Best Types of Amphibious Aircraft Review

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An aircraft that can take off and land on both dry land and water is called an amphibious aircraft or better still an amphibian. Although we have amphibious helicopters, most amphibious airplanes are built with wings that can’t be removed. Amphibious aircraft are seaplanes, flying boats, and floatplanes that have retractable wheels built into them but this gives them added weight and complexity. Even though they reduced range and fuel efficiency as compared to aircraft intended expressly for land or water-based operation, Some amphibians have strengthened keels fitted with ski-like attachments that allow them to land with their wheels up on snow or ice.

What is an amphibious aircraft?

An aircraft classified as amphibious can take off and land on both land and water. The Twin Otter airplane from Viking has the option of having amphibious floats built in, which enables it to land on both land and water without changing out the landing gear between flights. The front of the amphibious floats is furnished with wheels, and the back of the floats is prepared with recessed wheels

The Twin Otter also has a range of additional landing gear that enables it to take off and land on different surfaces. Other types of landing gear include tundra tires, straight floats for water, wheel skis for hard surfaces combined with ice and snow, and straight wheels for the hard runway. The appropriate landing gear is either included with the initial delivery of the aircraft or can be added by skilled personnel to an existing aircraft. Due to its adaptability, the Twin Otter can perform tasks that other aircraft can’t.

Amphibious aircraft can be roughly split into two groups based on their design and construction: –

1 The flying boat type

2 The floatplane type.

Best Types of Amphibious Aircraft Review

The flying boat type 

These big amphibious aircraft are the most prevalent ones around nowadays. They have a specifically crafted and reinforced fuselage that functions like a ship’s hull and facilitates takeoff and landing on the water for the aircraft. To protect them from being doused with water during takeoff or landing, they often feature high wings relative to the fuselage with engines positioned on them. The fuselage, which is retracted when a plane lands on a runway, frequently houses the retractable landing gear.

In many cases, the larger and longer flying boat type incorporates retractable underwing floats that give the aircraft more stability when taxing, taking off, or landing on water. Additional fuel for the aircraft is frequently stored in these under-wing floats just like the external drop tanks of conventional military aircraft. Consolidated PBY Catalina is a fantastic example of this kind. The Bombardier 415 is another instance of an active amphibious aircraft of the flying boat type.

The floatplane type 

There aren’t many floatplane-style heavy amphibious aircraft. They often cost less money and weigh less than flying boats. They are favored in mountainous terrain because of their modest size and are mostly used for private transportation as well as the transfer of a small number of passengers and cargo.

Their floats serve as their landing gear, and the rest of the aircraft’s features are similar to those of a typical land-based aircraft. However, floatplanes have a more aerodynamic design than flying boat-style aircraft. The only issue faced by floatplanes is their enormous floats, as a result of that, it increases, drag and makes the aircraft less agile. Comparatively speaking, floatplanes can last on the water more than most of the flying boat varieties. Due to the addition of the floats, the floatplanes are slower than their all-land counterparts, with a lower rate of ascent and higher empty weight.

Types of float plane

We have two types of floatplanes which are the single main float that is attached to the fuselage centerline and the two underwind floats. The fuselage Centerline is considered one of the strongest parts of the airplane because it can land on rough seas. Furthermore, the double float-versions exhibit is easy when mooring and boarding on calm water but they can’t tackle the rough seas. The dual float also leaves its belly open for carrying additional payloads like torpedoes or bombs in a military floatplane or extra fuel in drop tanks.

As the jet age progressed, aircraft designs became more aerodynamic, greatly increasing their range and cargo capacity. The concept of creating an amphibious aircraft powered exclusively by turbofans and jet engines was initiated by aerospace engineers. Which is currently the largest amphibious aircraft in service. The jet-powered Beriev A-40(the name given by NATO was Mermaid )was built by The Beriev Aircraft Company of Russia. Some physical features of the plane include a length which is 47 meters, a wingspan of 42.5, and lastly a maximum take-off capacity of 86000kg. This airplane is commonly used by the Russian Naval Aviation. Note that the company has different aircraft to its name it built the Beriev Be-200 which is mostly used for transportation and fire fighting. However, because of the issue of water splashing up to the engines during landing and takeoff, there aren’t many different types of jet amphibious aircraft.


With the presence of a panoramic canopy, a low instrument panel, and the aircraft’s propeller behind you, flying the ICON A5 might be the same as driving a car. The Airplane publicizes a lot of safety features including a spin-resistant airframe, Angle of Attack Indicator (AoA), ICON parachute system (IPS), and low stall speed for the category.

