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Scarves are the ideal winter wardrobe essential because they seamlessly blend fashion and utility. However, we’re going to let you in on a little secret: Right now, as the season is coming to an end, is actually the greatest time to get them. That’s because there will be a massive sale on these useful accessories, offering remarkable savings of up to 75%. In addition to keeping oneself warm for as long the existing cold weather lasts, you’ll save a ton of money and have a stunning item for next year. Consequently, why not envelop yourself in one of the top 35 scarves for women? (Your lower half of your face will always be appreciative.)


The ideal striped scarf

• Why We Like It: Machine washable, oversized fit, and cheery hues

This enormous blanket scarf strikes the ideal balance between traditional style and a modern edge. Not only will it quickly warm you up, but its vibrant, multicolored stripes will also make your day. You should definitely acquire one before they’re all gone because the polyester fabric is machine washable for your convenience.


Best scarf for travel

• Features a blanket-like function and is made of 100% cashmere

A timeless cashmere shawl is always a good choice, specifically this one from White + Warren that can be used as a cover if you get cold on the flight. Although it is more expensive than most, the fact that it is made entirely of cashmere makes it a high-quality purchase that will last for many years. It has been a brand favorite for more than 20 years. Although there are many colors available, we prefer something a little bit darker than the white or extremely pale options because it won’t reveal dust as much in vehicles like cars, trains, and airplanes.


Favorite Rainbow Scarf

• Sweet color scheme and good material blending are two reasons why we adore it.

This vibrant item, which is primarily made of wool but also includes acrylic, nylon, and polyester, meets all the requirements. With so many various fabrics to choose from, it is certain to have some water and fade resistance, be cozy and still lightweight qualities.


Favorite Pocket Scarf

• Reasons We Like It: It has a useful pocket, a soft ribbed design, and is certified to the responsible wool standard.

We can only image how excited you will be with the extra-large pocket present in this Everlane design if you once believed that adding pockets to dresses was a groundbreaking idea. You will be able to do without carrying a handbag because you have so much storage space. Even better, the wool used in the scarf, which accounts for more than half of its ingredients, is responsible wool standard-certified, meaning its farmers follow ethical and sustainable procurement procedures.


Favorite Colorblocked Scarf

• Appealing design, increased length, and superior construction

For all of you fashionistas out there, here is one. This masterpiece is about as great quality as they come with a stunning colorblock design and an incredibly silky, 100% cashmere fabric. Additionally, because it is lengthier, it may encompass more warming ground.


greatest designer scarves

• Iconic print, fabled craftsmanship: Reasons We Like It

Since the 1920s, when the brand’s coats were initially lined with the trademark check pattern, Burberry has continued to perfect it. The style is still primarily immediately identifiable, even though it has evolved significantly since then and has taken on different colorways. This is especially true when it is displayed on one of Burberry’s exquisite cashmere scarves, like this one. This isn’t just any pair of cashmere scarves, even so. There were reportedly 30 separate stages used to create these marvels in a 200-year-old mill in rural Scotland. Swoon!


Best Vegan Scarf

• Appealing appearance and animal-friendly design

Maybe your life just needs a little faux fur. This has a vintage Hollywood feel to it, albeit with a pink (and vegan!) contemporary twist. It has a pull-through clasp so it will fit nicely, and since it is made entirely of polyester, it won’t likely fade. This would look great with an olive-green jacket during the day and a chic leather coat at night.


Best Colorful Scarf

• Superb color scheme; simple to clean

What’s the greatest treatment for the winter blues? Naturally, there is a ton of color! With its boldly colored yellow, orange, and red stripes, this Marine Layer number is certain to get the job done. Additionally, because it is made of partly recycled polyester, washing it is a breeze—just throw it in the washing machine.


Favorite Faux Fur Scarf

5 Reasons We Adore It: Exceptionally Elegant and Cruelty-Free

This could be your standout look if you dislike wearing neck wraps that are typically bulky and heavy. Despite being made of faux fur, it will still leave you warm and cozy, and its extremely long and thin cut makes sure that it won’t be uncomfortable to wear. Farther than that, it adds a touch of gracefulness to your appearance, just like the actual stuff, without any of the ethical dilemmas associated with wearing an actual fur item.


Favorite Jacquard Scarf

• Why We Like It: The silky-smooth texture and traditional design

This cheerful item, which was woven on a jacquard loom and is big enough to double as a shawl in an emergency, has the company’s renowned horse-and-carriage design with delicate, subtle fringe at the ends. Given that it contains more than 50% silk, it has a glossy finish that will undoubtedly feel wonderful against your skin.


The ideal infinity scarf

• The concealed, charitable pocket was created by a Pakistani student, which is Why We Love It.

This infinity scarf with its striking pattern conceals a secret pocket with a zipper. When you’re out and about, keep your purse at home and just carry your wallet, phone, and keys in your pocket. Although it is available in more than a dozen adorable colors and patterns to suit every whim. We prefer this cheerful option that was created by a female student in Pakistan. Even better, the Marshall Direct Fund, a Denver-based nonprofit that promotes education for Pakistani girls, receives 100% of the profits from the sale of this scarf.


Top reversible scarves

Just Why We Like It: It’s a female-owned, odor-resistant, and hypoallergenic company.

With this flip garment, which gives the best of both worlds, you’ll be clothed whether you’re in the spirit to put something light or dark.

The alpaca material used to make it, which is also hypoallergenic and odor-resistant, is said to be even better than wool by the company, which is run by a woman. Did we as well say that Meghan Markle is a die-hard supporter of the company?


top silk scarves

• Features We Liked: 100% silk, springy designs

Silk carries the same promise of excellence as cashmere, and this one is made entirely of silk. You may select from seven distinct bouncy patterns, all of which have been digitally designed, and it has hand-rolled borders that help it lay better. Due to its square shape, you can likewise use it as a purse accessory by strategically tying it to the handle.


The most adaptable scarf

• Reasons We Love It: Numerous ways to wear it; monogramming possibilities

This large cashmere scarf is incredibly adaptable. It can be stretched out to drape around your shoulders however is designed to be used as a scarf. For an added personal touch, you may even add a monogram ($10), whether it’s for you or someone else. There are presently nine hues obtainable for it, spanning from neutral to bold, and its cashmere construction will last you for a very long time. (Spoiler alert: To save 30% off your purchase, use discount code VACAY.)


Favorite Chunky Scarf

• Versatile form, edgy animal print: reasons we adore it

You can easily transition from winter to spring with the help of this wider variation of the brand’s best-selling bandanas. Its versatile square form allows you many different ways to wear it, and its cute animal print can add just the right amount of flair to an otherwise plain outfit. For an additional discount, enter the code SPREETIME at checkout.


Favorite Boucle Scarf

• Numerous colors and a classic design: reasons why we adore it

On the other extreme, this scarf is a masterpiece in every manner. It has the ideal heft, is medium in length and width, and is soft (thanks to the 100% polyester material). Literally? You’ll be seeking for it as your hero piece for the rest of the year and into the following one. You have your selection of the litter in terms of aesthetics thanks to the abundance of colors and patterns (there are more than 20, FYI). (We notice the different tie-dye patterns!)


Best Scarf for Lightweights

• Weightless feeling and distinctive colors

The light and breezy scarves that you’ll seek for in the spring are different from the heavier ones. With a silk and viscose blend, this ombré item most clearly belongs to the latter group, according to customers, who also rave about how stunning it is in person: Just remember to handle it carefully because it can snag effortlessly due to its fragile nature!

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