Best Small Liberal Arts Colleges in USA

This article on best small liberal arts colleges in USA is a perfect guide for aspiring students. Indeed, students that attend liberal arts colleges are not just prepared for a career but also equipped for life. Due to the great importance, there is an increased number of aspiring students. Therefore, a list of the best of these colleges in USA will be given below to help students choose their ideal colleges.

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Factors in Choosing the Best Small Liberal Arts Colleges in USA

There are certain factors that were considered to determine the list of best liberal arts colleges. Factors like academic quality, research results, and student satisfaction was considered. In addition, information on retention rate, cost of attendance and many others were also looked into.

List of the Best Small Liberal Arts Colleges in USA

Williams College

For aspiring students, this college stands as one of the best and reputable liberal arts college in USA. Through the college’s need-blind acceptances, most aspiring students are offered an inexpensive chance to join. Indeed, attendance is very affordable as 100% of financial needs are settled by the school even without loans. In addition, there is no payment required for a Williams grant and it covers 85% of a whole financial aid package. All students that are part of the financial aid scheme are provided with free textbooks and materials only in this college. The best part is the opportunity of outdoor activities offered students due to the location of the college.

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Pomona College

In order to be able to share resources, there are a group of seven schools that are within a 546-acre neighborhood. This college is also one of the member schools of this group known as the Claremont Consortium. Therefore, this gives them an upper hand as they offer resources similar to that of a large university. Just like Williams college, they also settle 100% of financial needs for their students and conduct need-blind acceptances. In short, a combination of grants, work-study, and scholarships have made up their financial aid awards since 2008.

Bowdoin College

This college stands as one of the oldest in USA as it was established way back in 1794 and is even older than the state of Maine where it’s situated. Indeed, a lot of renowned literary icons that graduated from this college shows the sound education the college offers.

Amherst College

Since it was founded in the early 1970s, the key strength of this college has been its open curriculum. In short, no core curriculum is offered as the college does not have any distribution prerequisites. It is only compulsory for students to engage in programs for their major and a one-year seminar class. Asides this, the opportunity to access other fields of intellectual interest from the college’s 850 classes is given students. Being a member of the Five College Consortium allows their students to register in any of the other colleges for any course not offered in Amherst.

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Wellesley College

A group of seven historically all-women colleges whom have five presently that remained all-women colleges are known as the Seven Sisters. Wellesley college tends to be a member school of the Seven Sisters. Indeed, it has been proven over the years to be one of the best liberal arts college in USA. IN addition, this college is an exceptional all-women school and their students are allowed access to cross-register at MIT.

Claremont McKenna College

This is another college that belongs to the group of seven schools known as Claremont Consortium. With the offering of 33 majors and 11 sequences, this college ranks among the best liberal arts college in USA. In addition, about 2,200 courses offered in other consortium schools can be accessed by their students as they are allowed to cross-register. Students of this prestigious institution enjoy resources such as libraries, health center, clubs and so on.

Swarthmore College

The social and academic opportunities of students in this school is broadened as the college is a member of the Tri-College Consortium. In addition, students are offered the chances to cross-register at the University of Pennsylvania. Indeed, the fact that this college offers an undergraduate engineering course unlike others makes it stand out. As a result, students are not only able to communicate well but also have the ability to solve technical difficulties.

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Middlebury College

It is well-known by all that the exceptional language programs offered by this college makes it one of the best in USA. Such prestigious language programs include Italian, Japanese, Russian, Chinese and many others. Asides from language students, all students at various classes are taught language courses. Meanwhile the language students are taught with intensity as they take a pledge to speak in the language they are learning throughout the period of the program.

Washington and Lee University

This college really stands as one of the oldest in USA as it was established in the year 1794. Indeed, the school’s honor system is one of the college’s norm that makes the college stand out. Students who breach the honor system face immediate dismissal as they believe in their community’s strength both in and outside the classroom. What serves as honorable is determined by each set of students without the overseeing of the faculty.

Haverford College

The values of peace and equity leads this college as it was founded in 1883 by the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). All students have the honor code of the school to be grateful for as it helps in academic life and life beyond the college. Just like Swarthmore, it’s a member of the Tri-College Consortium and the honor code is determined by students. Though research and seminar-patterned courses are emphasized on in the college, it also offers numerous programs. Another distinguishing factor of this prestigious institution is the natural beauty of the campus.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)Is

Is there any difference between a college and a university?

Though the terms are used interchangeably by most people, they are different due to the programs they offer. While postgraduate and undergraduate degrees are offered by universities, colleges only offer undergraduate degrees.

What is the meaning of a liberal arts college?

In liberal arts colleges, students are required to take 25-50% of their courses in their major. Courses such as social and natural sciences, languages, math, and humanities are offered in liberal arts colleges.

What is there to gain from studying in a liberal arts college?

In the constant dynamic nature of the labor market, liberal arts college provides you with essential communication skills. In addition, the smaller setting provided by them allows for personalized attention in impacting critical thinking.

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We have learnt a lot on the best small liberal arts colleges in USA and we hope the article served as a perfect guide. However, you can carry out a personal research if you wish to get more information on best small liberal arts colleges in USA.

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