Despite claiming to be “one of the most innovative and secure light sport aircraft on the market,” the ICON A5 is not without criticism. Several incidents have resulted in fatalities, including one involving Jon Karkow, an A5 designer, engineer, and retired baseball player Roy Halladay. Over the past few years, Icon A5 production has stalled while the price has climbed significantly—and contentiously.


The price of this airplane is about 395,000 dollars. But when you add up Garmin G3X Touch integrated flight deck with autopilot it cost 25$

Max range 

This Aircraft can’t move more than 427nm which includes 45 minutes of reserve fuel

Speed limit 

An icon a5 can move at a maximum speed of 105kts


The A5 maximum takeoff weight is 1,430 lbs.


The airplane seats can contain two occupants.


The exterior height is 8 ft 1 in; Wing Span: is 34 ft 8 in; the Length: is 23 ft

Features of ICON A5 

-With split and full-screen display modes for a moving map and synthetic vision, the Garmin Aera 796 portable touchscreen GPS offers navigational assistance.

-It has a Trig VHF communication radio and mode C Transponder with ADS-B out (integrated or portable ADS-B is available as a plus)

-There is a Bluetooth transfer of flight plans.

On CNBC’s “Jay Leno’s Garage,” which aired on October 2, 2019. A comedian and aviation enthusiast Jay Leno gave a demonstration of the A5. Eric Schmidt, co-founder and executive chairman of Google, and NASCAR racer Carl Edwards are two further noteworthy clients. Pilot Peter Weber, a former Bachelor, has presented the A5 for ICON.

Carbon Cub EX on Amphibious Floats

The carbon Cub EX was formerly known as “CubCrafters Super Sport Cub” because the aircraft has a CubCrafters design. It echoes the Piper J-3 Cub and is manufactured in Yakima, Washington.

To lighten the aircraft and meet ASTM regulations for the FAA’s light sport category, several aluminum components are swapped out for carbon fiber ones.

Cost of the aircraft 

Aerocet Composite Floats cost an extra 71,000 dollars for the Carbon Cub SS or 61,700 dollars for the EX Kit. The base price of the Carbon Cub SS is 219,500 dollars but if you include floats it cost 290,500 dollars.

Max range

This Aircraft can’t move more than 390nm and it has no fuel reserve, unlike the ICON A5.

Max speed 

The maximum speed is 115 mph except for a configuration that can take it up more than this.


Due to the 1,430-pound amphibious LSA weight restriction, the SS will have a practical load of 280 lbs with the floats mounted because the floats add 245 lbs to the empty weight. The practical load of the Carbon Cub EX kit with floats is 700 lbs, although its maximum gross weight is a lot higher at 1,865 lbs.


Carbon Cub aircraft is built in a way that it can contain one or two occupants.


The is Height of 9.25 ft, the Wingspan is 34.25ft and the length is 22.75 ft

Features in the aircraft 

The factory-produced Carbon Cub SS and Sport Cub S2 LSAs, as well as the unreleased Carbon Cub EX, all come with carbon-fiber floats (kit). Due to their oleo shock system with trailing link gear, amphibious floats allow for a variety of landings on unimproved surfaces.

Progressive Aerodyne SeaRey

This aircraft has 30 years of history within the amphibious and experimental aircraft market, it has one of the largest groups of seaplane owner lovers. Progressive Aerodyne manufactures two models of SeaRey S- LSA seaplanes which are the Adventure and the Elite.

The only LSA seaplane made in the United States with certification in China is this one. The SeaRey website states that more than 700 SeaRey kit-built and certified aircraft have now been supplied globally. The Progressive Aerodyne plant in Tavares, Florida manufactures finished airplanes as well as kits.

The cost of the Airplane 

The Cost of the base-model SeaRey Adventure is $149,000, and the Elite model cost begins at $184,000. A SeaRey kit is also available which takes 600 to 1,000 hours to build. Airframe kit pricing starts at $59,000.

Max Range

The normal range of the SeaRey Adventure is 363 nm, while the normal range of the SeaRay Elite is 379 nm which includes 30 minutes of reserve fuel

Max Speed

The maximum flying speed of the SeaRey Adventure is 95 mph. The maximum flying speed of the SeaRay Elite is 113 mph.

