paid by you if you are sued. Such expenses might prove too much to pay while trying to boost business products. Therefore, these policies cover you from this kind of unpleasant occurrences. While business owner’s policy covers customer injuries, slip and falls are covered by general liability.

Although, this insurance plan is not limited to just that form of protection. In addition to the covers mentioned, business owner’s policy covers against business interruptions and stolen or damaged items. Indeed, you will find it essential to insure your merchandise as nearly $13 million worth of merchandise is stolen every year in Canada. In fact, most businesses tend to suffer much property damage during transportation and other activities. However, you might also need to get a cybersecurity insurance policy if you collect data from your clients.

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Workers’ Compensation Insurance

This insurance policy is quite ideal for those who have employees in their clothing store in Canada. Generally, this form of insurance should be gotten for every employee if you want to lawfully begin a fashion business in Canada. Indeed, the insurance helps as you are also vulnerable to your employees as you are to your client. Though employees prove useful, they also have their own class of hazards.

Excess Liability/Umbrella Insurance

The above mentioned policies do not require further explanation in understanding how they apply to fashion businesses. There is always limited amount of protection that an insurer can offer no matter the insurance company. Therefore, the extra liability or umbrella liability insurance serves as an extra layer of coverage for your fashion business.


Having listed out these three vital insurance policy, here are other insurance policies ideal for fashion business in Canada. They include product recall insurance, production liability insurance, property insurance and commercial general liability insurance. In addition, pollution liability insurance, business interruption coverage, extra expense insurance. Furthermore, there is cyber liability and privacy insurance, prime insurance, accounts receivable insurance and cargo insurance.


We have learnt a lot about the best insurance for a fashion business in Canada. This article will enlighten you on the various insurance policies for fashion business owners in Canada. However, you can carry out your individual research if you need an extensive knowledge on the best insurance for fashion businesses in Canada.

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