Weight of the aircraft 

The Sea Ray LSX’s maximum takeoff weight is 1,505 lbs. To qualify for operation under LSA rules, aircraft must be accepted at a maximum weight of less than or equal to 1,430 lbs.


Both in the Adventure and Elite models the seats can accommodate two passengers.


These are the following dimensions. Exterior Height: 6.4 feet; Wing Span: 30.8 feet; Length: 22.4 feet


There is an equipped Rotax 912 engine, and the SeaRey Elite is furnished with a turbocharged Rotax 914. Both aircraft come with electric bilge pumps, sliding canopies, electric landing gear, and a gear-warning system.

SeaMax Aircraft—SeaMax

This plane is similar to ICON A5 because it has a folding wing which transportation easier and safe storage. The aircraft was established in 1997 while the manufacturing of the Seamax M-22 began in 2001 in São Paulo, Brazil.

U.S.-based manufacturing was an introduced facility that was finalized in Daytona Beach, Florida in late 2020. As of 2021, Seamax has sold more than 160 units in more than 20 countries.

Cost of the aircraft 

The Seamax M-22 is in three different packages. The “Performance” package cost at least $170,450, the “Exclusive” price starts at $179,900, and the “IFR + AutoPilot starts at $194,700.

Max Range

The normal range of the SeaMax M-22 is 630 nm and it’s not possible to reserve fuel in it.

Max Speed

The maximum speed is 113 knots. The SeaMax has an adverse or reflex position on the flaps. As a result of that, it improves the speed performance of the aircraft.

Weight of the aircraft 

Seamax M-22’s maximum take-off weight is 1,320 lbs.


The Seamax M-22 Max Range: The Super Petrel LS can fly up to a 600-nm range with no reserve fuel.


Exterior Height: 6.25 feet Wing Span: 33.5 feet Length: 19.8 feet

Characteristics of the aircraft 

The IFR-equipped Seamax may be desirable to pilots because most of them train and wish to fly under instrument flight rules in their amphibious aircraft.

Scoda Aeronautica Super Petrel LS

The Super Petrel LS is a composite biplane built-in in São Paulo, Brazil, by Scoda Aeronautica. Do you know that More than 385 aircraft have been built with 36 registered in the U.S. as of 2021? Well, you got to know it now.

Scoda Aeronautica brags that the Super Petrel LS is “simply pure fun,” because it gives pilots more precise control and strong landings.

The price

The Rotax 912IS price is 195,000 dollars with fuel injection while the Rotax 914UL turbo on special orders starts from 207,000 dollars.

Max Range: 

The Super Petrel LS can fly up to a 600-nm range with no reserve fuel.

Max Speed: 

The maximum flying speed of the Super Petrel LS is 100 knots.


the weight is 1,430 lb and with nearly 600 lbs of useful load.


The Super Petrel LS seats can occupy two people 


Exterior Height: in terms of height it is 8.3 feet, Wing Span is 29.2 feet then the Length is 20.83 feet.

Characteristics of Scoda Aeronautica Super pretel LS

Scoda Aeronautica brags that the Super Petrel LS’s ability to take off and land in short distances is indestructible, Even if you operate on land or water no aircraft beats Scoda Aeronautica when it comes to landing in short distances.

What To Consider With Amphibious Aircraft

Always keep a specific purpose in mind. You have to put into consideration some questions. Ask yourself who you will be flying with, where will I be going to, then finally if an amphibious aircraft is the best. So Consider a land-based aircraft with conventional landing gear if you will be landing at airports the majority of the time.


Budgeting for any aircraft should take other factors into account besides just the purchase price. Based on anticipated maintenance, financing, flight instruction, and insurance. Also, an operation cost per hour should be calculated. You will need a location to store your aircraft as well as a vehicle to transport it if you plan to store it on a trailer.

Maximum Range

The range is the furthest a certain aircraft can travel before landing. Always determine the range using the weight of your real load, adjusting it whenever the number of people or the amount of merchandise carried changes. Some float-equipped aircraft are unable to carry two passengers and their entire fuel load.


Many amphibious airplanes can accommodate or seat only two people. If you wish to take groups flying, you may have in mind to get a bigger aircraft.

Cruising Speed

The speed at which you travel between lakes may not matter if you are only doing it for enjoyment. Before committing to a purchase of an aircraft, you should be aware of your alternatives for cruising speed.


Serious safety concerns have been raised by a series of seaplane-related mishaps that occurred during the past ten years. Take into account both the overall safety record of an aircraft manufacturer and the specific aircraft.

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